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The Rubber Report for Jan 2008 - 'Together in the Dark Vegas Edition"


'Together in the Dark Vegas Edition"

by ShiP Rubber03 aka Agent 6/9

The 'RED' RUBBERDOLL @ Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007


R U B B E R F IN E S T . D E

Dear R'dom 2.0 Readers,

For your consideration in case some may not have known, as some event
producers wait until the last minute to mention events. Why, I do NOT

Seems Darenzia and Emily Marilyn and Anastasia Pierce will be VERY
busy in the coming weeks.

San Fran Fetish Ball
USA - San Franciso, California
Saturday, March 8th 2008
[ http://www.sffetishball.com/fetishball.html

Fetish Evolution Weekend
Germany - Essen
March 21-24, 2008
[ http://www.fetishevolution.de/2008/en/

JEAN BARDOT is also currently scheduled to appear at Fetish Evolution.

Well AVN AEE is over and the big advance promotion is for next year is already being plastered

"Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge." Blah.

Okay I admit the first one was fairly good as a big budget feature.
But I am more interested in the upcoming horror film "Teeth" starring
Jess Weixler.

[ http://movies.aol.com/movie/teeth/28815/main

If you know what "vore" (specifically referred
to as "Vorarephilia") is, more than likely you
are already looking forward to this film. Yes Teeth
has too much comedy for me a la Slither but seems
better structured to the idea as in the opening
hidden / obscured vore scene in "Men in Black 2"
that showed only the legs in the air behind the hedges]

than Pirates II as we know where this film is marketed and what its
focus will be. Oh well we got some good promotions from Ninnworks and
Woodman for the cross over market to keep the interest going outside
of the specific fetish film producers for 2008.

Big winner BDSM Daring Media will be releasing a latex fetish focused
film entitled "Rubber Cats" in Mid March 2008 which will feature
Girato the black lady you saw with the close cut mohawk in "Bondage
Thoughts" wearing a blue full body catsuit. The preliminary cover is
in the file area.

The film to note for the latex fetish crowd from Daring Media will be
"Fetish De Luxe" directed by legendary fetish photographer

[ http://www.christophemourthe.com/ ]

and featuring his current muse, German mistress Dominique la Mer
[ http://www.dominique-la-mer.com/ ].

From preliminary information, the "Fetish De Luxe" is set in an
alternate reality where la Mer character tries to conquer and control
the unsuspecting populace into her most latex covered serving drones.

While more than likely these films will be far more focused on the sex
and getting these people OUT of costume more than into bondage and
binding costume, more than likely I will be adding these films to my
shelf along with "Roma part 2" if not all of the daring group
productions. Sue me, I like good story driven costume dramas as most
will not spend money widely just to make a mess -- yes yes I know
Gothic Media, but again as I said MOST will not spend money widely.

Speaking of vanilla disguising itself as fetish, Digital Playground
contract performer Adrianna Lynn has officially become the link for
the vanillas to the BDSM underground at the upcoming San Francisco
Fetish Ball in March 2008.

[ http://www.sffetishball.com/ ]

Personally I will be more looking forward to Midori's and Amrita's
performance than this obvious tie-in over the fetish specific
performers. Anyone remember how this went with Justine Joli and her
stated willingness to be the fetish film market note as she is a
self-professed hard core sub in real life? Seems that presentation of
her public status never developed from her private sub standing. And
I do not see this happening either.

Well now that the AVN circus is over and the promos for the coming
year are largely set, I am looking forward to the Portal and its
already announced followup from Gwenmedia and that other restart
[yes go read Isabella's newsletter.
I am NOT mentioning it here
only over at the Google Group.
I have to give those who struggle
through my long rants an incentive as
opposed to the generic sanitized versions of my commentary don't I ;)],

Anastasia Pierce
Hustler's delay on the Taboo series has been rewarded and Anastasia is
going to be directly producing the Taboo line for a series of films.

I wonder why Hustler would sign over the Taboo line to her like that?

So look for the long delayed "Taking Control" to be finally released
in the early Spring 2008 and followed for the remainder of the year
and possibly longer than that with Anastasia directly producing for
the foreseeable.

"Submission 3" has been announced with Darenzia. I expect the third
film will be as solid as the first two. Look for "Submission 3" to be
released probaly around the later months of 2008.

Anastasia Pierce's direct line including "Mind Control 5" for
Gwenmedia is tentatively to be released sometime around Summer 2008 as
well; and

Rubber Eva continued successful powerful film lines, which will be

as well as all the new other products that I have mentioned in the
recent past.

Well I have to get to the next reviews which will be "Vicious Vixen 4"
and "Ivy Manor 5: Rubber Dreams". Welcome back to production
Fitzgerald! Your heavy rubber doll creation and excellent story
focuses have been SORELY missed!

Guess you can tell what I thought of
that film! And I agree with those who are already saying that IF
January Seraph is going to remain with Gwenmedia for any length of
time, she definitely should be the feature sub such as the primary new
sub developing persona of Ivy Manor Volume 2 (films 11-20) if they
change over and continue ;)

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