Thursday, November 15, 2007

[RDOM 2 FLASH ] Jean Bardot starts her own production at 11pm peeps.

"My first production company!

I am so excited for next week. First of all I will have Anastasia Pierce and Mistress Nicolette visiting me!! What fun we will have.

Second I will be shooting my first production with them. I am so excited I could scream!! I have been working very hard on this project and I know with
talent like this coming to help me out, that it could be nothing but fabulous!!

Also while Anastasia is here she will be making an appearance with me at Ground Zero, Saturday the 24th
of November. I am hoping she will be able to do a show or maybe even if you are lucky, we both would do a performance together!!! Hmmmmm so many options!!!"

-The Mistress Jean

Been a while since Nicolette has been in any new films. Her SCUM Hunter series has not been continued since 2005. Though it was only recently reviewed over

I basically agree with that evaluation, giving it a 7 out of ten (3 1/2 stars)

She should count her blessings as some fetish films have STILL not been reviewed and some films only get a look after almost a decade old! No I am serious!

Nicolette's last known film was with Anastasia Pierce for Gwenmedia v2 in "Part-Time 6" Have to admit she and Anastasia made that film to be the second
(storyline focus -- the trick ending) or third (intense direct latex usage) best film of the
Part-Time series depending on what your criteria is.

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Sorry there will be no new fetish film listings until early 2008, though occasional news and reviews continue.
- Reporting by ShiP Rubber 3




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