Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Dear Kinksters,


With the announcement of Julie Simone leaving film production and most
performers going to stage exclusive performances, a fetish friend
pointed out that not all of the 1990 and 2000 notable performers are
leaving the production film market and not every producer is leaving

Well at least not completely and are some are still even startring up
to take on the still active consumer demand. Notable Kumi was
recorded being a hopeful for full length downloadable film for
emerging fetish costumer "Twisted Clinic. The full clip that has
gotten so much buzz is entitled " Kumi Goes to Jail in a Straitjacket
and Bondage Muzzle" and can be seen on their webclip store.

[ http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/38586 ]

The setting is simply perfect as the mental patient. The setting is
just perfect with the set including a TOILET suggesting this is meant
for long term containment. My only real problem with Kumi's
performance on this is that she is wearing full makeup while she is in
this prison. Yeah I know in many movies we see actresses going to
sleep with their full makeup on which defeats the idea of realism, but
it is so stark to the power edge that no one stripped this caged
beauty of her painted face in her control. And seriously Kumi looks
very good without makeup. Just look at her hooded though low makeup
wearing face in the very same red criss cross bodysuit (from HW
Designs) that is used on Twisted Clinic entry page

[ http://www.twistedclinic.com/ ]

But that type of detail maybe just me.

But despite the obvious well structured mental breakdown of Kumi's
performance and well made stage settings, for me the PRIMARY word in
this whole promotion was

-- of course --

download. For me, download films are NOT worth my money. NOT EVER.
I have no problem in paying US$29.99 to US$49.99 for new DVD releases
for good film content. Yes I admit I occasionally pay even higher
when the content is REALLY good. No I am not going to repeat my
honest enjoyment on Rubber Finest and Rubber Eva as you already know

As far as I am concerned, Webclips are promotions for films mostly
released BEFORE the full length DVD release to judge if the buying
audience is going to be BUYING the concent on a regular basis to prove
that the content is worth the investment to the producer to send the
material off the DVD replicator. Many times most producers if they
have a reliable audience KNOWS they will get a 1000 sales for that
content. If the producer is not reliable or the content is the same
as too many other producers then they have a problem.

I think that is one of the reasons that kink.com has thrown caution to
the wind as is now featuring performers who do a>n=a-l f)i(s_t@!_n_g
especially on their sex and submission sit as you can see here for
their just released session for June 18, 2010 - Mark Davis, Amber
Rayne and Jessie Cox

[ http://www.sexandsubmission.com/site/shoots.jsp ]

Nope I will NEVER join their sites. DVD ONLY for me. and we now know
where the kink.com company is on DVD releases......

BUT if you are following European producers, then like me, you are
quite content with the DVD releases from Kinkcrew (no tie in to Peter
A' USA company), Master Costello, Dark Edges, and the others who
release "backside hand probing" in 4 MB 40 frames per second playback
clarity over kink's streaning and .wmv clip downloads.

So for me I hope Twisted follows Rubber Finest and Demask and DOES
make a full length film that they release on DVD despite being a clear
promotion for their products. Very simply, if these other production
companies can make VERY SOLID BDSM films that are OBVIOUSLY made to
get people to buy their products, so can Twisted.

But for those who want to see what Kumi is doing to draw in the PAYING
customers, here is a publically released sample for the 16 minute clip
in Twisted Clinic's webstore.

[ ]


I HOPE that this gets developed into a fully released film. - Reporting By Ship Rubber 03

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