Friday, June 01, 2007

[Alert] Rubber Fashionista Day of Infamy

"..the inhumanity of it all...' - fan

Well it finally happened. The most foul of evil deeds. Yahoogroups, pulled the plug on long running rubber fantasy & fashion group "Rubberdom".

We are no more.... :---(

But wait you can't keep a good kinkster down for long.

So we're back on the air and we've brought friends.... ;-)


Visit the new Rubberdom here!
( Rubberdom SuperNova : Dress Code Strictly Enforced! )

( Mistress Rubberella kicking some Y! ass..)

and our special friends

"Stay kinky, Stay Rubbered in 'o7' - Allyn S


  1. Sorry will not be following to s*&%space

    good life to you.

  2. Sorry not much good news from established fetish production as Tigerr
    Benson is retiring for the next year -- at least so Human Doll #2 is
    postponed at least that long, if not indefinitely. Supposedly the
    already filmed material will still be released but nothing finalized
    right now.

    Gwenmedia may be hanging around for longer than some of us thought as
    supposedly a new Rubberella film is being worked on. Yeah you noticed
    how we are still sidestepping "Ivy Manor 5 v2" as Fitzgerald has taken down his site and questions to Isabella and her crew have gone unanswered.

    no comment.

    maybe I'll be in better mind set when I write up a full listing for
    June. If I get a new group and write it up.....