Friday, September 22, 2006

The week the was in Rubber Eva Fetisch by ShiP Rubber reporter.

One of the items that I have been waiting on is NOW able to be spoken on!!

It is with MUCH ado and fan fare that I announce the initial offeringsof focused latex fetish films from Rubber Eva, are NOW being offeredfor the long desiring fetish film audience.As many here know Rubber Eva has been a main feature among the latexfilm audience as not only a solid performer but a creative producerwho has worked alongside of many notables and TRUE heavy specificfetish enthusiasts ranging from Rubberella (Jean Bardot, NOT the othertwo), Bianca, Sandra of and the late Bob Zak who issilently acknowledged by many to have recreated the latex fetish filmgenre after the era of Viola Bizarre, Jo Hammer and Natalia had passed.[No offense to Shiny Films Productionswho tried all the rubber fetish film historians-

Let's leave that conversation to ANOTHER time please]I think many will enjoy the initial offerings from Eva as they arebased on her "Rubber Clinic" structure offering high end latex focusedplumbing and experimentations of the human female form to theexamination and tools for the Matron's curiousity and enjoyment, whichon occasion include herself.

So let the fetish film fans rejoice as this time I think the produceris going to produce film products that are definitely meant for thefetish film fan on a more regular basis than some of the good SMALLscale producers such as "House of Gord" who has an solid upcoming filmentitled "kinkolopisis"["Judgment Day" is definitely enjoyableand worthy of your review time if youhave NOT seen it yet]NOR tries to coddle to the middle ground and never really tries toappeals to a definite core audience of any of the adult film marketconsumers.

This is definitely a good focused product that will find an audience in this fetish hungry audience.

And given Eva's passion for this areaI think she will develop a LONG standing fan following for herproducts on for a long time to come.For those interested in the products being offered, you can look here:

[ ]

Guess that means I better get back to reviews ...

Article by Cub reporter SHiP

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