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R'DOMs 2010 - Where to buy the hottest rubber wear on earth directory!

2010 - Wo man die heißeste Gummikleidung auf Erdekatalog kauft!

Atsuko Studio (JPN)

Atsuko Kudo studio designs and manufacturers a full range of custom lady exclusiverly in rubber. We are based in Japan.

Baroness (NYC)

“BEST in RUBBERWEAR" The Baroness, who pioneered the creation of rubber garments to look clingy but feel comfortable. She also added color to the traditional red-and-black fetish repertoire. As a result, her range of reasonably priced custom-made clothing (from $75 for a micromini) can be surprisingly wearable...”- Time Out New York Magazine

BodyCult (GER)
BODYCULT - Studio & Manufacture Rocco Rost Johannisstraße 10 08412 Werdau / S
a. .See, what we think about outstanding latex fashion.

Breathless has been designing and producing high quality collections for men and women since 1998 becoming one of the top names in latex couture. We are always happy to undertake special orders to make your fantasies a reality - So if you have an idea for an outfit or you want us to design something for that special occasion just let us know and see what we can do for you.We are always happy to undertake special orders to make your fantasies a reality - So if you have an idea for an outfit or you want us to design something for that special occasion just let us know and see what we can do for you.


We have been making latex clothing and latex catsuits for nearly 27 years using the best rubber sheeting to make a wide selection of latex masks, rubber masks, latex bondage helmets, rubber dresses and latex dresses, we also make latex inflatables, rubber inflatables and many other items of fetish latex and fetish rubber clothing

Corset Pictures

DeMask (GER)
In June of 1990 DeMask first opened it’s doors located on the famous Zeedijk in the heart of the city’s old quarter. In the basement was a tiny workshop with two skilled employees producing fetish wear for the shop upstairs. Since then the workshop has moved on several occasions to larger premises in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand for it’s top quality products.New product design is carried out in Amsterdam and Ostrava and all internet orders are processed through corporate headquarters.In addition to the 3 catalogs, the "Mistress Collection" was launched in 2003. This stunning work features Europe’s top Doms shot on location showing off DeMask’s newest and wildest fashions.

Fierce Couture (LAX)

Haute Couture!
A High Gloss Doll Fraulein site

HighGloss Dolls

Fräulein Ehrhardt was discovered by the fashiondesigner Martin Margiela and developed for their fall/winter fashionshow 2010 a body, a shirt and a skirt in latex! Shown this march in Paris on the défilé. See the photos of the show at Margiela also made some kick-ass latex high-heels and boots, for all who was waiting for killer-designer-boots in latex…

~ ~ House of Harlot (LON) ~ ~

House of Harlot is a company of designers and skilled artisans who manufacture fabulous garments, specialising in Latex rubber. The label was begun in 1991, by Robin and Michelle Archer. For the past twenty years, Robin Archer has been designing and making fetish fashions in rubber, leather and other materials.These days, our output is more varied than ever, with an increasingly diverse customer base and demands. We continue to supply the world fetish scene with outstanding rubber garments, as well as working with high-fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior on special pieces for catwalk shows in Paris, London and New York, celebrities in music and media, and anyone with a taste for the unusual and exceptional.

Jane Does Latex (LON)

Formed in 2005, Jane Doe is set to define a new standard in rubber couture.Bringing with it a new, darker, neo-classical edge to a concept which seems to have hit stagnancy for many years and with its diverse yet stylised range, Jane Doe is challenging the fetish scene to bring itself into the 21st century. From our high-end made to measure outfits, through to our affordable off-the-rack line, prepare to be taken into a post-apocalyptic world where the east meets the west, the aged meets the contemporary and… taxidermy meets clothing! This truly is rubber clothing like no other; removed from the clichéd outfits using over done imagery of the wayward nurse or the stern policeman, replaced by chic yet sexy, wearable yet elegant clothing that stills touches on the risqué.

Libidex (UK)

The Libidex label was originally established in 1989 when Helen Saffery brought her design talents and fashion industry experience to the fetish scene, creating exquisite rubber couture and pre-empting the couture/fetish crossover designs of Gaultier, Mugler and McQueen. Those who know their rubber call Libidex the 'Saville Row' tailors to the fetish world - but that might make you think they're rather snooty and exclusive. Not a bit. Simon Rose, who worked with Helen to establish the company which he acquired in 1998, believes that rubber is for everyone, and that everyone deserves the best from their latex wardrobe. Those who know their rubber call Libidex the 'Saville Row' tailors to the fetish world - but that might make you think they're rather snooty and exclusive. Not a bit. Simon Rose, who worked with Helen to establish the company which he acquired in 1998, believes that rubber is for everyone, and that everyone deserves the best from their latex wardrobe. "Our main selling point is that we offer a high quality latex clothing and a made-to-measure service at a very reasonable price. We are always keen to create new looks from our customers' ideas as well as our own, and our aim always is to produce something that suits in style, appearance and fit."

NorthBound Leather (CAN)

When you enter Northbound Leather you are entering a world of freedom and empowerment, a world beyond simply sexy or sensual. Our collection is quite diverse as we can adorn your beautiful body for any occasion whether you want a few heads to turn or many mouths to drop. The dramatic range and assortment of our own imaginative designs and complimentary products is meant to tantalize even the most conservative. Everyone loves to feel luxurious, exotic and down right fantastic! Here at Northbound Leather there is something for everyone as our mission is to bring the power of eroticism to all who dare. From the sexy sophistication of our fashionable pieces, to the erotic sensations of our fetish and bdsm products, you will experience Northbound Leather at its finest.


Over the years we've established ourselves as top purveyors of superior quality latex-wear accessible to all enthusiasts of exciting and sexy play-wear. Be it for clubbing, partying, or personal delights, we design and craft the ultimate fetish fashions. Since 1994 proprietor/designer Mario Bouchard has dressed some of the most beautiful models to grace the covers of internationally acclaimed publications. From humble beginnings, Polymorphe has grown into a solid and reputable company which is now located in a superbly restored 3-story building in the heart of Montreal

Pretty Pervy (UK)

PrettyP Productions Ltd is based in London, UK. It’s founder Robert Miller has been creating costumes, props and accessories for commercial promotions, theatre, films, sports clubs and many other destinations for almost 15 years. The Pretty Pervy label first appeared in 2001 as a natural progression of Robert’s interest in this area. Since then things have grown to include regular shows at various fetish clubs across Europe and more recently attracted considerable media attention at the 2008 London Alternative Fashion Week.

Rubber55 (UK)

Rubber55 has come about because of our passion for latex clothing and the latex fetish scene. We are Andy and Karen, founders and co-owners of Rubber55. In the short time we have been designing and making latex clothing, we have built up a solid customer base from all over the world catering for lovers of latex from all walks of life. This website has been created as a reflection of how far we’ve come over the past year. Our many customers have given us a fantastic response to our clothing and have long since been requesting this website. So here it is! When we decided to create our online shop, we felt that we should show our clothing in a true-to-life format with true latex fans wearing our clothing and modelling them just the way we think you would wear them yourselves – either at home, relaxing in rubber, playing out your fantasies or going for it at a fetish club. - Karen & Andy

Skin Tight (NL)

Skintight is a company, specialised in designing and producing latex garments, selling business-to-business, like shops and artists, as well to retail customers, mostly served via our webshop or studio in Rotterdam.

Syren (LAX)

From the runway to the silver screen, Syren has set the standard for excellence in handcrafted, contemporary latex wear. One of the premier manufacturers of latex clothing, latex fashion, and custom latex/rubber originals, Syren Fetish Fashion designs range from basic latex fetish wear to fashionable latex dresses, rubber evening gowns, and formal latex military uniforms. Not only is the company a well-recognized brand to fetish fashion enthusiasts, they also service the needs of the film industry with Syren Couture.

Syren Couture (LAX)

Syren Couture has been providing custom latex and leather designs for the Entertainment Industry for more than 15 years. Conveniently located in Los Angeles, our exclusive studio services focus enables us to design and manufacture one-of-a-kind costumes, tailored to your exact specifications.

Versatile Corsetry

Welcome to Versatile Corsets where we offer the finest selection of authentic, steel boned, hand-made custom corsets in the USA. Our corset selection includes corset dresses, bridal corsets, corset tops, Victorian corsets, gothic corsets and vintage inspired corsets in both overbust corset styles and underbust corset styles. Corsets are an investment, and they can last a couple decades if you take care of them. My first corset from Versatile Fashions is nearly 10 years old and it still looks and fits as well as the day I bought it.

Versatile Fashions

We are now by appointment only. To schedule an appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, please call Tracy email her at

Vex Clothing (LAX)

Vex Clothing, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Laura Petrielli-Pulice. Vex was founded with the idea of making latex elegant enough to go from fetish gear to mainstream fashion. Since then, Vex has taken the place as one of the world’s most trend-setting and creative latex designers.

Westward Bound (LON)

Originating from the Kings Road, London Punk and Soho New Romantic (cult with no name) movements of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s; Westward Bound was an offshoot of the notorious trail blazing London Fetish Club – Der Putsch, established in 1983 and was originally the name given to the World’s first Bed Breakfast and Dungeon facility, set up in Cornwall, way back in 1987. A shop emerged in 1995 and pioneering website set up in 1997. Since then, the dungeon facility has been closed and we have concentrated on producing fine English tailored handmade latex clothing, enabling us to become the established leaders in our field.

~ ~ Inner Sanctum ~~

Inner Sanctum is a different kind of lingerie and sensual clothing website. Our products are carefully selected for originality and hi quality. Our underwear is bold and sensual yet never vulgar, encapsulating glamour and sophistication with lashes of playfulness.
Fashion by Ana Sanctum -

~ ~ SkinTwo Clothing ~ ~

Welcome to the all new fetishy fabulous! We’re proud to bring you a brand new site, bursting at the seams with every kink, just as stylish as before but now with so much more. Famed for our kinky cocktail of cutting edge fetish fashion and unmistakable quality, we also offer an enormous range of other fantasy produce including shoes, wigs, sex toys, lingerie, bondage gear, and believe it or not, much, much more! So why not come inside today and fill your kinky boots with the very best in fantasy clothing and accessories, so good you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner..?

~ ~ Honur.Co.Uk ~ ~

If you're looking for a little bit of what you fancy, you're in the right place. We have an unbelievable range of fantasy fetish clothing, erotic toys and accessories. Whether you're an adept dominatrix or a naughty novice we've got something for everyone. Our one-stop Online shop and London stores are packed with stacks of kinky PVC and rubber clothing; corsets, wigs, shoes, saucy lingerie, sex toys, bondage gear, mags, DVD's, moulded rubber and much, much more.. We also pride ourselves on our first rate customer service, innovative website design and highly competitive pricing, so what's stopping you, come inside, taste the best and forget the rest!

~ ~ Cat House Clouthing ~ ~

Cathouse began in 1993. The showroom is packed full of clothing & accessories from our own Cathouse range as well as Inner Sanctum, Daxine, Kaos, Misfitz, Honour, Pigalle, Phaze, PVC-U-LIKE, Jane Doe Latex, Armory, Voller's Corsets, Axford’s Corsets, Sin Central, Voodoo Rising, Tentacle, Insinuate, Interleather, Michelex, Rubber Monkey, Arena, Omen, Skin Two, Combination, The Federation, Craig Morrison ‘Bug’ bags, Roebuck bags, Demonia bags, Affordable Leather & more.
We've got female and male fetish clothes (as well as catering for TV's) such as Catsuits, Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Jeans, Suspenders, Pouches, Harnesses, Maid & Nurse Uniforms, Corsets, Hot pants, Waspies, T-shirts, Basques, Shirts, Macs, Waistcoats, Hoods, Thongs, Capes etc... We also have bodybags and straightjackets which are not shown on the website.Our Range of accessories include Feather Boas, Bags, Masks, Hoods, Tights & Stockings, Body stockings, Handcuffs, Blindfolds, Collars, Whips, Dog leads, Canes, Crops, Paddles, Floggers, Belts, Nipple Clamps, Gags, Toys, Magazines & DVDs, Leg Spreaders, Restraints, Gloves, Cuffs etc…

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