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THE RUBBER REPORT by Shirl P 4.21.08


by Shirl P. aka ShiPRubber03 aka Agent 69

(Anyone remember GetSmart?)



My review on Anastasia Pierce's Submission 3 is up and
my next two listings for "Is a Dominatrix" episodes
are finished. Sso they will be posted soon. Thus I
finished my film list for April 2008. Sorry no new
news on Jean's first release, Karezza restart nor any
update on "Operation Havoc" at this time.

For those who may still be interested in what else is
out there though, you can read further.

Anastasia Pierce Productions (for Hustler's Taboo)

"Taboo: Taking Control" will be available from Hustler
Video (direct) here


To celebrate hopefully the SUCCESSFUL relaunch of the
Taboo line with Anastasia directing the series,
Hustler is offering their own illustrated anthology of
fetsh BDSM stories to be released at the same time.
The cover is in the file area and is available for
purcahse here:

Overall it is not bad, but it is NOT as imaginative as
Marquis' abandoned "Terminatrix" series, though this
series DOES reprint some of the more "tame" products
of Gary Roberts who is the writer/illustrator behind
DoFantasy's powerful "Black van" series.


"Taboo Illustrated # 1" can be ordered from

BE WARNED -- the first issue is already SOLD OUT. A
second printing may happen as no one was expecting it
to sell as well as it did. Issue #2 is planned for
May but they are already saying the same for that.

If Anastasia continue to develop powerful sexual
content I can see this series doing well. My ONLY
problem is that while Anstasia knows how to develop
product for the truly POWERFUL sexual audience, the
HUSTLER MANAGEMENT may come back and try to force
future product to be more appreciative for products
that are made for the casual vanilla people.

Though with them SPECIFICALLY selecting Gary Roberts
products for their product line, there is some SERIOUS
hope that this may be a SOLID BDSM product line. And
speaking of heavy power fetish films.....
Rubber Eva

Okay you know the drill.

Eva means power sex and heavy rubber and control
techniques that involve bodily fluid and air control.

If these topics interests you, then

"Strap-On Extreme" is now available for your purchase


Okay yes I thought Carman plays her scene for laughs
-- especially with that hat! But it works!

-- especially in the idea of the high society lady
brought down low

Yes THAT low!

Once again Eva KNOWS how to make powerful fetish sex
films that her consumers will buy continually. (Yes I
see you waiving your hands there)
Benson Media

With the formal reopening of their online Shop, Benson
and Tigerr are continuing to produce and release new
content for sale.

Their latest venture "Bukkake Slave" is easily a quick
success with the power edge consumers with the THIRD
film already scheduled for release

-- I warn you now these two films are sheer REAL power
sex sessions! Again NOT for the casual viewer --

with the first two now available for purchase at their
shop here:


The third film in the Yellowhore series has been
changed from their original film. It is presently
unclear if they will release that earlier film at a
later time or have scrapped it altogether for its
controversal nature. The NEW third film entitled
"Choke" is also available for purchase at their shop


Human Doll 2 is still worked on, but no firm date of
production at this time.



House of Gord

"Summer of Petra"

While not as brutal as Benson (who worked for Gord),
or as pristinely polished as Peter A of,
there is no doubt that Gord continues to impress many
with his OVERTLY imaginative bondage sessions in real
world settings where he continues to fold, compress,
twist and bind the ladies into completely controlled
bundles who begin to realize that their only purpose
is to endure ever more impressive compression and
control as they become more and more objectified in
their service to the controllers of the House of Gord.
And for some it is specifically that real world
roughness that makes the situation so appealing as one
realizes that there is indeed a place where these
boundaries are made real and people are engaged into
these situations. And as many already say for Gord
"Lucky man" to live out some of his personal desires
so obviously. And lucky us as he continues to share
them with us!

For more on his latest release you can look here:

Gwen Media v3

Sessions series restarts!

Can Part-time be far behind?

Oh you know I WILL go there if she is, as the
"Part-time" series STARTED Gwen Media, even if Ivy
Manor MADE Gwen Media.

Isabella Sinclaire has released her next partnership
with Julie Simone in the restarted "Sessions" series.
The 14th episode of this series features Julie Simone
as the domme and Krissy as the featured sub. While
the film seems more to be a continuation of Simone's
own "Smoking Interviews" series, this Session film
continues to showcase the particular focus of the
dommes as they interact with their on-screen partners
in their domination session. Look for "Sessions 14"
to be available for purchase from Gwenmedia directly

I'm still trying to re-re-re-RE-write my Portal
review. Other than the EXCELLENT cinematography and
very well done interview from Isabella on what the
film SHOULD have been -- I really am having a hard
time being fair to it. I may just scrap my review and
hope it is forgotten over something powerful like Uber
Ego's "Chronicles of the Inquisition" (the Director's

Unfortunately the latest release set from Marquis is a
series of editted re-releases of their earlier films.

"Rubber Models"



"Heavy Rubber -- highlights"


Personally I rather have NEW films with Peter's
undeniable creativity and energy. But given the fact
that some of his films have been the genre definers of
the latex fetish film industry, I can not complain
about these re-releases.

Coupled with the fact that some of these films have
literally been out of print for so long, many fetish
film consumers may not have even seen these films when
they were originally available on VHS tape, one has to
admit, this IS a good way for existing film stock to
be resold with little negative impact on the consuming
market. This gives the bulk of the fetish film
consumers content that they have not seen before at a
low production cost on the part of Marquis.

So basically it is a win-win situation for the bulk of
fetish film consumers AND Marquis.

Though again I still hope for powerful NEW content
from Peter and company in the summer/early fall of
Gothic Media

NOW this is BAD re-releasing of existing content. In
fact, this amount of recycling release of content
shows that Gothic is just desperate. The latest film
"The Feministas" is basically a re-release of an
earlier re-release of the original "Hospital 1".

I admit I REALLY enjoyed "Hospital 1" starring Sweet
and Martinez.

I have NO problem in saying Gothic Media made a solid
film in "Hospital 1" as it was originally made. I
STILL occasionally watch that film.

In fact, I STILL recommend the ORIGINAL edit and
release of "Hospital 1" for purchase for people who
have not seen that film, as it was one of the few
solid films that came from Gothic when they were
interested in making solid story-driven latex fetish
[as the second incarnation of Gwen Media
was still active at that time and Gothic
needed to show that they were making better
quality products to stay in business against
an active competitor despite the lack of
creative content from Jon White at that time]

But to re-release "Hospital 1" yet AGAIN (this is the
SECOND re-release that I know of -- and may have been
even higher as I have not really looked at their line
for over a year now -- I seriously think Skye needs to
restart new film production for Gothic even if she
basically lets an outside staff completely produce for
her or make the hard decision regarding Gothic as to
continually recycle the SAME film again and again

and again

and yet again

is NOT a good thing to do.

Then again, Skye has the SM line which is new BDSM
content. So maybe she will start producing new
content for this line some day. Some day.

And hopefully it will be as good as the Hospital
originally was as it showed what this line once was
AND CAN BE AGAIN IF Skye REALLY wants to make a solid
and reliable product. But that is HER choice to make
powerful content for this line in the future.
Daring Media Group

Roma part 2


Fetish De Luxe

are all currently available for EUROPEAN CONSUMERS!

Okay while NOT technically true fetish films, the
heavy costume non-formulae adult films coming from
Daring Medai has been a guilty indulgence of mine
since Bondage Thoughts. Daring Media and their
partner Woodman Entertainment (who did the Xcalibur
trilogy which is another big costume indulgence of
mine) continues to impress me with their dedicated
interest to be more than formulae in the stereotypcial
adult film market. Call it costume fetish if you
will. But it is mostly a solid line that uses ALL of
its elements to create a solid adult film watching
experience that has to date NEVER devolved into "just
how much mindless bouncy-bouncy can one show without
fast forwarding" unlike so many who think that fetish
is only a disposable prelude for the formulae sex.
May it never do so!

For more information on their products you can look

B&D Pleasures

B&D Pleasures is mostly noted for producing low end
dungeon setting films that showcase more of the
various BDSM techniques than the individual's reaction
to that intensity or the settings around the target.

"Jamaica Bound"

But this time they break that setting in "Jamaica
Bound" as Mistress V whips and smacks her target while
she is facing the ocean in the doorway of their posh
terrace. While the film transfer is solid the
microphone picks up so much of the waves in the
background it at times interferes with the moaning of
the target as she endures her mistress's attacks. And
yes I agree about that hat (and wig) that V is
wearing. But overall it is a solid release.

"The Torture of Emily (Camille)"

Going back to their normal structure, "The Torture of
Emily (Camille)" returns to the grimy backwoods of the
torturer as Sir B seduces yet another confident woman
who thinks because she is strong willed she will
easily overcome any attitude of domination (yeah I am
getting a little tired of this studio fear of non
abduction settings as well). Though this time it
works in the setting as Emily presents the brave face
attitude against any possible control over her

Hmm anyone want to take bets on how long it took
before she was mooing in time under Sir B's attack?
Kinda guessed that with that neck harness she is in
right? Smart person.

While not the most powerful or elaborate of the REAL
BDSM productions, I find that B&D Pleasure releases do
stay focused on the POWER aspect more than any of the
general adult production studios who try to pretend
they are making fetish or BDSM films. Though yes I DO
agree that if you are comparing them with say SM
Studio Berlin that is really an UNfair comparison as
these films have to sell here in the USA where the DoJ
is waiting to pounce on adult film producers for
obscenity charges.

THEN AGAIN there are some who DO specifically want
product HARD edge BDSM and domination scripted stories
for USA consumers.

And for those who are interested in such power films,
we have the latest episode of the "China Bondage"
China Bondage

This line has impressed me with its energy, solid
ONSCREEN bondage tying, and elaborate domination
scenarios mostly done in real world settings such as
girl goes out to the pool and ends up being the
ah-ahem -- "entertainment for the evening" in this
latest issue (number 5). While episode 5 is NOT as
powerful as the second entry (that is the one with the
girl hanging upside down in her closet -- nice storage
don't you agree?), this latest episode is still a good
BDSM and domination film.

My only real problem with this series as it is seems
to be recorded on less than high quality filming
equipment and it DOES show on some of the sessions in
the films. Though thankfully the film is clearer in
this fifth release than some of the earlier entries.

For more information on the series and its production,
you can look here

[ ]
Evil Empire

Bitchcraft 3

DEFINITELY not on the level of Woodman or Belladonna's
wild indulgences but not quite at the throw away
levels of the "Vanillas-in-Disguise" either, the Bitch
craft series continues to offer plenty of the known
secondary fetish film performers (this time - Sandra
Romain, Satine Phoenix and Sinn Sage) in a film that
offers more onscreen of how to moan on-cue
successfully while bouncing up and down on guy's penis
while the producers lie to us saying that it is a
fetish film.

BUT the same main problem continues to plauge this
series, as it is made for the generic adult film
consumers. Thus the film remains focused onto the sex
as the end focus to the point that the plotline is
abandoned halfway through the film to get to the sex.
But at least, the film is not always the same formulae
and the ladies are doing more than just the sex. And
I thought Harmony's scene with choking, facesitting
was not done TOO badly.

So if you are looking for sex with some DECENT BDSM
action and can tolerate the BDSM action ONLY as a
foreplay to the strap-on sex, this may be for you.

[ ]

NO this is NOT a sympathy endorsement as I think the
Bitchcraft series IS fairly DECENT for its intended
audience and MAY appeal to some of the solid BDSM and
fetish film consumers. Though YES I DO think the DoJ
is W-R-O-N-G in prosecuting them for obscenity as none
of their products are that strong.

"Lolly (Badcock)'s Fetish Freaks"

YAWN. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

What more can I say?

Okay, okay. One canned statement coming up for one
canned product.

"There is no true fetish specific content in this film
as the stereotypical vanilla porn producer has really
made this film for the stereotypical porn consumer who
has no interest in fetish or BDSM activities as the
focus in and of itself.

Despite the specific incorporation of specific fetish
topics including the feet torture, smoking, and food
crushing and the ponygirl cart, there is no intent of
remaining with the fetish topic with any energy
enthusiam or focus. Even as a foreplay technique for
the sex the fetish elements are a disposable part of
the individual segments for the stereotypical sex
penetration of the perform (here mostly lesbian) that
robs the film of any interest from those who MAY have
been interested in the film's specific and direct
usage of the fetish elements such as the pony cart!

So in brief, another lying title made by a producer
who has no real interest in making a real fetish film
with performers who have no real interest in doing
fetish situations for consumers who really have no
real interest in seeing any fetish that does not
include stereotypical penetration sex acts as the goal
of segment, despite what the title says and all the
setup and inclusion of the fetish props.

And NO I am NOT going to comment on Jenna Jameson's
first full mainstream acting role in "Zombie
Strippers" as I think that title says it all.


For more on the new bondage awards,
you can look here:

[ ]

To read my fetish yappings uncensored, for
my not wanting to unilaterally offending friendly eyes
who should not be condemned for being near my insanity

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