Thursday, June 30, 2011


RUBBERDOM BREAKING NEWS - I have decided in your favour...
The "Latest News" of March/April 2011 on my website and my

NEWSletter No. 42 of März 03rd, 2011, have caused a turmoil.

At the begin of March I had announced that after ten exciting years as your Rubber-Mistress and -Doctress, on June 30th, 2001 I will resign from these activities, for turning to a new profession. Of course I foresaw that perhaps some would regret that.
But THIS reaction I had not anticipated.

Hundreds of fans have written to me or have called me because of that.
The reactions ranged from disbelief to horror, from the question whether this is a joke up to the urgent request please to think about it. One wrote me he would kill himself if I would do that (I sincerely hope that this was not serious!).
And, I am really sorry, but I could not answer all these mails. I would have had to hire a secretary only for that...
Thank you for all your sympathy.


Many guests have lost their composure in a "last date" with me.
Grown men shed tears, dramatic scenes have happened during my sessions. Sometimes almost pleadingly I was asked to keep on going, to be further available as Rubber Mistress.
Also I was sometimes close to tears.

I could not and cannot believe what I read and heard. Unanimous opinion: YOU CANNOT DO THAT!
My dear and valued friends, I'm touched. I am stunned and shocked as you. I am extremely sorry having caused so much sadness, and at the same time I am so very happy to learn how much you need me, and maybe even love me.

I have been thinking and brooding for the last few weeks. My life which I have led for the last 10 years has been exciting and stimulating, it has filled me with joy and happiness - as well as I think I know that I have made many of you happy.

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