Sunday, November 05, 2006

GwenMediaTalk's Ship Rubber on changing internet laws...

I have tried to post to the group for the last week now and it seems
that PornMediaGroup the owners of has either gone
out of business or are suffering some other EXTREME problems for the
time being as is Verotel (the Netherlands credit card processing
company) who are cutting back on allowed content as many
non-Netherland governments are passing more and more restrictive laws
such as with United Kingdom and their pending "anti-violent Porn" law
and the many problems with 18 U.S.C. 2257A in the United States.

As these companies wish to operate in foreign countries outside of the
Netherlands they have to obey the more restrictive laws or risk having
Interpol come pick them up. Needless to say they are becoming more
and more restrictive on what they are willing to do for fear of
prosecutions unless they are going to become specific ONLY to
Netherland based companies and consumers -- which of course defeats
the entire process for the "WORLD wide web".

YES I do know that Japan basically operates as
mostly an INTRAnet processing for their adult market
but that is the exception I hope! And many can still
get access if their computers are fully enabled for
kangi writing and listings ;)

I am NOT going to restart Gwenmediatalk on Yahoo as Yahoo still cuts
too many specific adult groups as far as I am concerned

and I am STILL p**s*d as I can see my first group on the Yahoo servers

[ ]
do NOT join
It is NOT accessible or usable!!

So I hope that the moderators here do NOT mind if I post a few news
and promo notices here while I try to find out what is what with

So that means no long winded reviews of the films or new listings of
the fetish films for the time being from me

Though I will say Rubber Eva has made a good set of films with her
first two DVD releases and I HATE clip based dvds such as those from
Gothic Media.


But in the meantime this might be of interest to some:

Tony Mitchell, the former editor of SkinTwo Magazine, is preparing to
release his online fetish project "The" later this
month. This product seems to be positioned as open (free) listing at
this time more in line with the well received Senze (still at issue 5)
[ ]

rather than say Peter W. Czernich's [ ] or
his singular website [ ]

The website will be an electronic magazine that will remain focused on
the news, fashions and gathering relating to the specific rubber and
latex fetish industry. Nope sorry I am NOT a contributor and have NO
interest in publishing my long winded commentary on someone else's
blogs -- hey have to have SOME reason for people coming here -_*

You can check the site for full release here:

[ ]

SHiP Rubber Cub reporter

SUPPORT surviving dedicated HARD FETISH producers like this:

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