Friday, January 06, 2006

[Rubberdom Fan Report 1.06.2006] Return of Mistress Sandra UK

Long time fans of Sandra's have been rewarded for their long term demand and support. And seeing a definite slow down in U.S. native productions for the heavy latex fans here in the States Sandra has decided to prodce a new site talior.
UNLIKE the primary site this site is NOT in German at all BUT does NOT have Sandra performing in her subroles which she is ALSO heavily noted for. Though the hard edge of sexual presence and watersports AND HEAVY LATEX COSTUME INCLUSION are still present in the galleries on the site. There are only presently three galleries on the site.
As is, I have to say it is a GOOD access for Sandra to her mostly English speaking heavy rubber fans. Seems like the U.S. crews should take note before Sandra takes over and we willingly follow ;) if you are intersted in accessing the site, you can do so here:[ ]
Of course those who are interested in seeing Sandra get dommed on occasion as well as well known guest stars appearlike Kumi who is shown up again this last update in a good full body balloon session ;) ]
Sandra is still developing and producing for fetish-live.comAn enjoyable start to 2006. May it continue to be so! More updates here as soon as they are PUBLICALLY confirmed ;)
Wild eyed RUMORS and gossip over at my place.

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