Friday, March 03, 2006

[The End ] Deceased

Well it looks like the truth is now finally open and Jon attempt atkeeping Bob's vision going has proven to be unsuccessful.

"Bob was agreat producer and truth be said it took a LOT of dedicated effort andwrangling that many could NOT keep up.

Many of us had hoped that Gordon would have kept the production goingwith a possible restart soon. But that was not to be.

For the VERY vague official news you can read the offical announcementover at the Gwenmedia news page.



More than likely the website will bediscontinued and removed within the coming weeks but definitely beforesummer as no new relistings or joins are being permitted.

It was ONE HELLUVA BLAST" -Shirley GwenMedia Fan


Alot of you might be Rubberella members as well.

Here is the deal. Her Website will continue!! But we are in the process of switching the billing, so for a short time her site, will be canceling all re-billing and stop all new memberships...

But, as soon as it is switched her website will continue, I should know becuase Rubberella has asked me to webmaster it for her and you.

Again, we like to thank all our devoted members for the opportunity to just create and share our brand of fetish. It was a great run.

Best Regards,


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