Wednesday, September 19, 2007



by Agent

ShiP Rubber


My Dearest faithfull readers,

I will not really be back until after Wednesday next week as I am
headed to Tokyo for the "Tokyo Game Show" this weekend. I hope to
have the September fetish list finished and posted over at the Google
group before I head out tomorrow.

HOPE -- as I am still waiting on the Slutwerks preliminary DVD for
"Submitted for Your Approval", Anastasia Pierce's "Taboo: Taking
Control" (unfortunately this film seems to be delayed until October)
and a few others before I finalize the list, but for the most part it
is finished.

SlutWerkz.Com Rated (F2F)

As this one is long -- no I am serious as it is VERY, VERY, VERY LONG
as some of the AVN awards inclusions are in it -- for that reason
unless I definitely hear that some people here can not go and join
over there and still want to read it, I am NOT posting it here as a
couple of people have already said I write too much and this listing
is REALLY long -- MUCH MORE than my normal listings. Though it does
give a heads up on what to expect from some of the AVN Award
candidates' films.

This month's preview showing will be the first FULL made and fully
designed as a Gwenmedia film, "The Portal" featuring Arachnia Webb.

If you are in Los Angeles, California during September 26th and want
to check out the film and meet some of the people involved, you can
find more information here

So let me know. I should be back next week with some commentary and
notes on a more regular basis. - SHiP

Rubberdom Shannon Tweed in slave temptation...;-)

Cannibal Rubberdoms - Oh no!...

The Rubber Report Brought to you by Team Rubberdom!

and Agent ShiP Rubber III

...all that's unfit to print in kink!....

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