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[Rubberdom Adventure Story #3] WifeMistress Rubberdoll Sissy Tamer - Fiction

WifeMistress Rubberdoll
Sissy Tamer
Dear Readers and Rubber Fetish Fans...
We kindly present a dominant mistress adventure story featuring Mistress Ruberdoll. Enjoy...

Mistress Rubberdoll of Rubberdoll.Net

ORGINAL STORY by NaughtyNymph © 1999
"Honey, wake up." I said, watching you stir. "Wake up! we have a big day ahead of us."
You tried to stretch, but in a start you snapped your eyes open and realized that you were tied to the bed posts spread eagle on the bed.
"What are you up to now," you asked looking up at me and finding me in my leather corset. The smooth leather surrounding my bodice, the underwire cups holding my bare breast up and out, my nipples already hard and puckered with anticipation of the day with you. "It’s Saturday, I was going to sleep in" you whined.
"You will sleep later, when I tell you." I stated as I grabbed your cock and squeezed rather hard, "first there are a few things you have to do for me first." I climbed up on the bed between your legs and stuck your cock into my mouth and went to work on sucking and licking that baby, hard and ferociously. I wanted you hard and swollen, now! I licked the drops of pre- cum from the tip of your cock, and positioned the cock cage around your dick. I strapped it in to place, holding your dick in its engorged state and separating your balls and pulling them up taunt against your body.
I then attached a lead to the D
ring on the bottom of the cage. I knew I could control you, ultimately this way. You were moaning quite loudly at this point, and I asked you if you were going to need to be gagged? You just looked up at me and lowered your head, conceding to your fate as my little sex slave for this fine summer day. I untied your arms from the bed posts and tied them together behind your back. I then untied your legs. I took the lead and pulled it for you to get up and follow me. I led you out the sliding door from our bedroom out to the yard next to the pool.
The sun was shinning and very warm. I sat in my patio chair, and put a pillow on the ground in front of me.
I motioned for you to kneel on the pillow in front of me. I tied the lead
to the chair between my legs, pulling your cock just a bit taunt. You started to say something about the nosy neighbors watching, all I had to do for you to shut up is to hold up the penis shaped gag you like so much to use on me. I leaned back into my chair, and put my feet up on your shoulders, and dropped my knees outward. My cunt was open wide for your viewing pleasure.
I started to pleasure myself by rubbing my clit and things got a little intense I pushed you back with my feet making the cock cage around your dick to tighten and pull your dick a bit. I started to finger my pussy and I noticed a drop of cum on the tip of your dick, and pushed you back again. I commanded you to bend over and lick my clit, making sure that you did not move your tongue anywhere but my clit. You bent over very gingerly, as when you arched your back to bend it pulled on the lead which of course pulled the cock cage tighter, and pulling on
your dick.
After several minutes of your licking my clit like a very thirsty dog, I commanded you to fuck my cunt with your tongue. I held my lips open for you to probe deeply as I rubbed and squeezed my clit. My orgasm racked my body squirting my sex all over your face and since I had not motioned for you to stop, you continued to ravish my cunt with your tongue. After a second orgasm thundered through my body, you were told to licked up my juices. I motioned for you to back off and continue to kneel in front of me. I laid there for a moment to catch my breath, allowing to kneel there and just look at my hot, juicy cunt quivering.
I knew you were so ready to shoot your load, but I was not going to allow that to happen for quite a while yet. I untied your lead and directed you over to the picnic table. I set the air mattress on top of it and then placed a beach towel over all of it. I then climbed up on the table. As I sat there, I removed the cock cage from your dick, it still standing at attention pointing straight out to me. I wrapped my fingers around your long shaft and rub up and down a few times.
Then leaning over I took it in my mouth and lubed it up really good, giving it a few good slurps as I sucked it hard. I reached over and inserted your dick into the vibrating sleeve, and strapped it around your waste.
The controls were attached by a long wire, that I held tight in my hands. I had not turned it on yet. I then untied your hands, and instructed your to shackle your ankles together for me. I instructed you to remove my bodice. I knew how aroused this makes you, as you slowly unhook the many clips down the front of it.
As I laid down, face down, on the table, I handed you a bottle of massaging oil, and told you, "Give me the best massage you have ever given, and don’t even think about cumming until I tell you can." You knew the punishment for cumming before you were allow to would be harsh, but sometimes well worth it. We both knew that you would give it your best, but we also both knew that when I am in one of these moods, chances of you getting to the point that I allow you to cum,
were slim to none.
You started to rub the oil into your hands before applying it to my shoulders, and I barely turned the sleeve on, causing you to jump slightly and moan. You massaged the oil into my shoulders and back working all the tension out of me, working your way down my back. When you reached the top of my buttocks, I instructed you to go to my feet and work your way back up. Every time you kneaded my thighs outward toward you I would allow you to open my legs just a bit wider.
By the time you reached the top of my thighs my legs
were basically straddling the table. I told you to go back to my buttocks. You applied a liberal amount of oil as you massaged and kneaded them, opening my checks a little wider each time, and barely letting your thumb graze my pucker hole. By this time I had the vibrating sleeve up to full speed, by gradually inching it up a little at a time. I knew you wanted to insert your finger into my pucker hole, I could tell by the way you let it linger just a bit. I pushed my ass into the air, as I turned off the vibration on your cock sleeve.
I felt you pour the oil straight from the bottle into the crack of my ass. I felt some of it drip down into my clit. OhHHH Yeahhhhhh!!! That feels really good. I informed you that I wanted you to continue massaging my ass, but that I would like a deep
massage. You knew this meant you were allowed to insert a finger or two, or... as long as you continued kneading my butt checks.
You put your hands together high above the crack of my ass, allowing only your finger tips to touch, and then sliding then apart, your opened my butt checks wide, opening my hole somewhat.
You then pushed both thumbs into my hole, but just enough to open it as you grabbed my checks and squeezed firmly. You did this again, pushing your thumbs in a bit more, the third time you rammed them down all the way, both of your thumbs were entirely in my ass. This caused my sex juice to erupt and flow like a river out of my cunt and down my legs. I pushed my ass into higher into the air. My knees were up to my chest, with my face flat against the table.
You came around the front of the table and climbed up, kneeling on the table straddling me with your knees next to my face, but you were facing my ass. I turned the controls to your sleeve all the way up to high as you were climbing up on the table, causing you to almost lose your balance. Then as quickly as I turned it on, I turned it off. I did this twice. It was causing you a great deal of heighten stimulus, you were so ready to cum, but knew you couldn’t. So in retaliation, you smack my ass, HARD.
With you straddling me like this there was not much I could do, except to blast the controls again, leaving them on just a bit longer this time before cutting the power to your
growing need to shoot your load all over my ass. You smack my ass very hard this time., and then harder the third time. I knew this could be a long game of give and take so I didn’t do anything but allow my cum to flow out of my cunt and down the insides of my thighs. We both knew that your punishment would be forthcoming for smacking my ass ( no matter how good it felt) without permission. But for now, I would allow you to continue your massaging. Not that I needed any more lubricate, but you picked up the bottle of oil, and poured some more into the crack of my ass, and over the reddened checks.
You started to massage my buttocks again, kneading and squeezing my checks ever so firmly. Just as I was about back to normal breathing, and melting into that relaxing erotic state with my bottom side fully exposed to the sun rays, and the gentle breeze, when
you started to smack my ass again. You smacked my ass with such a fury, I tried to squirm away from your vengeful attack on my ass, but your knees and the way you straddle me held me in place. Once I realized I could not get away from you, I decided to retaliate and started to pulsate the sleeve around your cock by turning the controls all the way up and then back down, continuously.
I knew you would not be able to withstand this for long, and apparently you did too. Now that my butt checks glowed in their redness, and stung unbelievably you took the heel of your hands and pushed my cheeks open wide and with the fingers of one hand rammed three of them into my ass. With three of the fingers of the other hand rammed them into my very wet and pulsating cunt. Ohhhhhh Yeeeeeeessssss!!
I was going to cum so hard.!!! I could feel the orgasm well up inside of me…. And as you continued to ram your fingers in both of my holes, like a piston, the wave of INTENSE sensations started to roll through me. I was going to cum!! NOW!! and you knew it. You bent over my ass as you gave each of my holes one last forceful probe, and took my clit into your mouth and with your teeth bit down. I came so hard, I squirted everything I had in me all over your fingers and face.
I arched my back and tried to buck you off, but you held steady inside of me, your teeth griping my clit. Wave after wave of tremors riveted my body, until finally I collapsed
fully exhausted and spent.
Wave after wave of tremors riveted my body, until finally I collapsed fully exhausted and spent, with the weight of you on top of me. It took me a couple of minutes to fully regain my senses. I could feel the sleeve around your cock vibrating at high speed against my back, ( I must of sometime in the mist of that explosion, turned the controls up again.) and there in the small of my back I felt a pool of wetness. You bastard, you came without my permission.
I wiggled a bit telling you I couldn't breath, you were still dazed and spent from your explosive orgasm, and didn't think anything of just getting up and helping me do the same.
You wrapped your arms around me and held me tight and started to kiss my neck, I reached down and in one quick movement, before you realized what had happened, I cuffed your hands together. The look in your eyes told me that you, now, realized that you came without my permission, and was going to be punished for it.
You tried to play with my emotions, by still trying to kiss my neck and the tops of my breasts. I lead you to the table, and stood you on one side of it and took your cuffed hands, and pulled them to the other side of the table securing them there. This had you bent down across the table. I attached the cuffs to your ankles and secured them to the hooks embedded in the patio. Your legs were now spread wide. I came around to the other side of the table and stuck my breast into
your face.
"So, you want these?" I asked as I slapped your face with my breasts. I told you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue, and not to close it until I told you. I proceeded to rub my nipples on your tongue and stick my breasts into your mouth. I could see by the way your cock was coming alive again, that you wanted to suck my tits bad. You always do. I rubbed them all over your face, and dragged my nipples against your teeth. Al l you could do was stand there drooling, with out being able to close your mouth, your saliva just ran out of the corners of your mouth.
After a few
minutes of this, I moved to the back of the table, telling you that you could close your mouth now. As I walked behind you I saw your ass checks clinch with unsure anticipation. I explained to you that you had been a bad boy, and that you knew this punishment was deserved. That you had done a few things, that only bad boys do, this morning. I asked you if you had a clue what they were. As you started to nod your head and say something, I picked up the paddle and smack your ass hard with it. (I'm no fool, slapping you with my hand will, after a few slaps, hurt my hand.) I started to administer your punishment by paddling your ass for quite a while.
When it was glowing in its redness, and you had stopped clinching your checks, I paused and reached between your legs, and grabbed hold of your
balls and gave them a little squeeze. "Now, sweet checks," I said softly, and as erotic as I could, " That was for taking the initiative of climbing on to the table with me, without being told to." I could see your ass clinch and feel your balls tighten as you realized things were going to get worse, you thought you were only going to be punished for cumming without permission.
I released my grip on your balls, and said " Don't you dare cum until you are told to, Understand?" and I gave your balls a slap with my hand. I poured some oil into my hands, and reached around you and grabbed your dick, holding it with both hands I slid my hands up and down your growing shaft, while continually adding pressure to my grip. It was at full attention now. And I slapped it back and forth between my
hands. As a little moan escaped from you, I grabbed your balls, and pulled them downwards. "Don't do it until I tell you, your punishment will only get worse."
I picked up the paddle again, and started smacking your ass again, this time not being so careful at my aim, I would catch a bit of your ball sack every now and then. I even turned the paddle a couple of times to hit right between your legs. You would moan and cry out, trying to restrain yourself, knowing that if you made too much noise I would insert the penis gag into your mouth. After a few minutes of really smacking you, your ass a bright chrisom, I took the bottle of oil and pour it over your ass.
I kneaded your butt checks and squeezed them roughly. As I did this I told you that was for smacking my ass without permission. Shit, you thought it was just about over. Wrong, I still had to administer the punishment for your cumming without permission. I poured oil into the crack of your ass and spread your checks and rubbed it good, poking a couple of fingers into your ass. I did this twice, really wanting you to be lubed up. Then I took the bottle of oil, and inserted the tip of it into your hot brown hole, I then squeezed the bottle, squirting oil up your ass.
You tried to wiggle, but with your feet spread so wide and shackled, you weren't going far. I stepped away. You really squirmed then trying to see where
I was and what I was doing, finally I stepped in front of you with the strap on dildo attached firmly around my hips, the plastic cock of nine inches, and two and half inches in diameter, situated snugly against my shaved mound. I picked up the bottle of oil and squeezed some over my chest, enough that it flowed down my chest over my stomach and trickling down my thighs. I then rubbed the oil over my chest, foundling my breast and rolling my nipples between my fingers.
You could do nothing but stand there watching me. When the front of me was saturated in oil and I glistened in the sun, I poured a big handful of oil into the plastic cock., and rubbed it like a slut in heat. I looked you in the eye, with one of those "you better behave" looks as I stepped back behind you. I smacked your
ass with my hands, and pulled your ass checks open wide. I did this a few times, each time smacking you with both hands just a little harder, and trying to stretch your checks as wide as I could. Then with one thrust I rammed that huge plastic cock all the way up your ass. A tremor went through your body, as you tried so desperately to hold on to your wad. I began pumping this plastic cock in and out of your ass.
Holding your ass checks wide open, as wide as possible I fucked your ass slow and steady, watching your pucker hole open to accept my plastic dick, and then as I filled your ass with it, watching your hole close around it, trying to hold onto the treasure it has found. I was getting very wet between my own legs, I could feel my juices start to run down my thighs. I pulled out of
your ass, almost, just leaving the tip of my dick in your ass. I held it there for what seemed to be quite a long time. I need to pinch my nipples, I needed to squeeze my breast and feel the warmth of the sun on them. You had your head dropped down between your arms on the table trying to regain your strength for what you knew had to be coming.
Then without any notice, I rammed my plastic dick back into you as I reached under you and slapped your balls. I started fucking your ass, hard and feverously, grabbing your balls, and then slapping them then grabbing them again, and squeezing them, I knew you would not be able to hold out much more. And we did have so much more of this day to play. I gave him a couple more good thrusts just for fun, and then pulled out altogether. I went over and
uncuffed his hands, leaving his legs shackled in there spread eagle position. I pushed the table out of the way, and pulled up a chair so I could sit in it right between his legs.
With my plastic cock still snuggling my mound, I told you to sit on my lap with my dick up your ass, I opened your ass checks as you squatted down allowing the head of my dick to open your ass hole and push gently inwards. I put my hands on your shoulders and pushed you down hard. You were now sitting on my lap, your legs straddling me and the chair, with my plastic cock up your ass. I told you I wanted you to bounce up and down on my dick and rub your cock, until I tell you to cum for me, when I tell you it is ok, I want you to cum, I want you to squirt your hot spew into my mouth and over my breasts. I could
tell you were ready for this now, the way your dick kept bouncing with anticipation of sweet release.
You started to bounce, holding your dick in your hand, squeezing it more than rubbing it in order to hold back your building orgasm. I grabbed your cock from your hands, and shook it like if I were shaking hands with someone. "You will do this right, or the consequences will be severe" I warned you. "Now bounce, really bounce with some enthusiasm and rub this dick like you were alone watching one of your porn movies". You glared at me with those big brown eyes, and started to bounce like an excited child and you worked your dick like never I seen you do it before.
I was as excited as you were, the juices were flowing down my leg like a raging river. I reached up with one hand and pinched my nipple and with the other hand pinched one of yours, "Now!!!" I screamed, and your release shook you with a vengeance. I opened my mouth and you shot your hot sweet cream down my throat. With my plastic cock still filling your ass, you shook and trembled for so long I was beginning to think you would never stop. When you finally stopped trembling. You just sat there, looking at me. You knew better than to do anything now, until you were told to.
I looked up into your sweet face and asked you, "Who is your Daddy? Who will you always obey?"
You reached up and cupped my face, and answered, "You are my Mistress, forever. I will always be your obedient slave."
And then you kissed my tenderly, passionately. "How about a swim, to refresh ourselves, before our fun filled afternoon begins?" I asked.
And you gave me a big sissy slut grin, and said, "Can't wait!"
Rubberdoll - American Sword Mistress

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