Tuesday, April 13, 2010

[R'DOM NEWS ] - The Rubber Report for 4.15.10 by ShiP Rubber3

by Agent ShiP Rubber!

Though it seems repeating their long standing formulae of little new
content with mostly re-issue of old films.

Gothic Media's April 2010 release is entitled "Luscious Latex 2"

This release is a collection of three older films including Mistress
Gemini first solo film for Gothic and Paige Richards's first film for
Gothic and a new

(or from what I can tell " previously unreleased "
though maybe now several years already in the can)

Justice Joli segment. Again you know where I am with Justice Joli and
fetish content at this point.

and of course the included Mistress Aradia segment is a re-release.

But the thing to note while this film is a re-release the majority of
the re-release content is back from when Gothic was making FETISH
dominate content as with Paige getting wrapped up and hooded (open
face hood) ON-SCREEN and same for Gemini's target.

Yeah yeah Mistress Aradia segment draws down the interest though.

But two GOOD and one possible NEW versus one weak segment?.



there is some thought going over in Skye Blue's company regarding this
line and making product that the fetish consumer WANTS TO SPEND their
money on rather than continuing to serve SLOP that dumps the latex
fetsh for boring reptative leabian sex that does not even focus on
good lesbian interaction...

Today's Rubber Model Object - Ancilla Tilla!

Does this mean that Gothic is going back to its roots and making
FETISH SPECIFIC films? I do not know. AND unfortunately this film
collection IS

1) a COMPILATION -- NOT a complete story based film as was the
original Paige Ricahrds and Mistress Gemini films this DVD release is
made from

2) RE-release of existing stock. while I do NOT know about Justice
Joli segment I DO know that the Paige Richards and Mistress Gemin
segments ARE re-releases. GOOD re-releases and the orgiinal films are
no longer in print at this time. BUT re-releases nonetheless.

And again if they are trying to get back to fetish specific product,
why would they stick an Aradia segment in there if they were going
with the heavy fetish focus? Well Aradia's segment is a latex based
segment. NOT heavy enclosure but latex is added rather than stripped
off of the target.

So maybe there is hope for Gothic. But I will have to wait to see
what they release in the coming months before I say ANYTHING along the
idea of :"Oh I think I will start putting Gothic back in my watching
pile" rather than leave it on my partner's desk.

Fool me once, Shame on YOU
[ I trusted you and you tricked me ]

Fool me twice, Shame on ME
[I should have learned the first time!]

So I'll wait. Like I said before, I have several GOOD RELIABLE fetish
film producers who are making GREAT product. Though IF Gothic Media
shows potentiial ,I hope some will speak up on it before the advocate
pipes up.

Speaking of which I better get Catsuit sex 1 and 2 and Dita Von
Teese's stage show reviews ready for posting.

---------Insiders note: Krissy Kage will star in the upcoming
GwenMedia DVD release

-->> Ivy Manor Slaves 5, <<--

and Julie Simone will soon be in the GwenMedia studio
starring in new GwenMedia.com member videos.


For me this statement begs the question with Julie Simone if the four
episode Slavery series will be restarted. Though I can not fault this
version of Gwen Media partnering with Simone again as Simone is
definitely one of the most powerful and successful fetish film
directors and producers. And we all know that Gwen Media needs
someone who creates powerful and non apologetic domination content.

But to make Simone's content ONLY for web release is NOT a good idea
as most consumers will expect DVD releases. Though I understand they
need content for the website. But a LOT of the MONEY PAYING consumers
prefer to watch films on their full screen TV and not online.
HOPEFULLY these web-episodes will be released on DVD after a period of
time -- such as in the idea of previews of upcoming releases.

Maybe this reactivation will also include the rehire of John
Fitzgerald as well for some more powerful BDSM films like "Part=time"
and "Captive" and "Sisters" being made and released as that is what
most of the Gwen Media consumers expect from this studio.

Have to admit, my interest is going up. But again I will wait until
AFTER "Ivy Manor Slaves 4: Bodyguard" is released though as this
listing states they are ALREADY working on Ivy Manor Slaves FIVE but
we know what to expect with Ivy Manor Slaves FOUR Bodyguards as most
KNOW what we were expecting to have happened is NOT going to happen in
that yet to be released film.

Though I admit as Ivy Manor Slaves 4 Bodyguards has not been released
yet, Sinclaire COULD have surprised us all and did that act as this is
supposed to be her last on-screen appearance. Well at least her
PROPOSED last on-screen adult film appearance, as I do NOT think her
mainstream acting career will pan out as she hopes. and she will
return in 2011/2012 if the company continues on for that long.

Especially not after Tiger Woods and Stormy Daniels' bashing of her
fellow Republicans in prep of her own possible U.S. Senate campaign

[ http://www.bayoubuzz.com/News/Louisiana/Politics/Stormy_Daniels_Back_Into_Louisiana_US_Senate_Race_As_Republican__10585.asp

and most applicable to adult film performaers acceptance in mainstream
productions is Sasha Grey's so-called mainstream film (Steven
Soderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience" ) where Sasha plays --
surprise, surprise, a hooker. Reminds me of Masuimi Max's mainstream
appearance where she also played a stripper/Zeke's Girlfriend in Ice
Cube's "XXX: State of the Union".

True a FEW -- and I do mean a VERY FEW -- adult film performers get
some public note such as Spantaneeus Xtasy played an office worker in
Kiefer Sutherland's most forgetable crime-drama film "Freeway. But
hey Xtasy's role was NOT an sex industry based role.

Thus Gwen Media is continuing but in what level (one DVD film a year?)
and what focus (heavy BDSM? heavy latex ? mostly lesbian sex to
compete with GOTHIC?)
They will let us know sometime later this year
with whatever comes AFTER the now announced Ivy Manor Slaves FIVE
film. - ShiP Rubber3 (in selfish fetish 4.8.10)

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