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[R'DOM FILM REVIEW ] Rubber Room Diaries 2 " Critique

Rubber Room Diaries 2 " Critique

by ShiP Rubber 03 @ Google Groups in Selfish-Fetish-Film-Review

Production company: Piss Bag productions

External Distributor company: None

Production Date: December 2009
Release Date: December 2010

* excellent interaction of the performers to each other and their
* good usage of the costuming and BDSM devices including the latex
sheets for breathe-play
* good exploration of sensuality WITHOUT ignoring the fetish aspect

* no definitive storyline though a cohesive session film
* individual sessions do not progressively build on each other, making
the film feel more like a collection of sessions
* very little set-up to the fetish action, almost "in media res"
Film Time: 1 [hr] 17 [min] 23 [ seconds ]

Settings: various fetish home settings including bedroom and fetish
storage room

Rubber/Latex costuming amount: High — full body latex costumes, full
head hoods, corsets, leggings and opera length gloves worn.


Long-time fetish film consumers have been waiting on Rubber Eva to
return to active full length film production for some time now.

And the wait has been largely worth it. Not only has Eva returned to
active DVD film production, Eva has maintained the focused intense
fetish on-screen action that many have come to appreciate from her
content, she has also increased the level of intensity in her
productions' fetish focus rather than cutting back on powerful
presentation. While I admit most of the sessions acts are not as
powerful as some of her earlier film scenes where we get to see men's
penis being subject to catheter insertion

[which no doubt still makes most of the male watchers
cringe in fear from having THEIR domination desires
completely dashed by such overt female power displays]

Eva still brings forth one of the better fetish specific focused films
for the fetish specific consumer base.

This film is arranged as a session film that focuses on Eva and her
partner as they engage in ever heavier latex fetish sex and breathe
sessions. The sexual actions are not the feature as much as they are
to show the fluid interaction between the two which is NOT limited to
just mere penetration. And the sensual interaction between Eva and
Jamie Brooks shows that this is a real action between them. At no
times does the film show them having a forced session where as soon as
the cameras stop recording, they can't wait to either get away from
each other or the heavy costuming.

The long time Eva consumers are going to repeat the age old complaint
of not seeing Eva and her partners using the costume from the
beginning. And true to format Eva does NOT start off in the "normal"
world and then progresses into the latex fetish costume reality. Eva
continues with the action already begun with everyone already in their
latex costuming which conveys either that is the norm of this reality
her characters inhabit or she regards the normal world as unimportant
to her feature and its content. Perhaps one day, she will show off
herself and her characters in the real world and have them converted
on-screen into the latex devotees. But that is NOT the case for this
film. Here we start off with Jamie Brooks already sealed inside a
latex body sac waiting for Eva to come and use her. And use her Eva
does. For the latex fetish crowd, Eva's alien head dress will be
easily understood as a distinctive sign of control almost as if a
elaborate crown than a means of concealing her face. Especially as
Eva remains in that hood for most of the first part of the film while
Jamie is without a hood at all. The weight of the tentacles from
Eva's alien hood at no time inhibit Eva from engaging in some rather
well done sexual penetration of her partner.

While I would have preferred seeing more of the foreplay between them
for the beginning of the sexual action, the intensity of the
interaction between Eva and Jamie gives the watcher the feeling that
they want to skip the foreplay for now and get right to the action.
And they do seem to be incredibly horny for each other.

I know some are going to ask if Eva finally does more of the set-up in
the story of the full length films and more direct on-screen costume
usage such as showing the ladies getting into the hoods and costuming

Sorry. Jamie does NOT get hooded on-screen and we do not see Eva
switch off from her alien hood to the more conservative one.

Eva sticks to her formulae of focusing exclusively on the fetish
interaction rather than the costuming. I personally think Eva should
perform without the hoods as much as she does as she is still a very
striking lady. Or at the very least use more completely open face
hoods, not the clear latex sheath hoods as she does not show herself
as much as she used to. I fully understand that is done more to
specifically seperate herself from her character for her movies as
well as the fact that the film world is seperate from the normal world
where the people all wear latex costuming normally. But I hope she
will start showing herself more in her films at least in the beginning
before changing into her "work clothes".

The only real feeling of a progression is in the dildo masturbation
scene. In this scene after Eva has changed to a more standard hood
and Jamie gets into a similar one they give the imagery that they are
not done with each other but are no longer in the top / bottom
attitude and are looking for a far more intimate exchange. An
exchange where they are equal and balance to each other something they
can't really get from just penetration. They want more from each
other. Something that is deeply personal and completely showing of
their relationship. And they show off that desire of complete
interaction as Eva and Jamie move into their breathe play with the
thin latex covers. Again these two interact very well being both
sensual and at the same time very focused on the interaction they have
in such a potentially dangerous act. Eva and Jamie do show a true
sense of trust and acceptance in their breathe play which is the basis
of a real BDSM relationship -- prove to the other person that you DO
actually trust them and believe in them.

All-in-all, this is another well made, FOCUSED fetish film from Eva
that you can watch several times and still enjoy. The hiccups are
mostly from the fact that Eva does not allow on-screen getting into
costume or scene changes feeling it is better to remain focused on the
action rather than showing the change over such as walking from one
room to another or locking a person into bondage when that bondage is
only for a short period of on-screen time. I would prefer the
inclusion especially on-screen hooding and gagging as it gives a more
complete film.

But even with that I really have nothing to want drastically changed
in Eva's films. I know that some say "it is better to fail
spectacularly than to succeed in repetitive mediocrity", but the real
world situation is this. When a producer has a PAYING consumer base
who wants a certain product and are willing to PAY for that product,
said producer should NOT change the product. One can add to their
product, but they MUST NOT take away from the SUCCESSFUL BASIS to
experiment. Especially not when that paying audience has been waiting
for a long time for new product. And I sincerely hope that the next
films are NOT this long between the next full length film release.

Another solid release from Eva which focuses on Eva's standard of
focused fetish personal action featuring real world INTERaction
between Eva and her partner.

For those consumers who know Eva's products, they know that Eva's
scenes and performances in breathe play are all real world acts. The
real world interaction of two people sharing a trust relationship of
giving one's self to another is explored in a serious and very
intimate way -- the surrender of one's own breathing to the control of
her partner.

While the action is not as drastic as some heavy players may expect,
the situation Eva shows to us is largely well done and shows a sheer
sensuality as they move explore themselves in their sex and breathe

There are obvious breaks in the flow of the film which will interrupt
the watcher's enjoyment. But these breaks are to allow costume
changes most notably Eva's alien headpiece and settings rather than
from a lack of forethought in the plot of the film. The plotline is
rather simple -- two fetish focused ladies who have a desire for
complete control of each other and themselves. But Eva's films
continue to be a very enjoyable focused fetish exploration of those
two fetish ladies with no feel of watching a preplanned scripted
action. And that is why this is a repeat watching film.
FINAL RATING: SIX out of ten

remember a six from me means VERY GOOD films that are presenting a
topic in an interesting and enjoyable mannerism.

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