Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Rubber Report by ShiP Rubber III ; Episode "Dry spell soon" 08.21.2007

ShiP Rubber aka Agent 69

..." do believe the hype " - Bianca Rubberdom

Dear Readers,

I wanted to let you guys know what is going on as I am more
than likely going to be offline for a period of time as I have a few things to work on. I will poke in before the AVN Awards listing which
is about when the September film news listing will be posted (about the third week of September) as some of the silliness will not be able to be reviewed till then...

Voted Rubberdom for August : Sabrina Sabrok

ESPECIALLY the two big "vanilla to fetish" cross-overs of

Sez X "upload'

[ http://www.sexzpict ures.com/ index.aspx/ detail/58469 ]

Sorry I can NOT remember which cover is for the
UNcut version and which is the mass market one.

Though of course, there will be a MASTER version out
AFTER the AVN Awards in Jan 2008.

So maybe you should wait until after Eli gets his
release schedule and product finalized as you do
NOT want to go through that SAME which version is
the power version


Rubberdom Carolina Marconi, Catsuit!

mess with Corruption that we all went through last year

Somebody permanently put Robbie Williams'
"Intensive care-A place To


http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=a5Yi0TtJCz4& NR=1

at the !!LOUDEST!! volume level on this numnuts' phone so he can NEVER
remove it

-- ALL OF THEM! though I agree Eli should move hir bony ass and stop
only loving cash!

Anyway this is going to be the film that most of the adult sci-fi film
that will either make or break adult sci-fi for the coming year or two

-- though of course John Fitzgarld and Ninn have both showed that a
solid PLOT and good story with capable actors presenting that story
are far more important that explosive cartidges for gun shots to make
people enjoy the film! Gods I am STILL indulging "Xcalibur: The Lords
Of Sex" and probably will be for some time! Let us hope that Eli
continues to stick to the CLEAR understanding that PLOT and solid
performance of that plot is more important that indulging in mindless
sex as it served him well in "Corruption" .

Though he seems to have forgetten that when he made "Perfect
Creatures" didn't he?

Thus unfortunately for sci-fi fans, politics is easier to deal with
than sci-fi as we all have some good understanding of world politics.
Just pick up your locale newspaper and there is our collective enemy,
Alberto Gonzalez PROVING corruption happens in the government at the
highest levels! But on ideas that are as fluid as water as in sci-fi,
again most know where the adult producers have come with their past
instances such as the recent Winky Tiki's "Man's Ruin"

Mistress Xena Rubber Fetish Show Chicago

[ again stick with CLASSIC GwenMedia "VR" over that mess.]

Yes I admit OCCASIONALLY the vanilla sex people get it right as done
with Gina Mond's film "Sinema"

[ http://www.sinemamo vie.com/galleryp age/gallery2. html ]

But more of these adult sci-fi films look and feel like "Perfect
Creatures" at best

[despite Julie Night's inclusion, this film was
just plain BLAND!! Though the plot was focused
in the right way with her semi-serious discussion
of human nature]

or worse "Spacenuts". Don't ask -- just take my word for it -- simply



"Fashionistas Berlin".

Yeah yeah I KNOW that Belladonna is still producing the relatively
solid vanilla cross-over "Fetish Fanatic" series -- with episode 6
doing fairly well. But let's be real, the "Fetish Fanatic" series is
still NOT heavy fetish. Though for the most part, this series has
been a welcome relief from the stuff that is marketed as "fetish" and
does not even TRY to be real fetish!!

I still HOPE Stag will make "Fashionistas Berlin" a successful FETISH
film that will appeal to the vanilla with a powerful script and good
solid acting and NOT a mindless sex orgy that rips the latex costuming
off as done in Safado. For this series can still be able to be
thought of as good enough to continue the series IF this film does
return to the basis that made the first one such as powerful hit --
namely successfuly using the fetish as an integral part of the story
and NOT as done in Safado where it was a disposable element as shown
in the very five minutes of the film!! There IS still hope as not
only has some elements of the yet to be released film been altered,
moved around and re-editted but from some connected with the film have
been saying the film IS going back to the roots that made the original
film a power hitter as I hear it and have had some portions reshot to
do just that. GODS I hope so!!

Maybe has something about that Marquis film "Cyber vamps" which also
has the same star leading the charge -- just in far MORE DIRECT fetish
focus such as getting hooded onscreen and full body latex costuming
that is used as part of the storyline rather than something that is
merely noted or even abandoned onscreen.

Hmmm just makes you wonder doesn't it? Or maybe that is just me! Or
could it be that marquis is working on the website as this is shaping

[ http://www.cybervam p.com ]

Oooopppssss did I do that UH-GANE?!?

Dang I is just going to start wearing a helk-ment ain't I from all the
smacking I have been getting!

[Relax! That was a joke as
the site is publically listed
and I mentioned it beforehand
to the people involved! Seriously
I do NOT need people to stop talking
to me when I need information. So
I am not going to do that again
anytime soon!

Hmm oh well here is the REDESIGNED promotion cover for the September
28th release for Berlin. More than likely, this promo WILL end up
being the box cover on the initial release.

[ http://www.evilange l.com/images/ boxcovers/ js-FSB_adb. jpg

Again wait for the FULL release after AVN Awards!

Okay I admit it -- this ONE -- and I do mean ONE(1) time, I am going
to buy sight unseen for the vanilla intended film as Anastasia
Pierce's Taboo "Taking Control" episode has too many people saying
that this one is going to be a definite category winner for Best BDSM

[Well after that last mess of "Taboo: Love Hurts"
ANYTHING Anastasia puts out for Hustler's series
would be worthy of winning awards!]

The film is still scheduled for release in the next three weeks to
meet the deadline for AVN Award consideration. Though OFFICALLY
"Taking Control" is NOT on the radar == YET.

And before anyone starts in on maybe Fitzgerald winning for "Ivy Manor
Slaves", and its very good endorsement -- let's face facts. While it
would be a NICE surprise for Isabella's "Ivy Manor Slaves" to win at AVN

[as I bet you one case of single malt scotch
that the "Ivy Manor Slave" WILL DEFINITELY
be nominated as Fitzgerald made another great
film and IS DEFINITELY worth your time to
see despite it being a viginette feature.]

Unfortunately there is just too much behind Anastasia's productions
and the lack of OPEN sales against Isabella films right now to bet
against Anastasia this year. Though again "Ivy Manor Slaves"
DEFINITELY shows that as long as Isabella keeps Fitzgerald in the
production loop, she will be selling films as the quality is still

So there. You know that I agree that "Ivy Manor Slaves" is a great
film. Though it is worthy of being considered the restart of the
series? Well -- that you will have to read my long-winded report to
find out.

BUT in the meantime if you are interested in reading some of the long
winded stuff such as the August fetish film list during the lag time,
these reports are over at selfish film review.

And to the person who sent me this:

"Did you read the change over at avn? Everything is hard to read now.
Maybe because they are hiding more stuff than before.

http://www.avn. com/index. cfm?objectid= 3FD69F95- EEBD-A161- C65CBA9C5606A0A2


http://www.avn. com/index. cfm?objectid= 3FD65640- A060-E9CE- 0E65A54CD4EAB088

Do you agree?"

Yeah yeah I got the hint! But I am telling you they are staying over
at the Google group as they are LONG!! But yes on Anastasia Pierce's
"Sinnful Training"

surprise surpise this is one of the reviews!
I'll let you be surprised as to the other one

as this IS a VERY good kick off of this series which I am told will be
a continuing series! I give it a 7 out of ten

[while AVN ORIGINALLY listed this film as 4 out of 5
(or 8 out of ten to my scale) but LATER changed their
rating to AAA 1/2 of five

hmmm is somebody reading my stuff again?

I wonder why? Maybe because most of us are looking
for MORE than the listing of how much mindless
penis pumping is in the film? Could be!]

This film is definitely a solid lead-in for a series, though it is NOT
a genre definer or genre changer by any means.

But I disagree with the review of "Better Late than Never" for if the
film was indeed a "luke-warm BDSM offering" as stated, then the film
should have been graded as a 2 1/2 star rating. They gave it a 3
which is about where I put it -- a "6 out of ten" because Isabella
comes across a LOT better in this film than she has as most of her
earlier male stomping performances. True, the film structure is
almost linearly predictable. But as I stated before, Isabella comes
across more as an actual person than the stiff beatdown robot we have
come to know -- AND BE BORED with -- in most of her film performances.
I guess Eddie Adams hated seeing another guy get the boot to the
sensitive area more than Isabella's improvement in her onscreen
performance. X-S

So okay I will get the FULL listing of the reviews and some others
hopefully in the not so distant future.

But let us get to news on the wonderfully twisted mind of Simon Benson
and his famous present girl Koko Li (aka Tigerr Benson). Anyone
notice that new rock she is wearing for the most part now? She
switches off when she is doing any hand bondage to a more subtle ring
as shown on Sandra's latest offering of Tigerr wearing thumblocks as
Sandra paws her

[ http://free. fetish-live. com/slide/ images/big/ free009500. jpg

Seems like they made it official with that AND their notice now listed
over at the newly opened

[ http://www.benson- media.com ]

Though the benson-media website is still in progress, there are
notices that this will be their primary production website for their
collaborative works as seen here:

[ http://www.benson- media.com/ shop_01.php

Though they will STILL be promoting and releasing product individually
as well. Tigerr has opened up her own pay site featuring her modified
chest at

[ http://www.tigerrju ggs.com/tigerrju ggs_archives. html

though this site too is still in progress it shows a lot of progress
when TIgerr finally returns to active produciton early next year. I
thought this one showed a lot of latex promise with a bit of whimsy
over that patched eye slot

[ http://www.tigerrju ggs.com/archive/ pic070601_ 010.jpg

especially considering that the hood has NO eye slots to begin with! :)

Though of course with all the production workj TIgerr has done with
Sandra of course she is going to be posting some samples of her
sessions with Sandra on her own paysite!

[ http://www.tigerrju ggs.com/archive/ pic070814_ 089.jpg

with more to follow!

Yellowhore production is continuing as well though will be for the
more intense productions featuring Tigerr, which WILL include the
continuation of the "Human Doll" series next year -- Yay!

And Simon says he hated the film as he thought of it was his WEAKEST
film? By the gods! That statement gets the mind swirling as to what
he will be doing in his next film in this series! Especially after
reviewing "Yellowhore 02 - Head". THIS film is a bit too powerful for
those who want elegant bondage, but for those that want some hard and
direct stuff like that bucket of synthetic cum he nearly drowns Tigerr
in and the eggs that he -- well you can tell that I liked it and it IS
a powerful BDSM film.

Again if you are interested buying in the Benson films you MUST
will be getting the editted versions as these films ARE POWERFUL.

And of course Simon will still be producing and releasing content over
at the long running petgirls.com.

Here in the USA, Peter A is moving on with the latex bondage site test
out as shown recently on his "The Training of O" website

[ http://www.thetrain ingofo.com ]

with The Training of Sarah Jane Ceylon, Day Four entry.

While not totally complete rubber encapsulation as the feet and chest
area remain uncovered, we basically have a rubber doll who is
generally processed and wrapped into hard bondage bindings that are
right out of some of Simon Benson's art books!

[ http://img.cybernet entertainment. com//imagedb/ 4296/i/h/ 200/4.jpg

And THIS scene

[ http://img.cybernet entertainment. com//imagedb/ 4296/i/h/ 200/18.jpg
[ http://img.cybernet entertainment. com//imagedb/ 4296/i/h/ 200/19.jpg

is almost literally a match to Benson's work in Sandra 3

[ http://www.gordbook s.com/showItem. php?id=23

with the target's legs almost bent straight to her neck!

Though I do have to admit ol dizdat made a good one of this position
too in the past though NOT as elegant.

http://www.dizdat. com/update/ freepics/ exoticatwsttyd01 7.jpg

Though you gotta give Anthony Peters some recognition for his efforts
in creating some of the best small scale ethnic BDSM productions back
in the late 1990s and early 2000s! Hopefully he will restart real
production since Kiana who was also producing at his target audience
has also restarted REAL active production.

Someone go see if zlata is missing as I have a feeling some background
performances are going to be made of such in the near future on
Benson's part to increase the ante if Peter A is going to get
latexbondage going early next year.

To which I say -- HURRY UP ALREADY PETER!!!

And Rubber Eva has released her first film of her new imprint company
"Fixation Films" entitled "Latex Liaison"

[ http://www.pissbagp roductions. com/movie/ latex-liaison. html

Again "Fixation Films" is more for the general sexual wanting. Though
make no mitake these films still have a lot of good energy and latex
costume usage contained within -- it is clear who these films are
going after! But what to note is while those elements are not the
focus of this film series as are the main series films they are STILL
used and used WELL. The sexual interaction is made to be LONGING
perhaps too long on the foreplay for some of the MEN but for those
who understand it IS the squeezing, the tasting the holding and NOT
the dildo pump then they are going to enjoy this! It seems to be a
good production role and will probably be added to a lot of people's
cart before too long. ;)

Yes, yes, there are other things to talk about and they will be. ;-0

Bianca Beachamp as Rubberdom Marilyn @ Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007

-- but just not right now. See you all around late September!"

- Reporting by Agent 69 aka 'ShiP Rubberr III'.

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