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MasterDOMME theater Extreme Interviews - Mistress Summer Cummings ( NSFW ) EP1

Interview with Summer Cumming Rubber Domina

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Dear Readers,

Summer Cummings is a well known American cult fetish magazine model, dominant mistress and bondage model. Summer Cummings was involved in a relationship with female co-star and now producer/director Skye Blue for several years.

Summer has starred in both mainstream films “Boogie nights(1997)”, cult fetish movies such as “Faster Pussycat Fuck Fuck!(2005)” and finally the uber kinky “Annihilation of Summer”. Summer is a active supporter of animal rights, plus a magazine fetish model ( e.g. Marquis) and a active participant in swanky L.A.’s dark fetish scene .

The Interview:

.RRK> To get things started off on the right foot. In terms of formal title how should perspective slaves and guests address Summer Cummings properly?

SC>. A perspective slave or guest should address me as Miss Summer!

.RRK> How long have you been a femdom?

SC> I have been a fem dom for quite some time. When I was a child I tied playmates in my clubhouse and whipped some of them with phone cords…HA!

.RRK> So what is Summer favorite fetish, if there is one that you prefer?

SC> . My favorite fetish is sensory deprivation used on someone in a way to make them stretch their own pain boundaries for my pleasure as well as their overall experience.

.RRK> Both fear and power!, Very interesting indeed. So Miss Summer what do you find most interesting about fetish people?

SC> I think fetish people are generally more intelligent and provide more stimulating conversation.. they are usually more outgoing and live life to the fullest.

.RRK> As a child were you attracted to things and activities that were considered ’sick’ or ‘twisted’ in the mind of the plain vanilla people (Google it!) out there?

SC> Yes, I was a strange child attracted to rope, knives, secret clubs, and being in charge. I was always the president of the club, and there was a test to pass if any other kids wanted to join. The test involved eating an insect, fence walking blindfolded, and me poking the kids’ fingers with a needle to make a blood fingerprint for my role sheet.
Windowgirl -

.RRK> Potentially silly question here, Which fetish play role do you prefer ? Are you usually “on top” or the “one on bottom”. Our perhaps Summer Cummings is a natural born switch?

SC> The fetish role I prefer is different with men and women. Although I consider myself very good at both, I prefer to be a top with men and weaker women. I can sub - for a very strong woman; however, she must be equally as good at the game as I am or I will see through her and top from the bottom.

.RRK> What’s the most extreme fetish you’ve tried? Have you for example branded a slave or put out cigarette butt on a slave.(Or are these examples tame to you.)?

SC>.The most extreme fetish I have tried on a slave is edge play where I carved the letter S into his back, but I have gotten pretty corporal on some subs.

.RRK> What you favorite instrument of domination. Is it the flogger, cat-o-nine tails or perhaps even a dildo?

SC> My favorite instrument is the flogger, the electric paddle, and PES stimulation devices, but I can have fun with many implements.

I luv turning men into Miss Summer's little bitches.

.RRK> Do you practice the BDSM lifestyle in your personal life? Are you a lifestyle dom?

SC> I do practice BDSM in my personal life. It has always been a part of who I am.

.RRK> What initially drew you towards BDSM scene. Was there a particular event or acquaintance made?

SC> What originally drew me towards the BDSM scene were some of the girls working with me at the O’Farrell Theater in San Francisco. A few were very heavy players and taught me some things. 

Thanks Ladies!!!

.RRK> If you were president or better yet dominatrix-in-chief of the world for a day. What would you change about humanity?

SC>. If I was the leader of the world, I would put all STRONG women in power and men would be our worker bees. Many important feats would be accomplished and there would be dire consequences for those who didn’t follow orders.

.RRK> Ouch, I heard that….And finally how does it feel to be the official spokes

Summer Cummmings in Femdom Sky

Your Mistress Summer

Mistress Summer Cummings -

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