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Montreal Nuit Exclusive : Taking a Walk on the Wild Side of Rubberdom Fetishweekend


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The sun gently sets on this city of light on a not so quiet labor day’s eve; it is after all, the second night of Montreal’s infamous fetish carnival. The denizens of this city who will soon party till dawn are all getting prepared and made for the center piece event of Montreal Fetish Weekend. It seems that while we were sleeping the Montréal has become the North Americas capitol of kink with a Fetish Ball that could rival some of the more famous European ones. Kink magazine's roving journalist between several Martinis had time slip a few question about this year Fetish Weekend to Martin Perrault. Below are his answers, at least as best as I can remember ;-)


A:  guys! May name is Martin Perreault and I've been shooting fetish photography for about 14 years now. Most of you have probably seen a picture of Bianca Beauchamp at one point or another. Chances are I took that photo, since I shoot pretty much 85% of all of Bianca's photos. The Montreal Fetish Weekend is a three day party. Bianca and I like to call it a fetish marathon, because after a weekend full packed like this type of event, it takes you a week or two to get back on track with your regular activities and gain back on your energy level. This year, it was the third edition of the Fetish Weekend, and it was bigger than it has even been before. On Saturday alone, there were over 1200 people who attended the Latextacy party. This certainly rivals with the top fetish events worldwide and I think Montreal has now reached a stage where it is a sure hit fetish destination for all those who like to travel and attend those wacky events.

Bianca Beachamp @ Latextacy Photo by Martin

Q: What inspired you to become a fetish photographer?

A: I've always had a fetish for latex. When I was a teenager, I would fantasize about it without even knowing what it was. You see, in the 80s, you couldn't count on internet to find images of something you have in mind. I had no luck finding anything like it at the library either. Anyways, I finally found out about latex when I met Bianca who, one day, decided to surprise me with a latex dress. From that day, I knew I wanted to photograph her and capture the essence of what excited me. Since I studied in fine arts all my life and in cinema at university, making the jump to photography was somewhat natural for me to do. So yeah, I started shooting seriously in 1997 and I've been doing it ever since.

Q: And where did you find 'your fetishes muse'
Bianca Beauchamp?

A: Muse is certainly the right word to use for Bianca. She's been my number one inspiration since I met her. I owe my career as a fetish photographer in great part to her. Accepting to join me in this adventure was the greatest gift she could offer me and I will be eternally grateful. Photographers search for their Muse all their life, and most never get the chance to find one to share their passion for photography with. So yeah, I'm very lucky. So... what was your question again? Oh yeah, where I found her. Back then I was working in a theater/restaurant where I was doing some acting. I met her there one night, wrote her a note, and she got back in touch with me. That was over 13 years ago.

Jean Bardot Photo By Martin

Q: During this last weekend of latex royalty you treated many visitors to Project Latex Land, Latextacy and the 'Nuit' of The Masques can you briefly describe each of these events for Kink Magazine readers planning on making the trek to Montréal for next year Fetish Ball?

A:  Project Latex Land ( is a photography concept I have been developing with my good friend and partner Gil Peron. Together we photographed 8 scenes of groups of latex fetishists in everyday situations in public environments. So, between 12 and 40 people appear in each scene. This was a HUGE project to work on and we finally got to present the results at the premiere Exhibition on the Friday of the Fetish Weekend. Over 400 people came to the Exhibition (a HUGE hit!), many of which were dressed in latex. It was a superb way to kick starts the three day event. Latextacy is the huge latex Ball of the weekend. It was held on Saturday night and, like I said, welcomed over 1200 people. That's double the number from last year! Many latex celebrities were present: Bianca Beauchamp, Jean Bardot, Rubber doll, Ancilla Tilia, Perish, just to name those few. The party was insane!
One of the best I have seen in my life. Nuit Des Masques( 2007)  is the play party on Sunday and over 800 people showed up. That's a mega hit if you ask me! And everyone enjoyed it from what I hear. The theme is Masks... so we saw a LOT of those that night! Super outfits, really... I think the weekend has reached an unparalleled level of professionalism. People see that in the organization, and the crowd responds to it very positively. If past years are any indication of what's to come, 2011 will be absolutely insane. Oh, and fun! ;-)

Q: What fetish photographer do you envy the most, if any?

A: I think envy is too strong a word... This would mean I am not satisfied with my current situation in some ways. If you mean which photographers inspired me, Peter W. Czernich comes to mind (Marquis Magazine). I think Peter was one of the very first latex fetish photographers who actually saw that this type of photography could be done with good taste and eroticism. The first photos I found online that I actually liked in 1996 were his. I've always thought Peter knows how to photograph latex and it shows that he understands what makes people tick when looking at his photos. So yeah, I think his vision inspired me. I love the work of Christophe Mourthé, a fantastic French photographer who does amazing Glamour photography. Today, I try not to go look on other websites too much. I prefer to keep the inspiration coming from my gusts inside. I guess I am also inspired by fashion in general, in particular the ads that we see everywhere. Jeans ads are extremely sexy and for the most part extremely well lit.

Q: Finally, do you or Bianca have any websites or project upcoming that you would like to ‘plug’ here at
Rubberdom-Kink Magazine?

I'm working hard on editing ALL ACCESS 2. ACCESS 1 was quite a big hit when it premiered at Fantasia Film Festival last summers past.
My goal is to have ACCESS 2 ready. Meanwhile, people can purchase the 2-disc Special Edition DVD of Bianca Beauchamp All Access 1 on her official online store @ This DVD is the most fun you can get at a fetish event, without actually having to dress up! Cheers!

Photographer | Agent of Model Bianca Beauchamp

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