Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RUBBERDOM REVOLUTIONS - Rubber Slave forced by Mistress Natalia! walk of shame...


Rise of a Strapon Rubberdom 2011

Head Rubberdom Mistress Natalia! Muhlhausen is back with a vengeance.
Our lady fuhrer's return to strapon rubber and kinky fashion fetish glory all; but, assured.
This short video essay proves that Natalia! leader of our kinky rubber fetish movement is here to stay...

Very Das WoW!

Clip: A Rubber Slave forced walk of shame

"...A small (2 mins.) but fine clip - a heavily rubberized walk in kinky Hamburg, together with my rubber slut #21 and a rubber object! While #21 gets her air to breathe only via a container filled with my urine which she has to carry herself, the chained rubber object is respirated through
a corrugated hose only which is directly connected to a urine udder that is hanging under my cunt and my ass. He can only breathe the used stale air which
I exhale and that is bubbling through the perverse filling of my rubber udder which I am filling on constantly...
And that goes for hours!..."


"...Ein kleiner (2 min.) aber feiner Clip - ein schwer gummierter Spaziergang in Hamburg, zusammen mit meinem Gummi-Luder #21 und einem Gummi-Objekt !

Während #21 ihre Atemluft nur über einen mit meinem Urin gefüllten Behälter bekommt, den sie selbst tragen muß, wird das in Ketten gelegte Gummi-Objekt

über seinen Faltenschlauch direkt aus meinem unter meiner Votze und meinem Arsch hängenden Urin-Euter beatmet. Es erhält nur die verbrauchte Luft, die
ich ausatme und die durch die perverse Füllung in meinem Euter blubbert, die ich ständig auffülle...
Und das über Stunden !..." (c) 2011

The video clip with me that has been presented on You Tube on August 16th goes
down well - the comments are throughout enthusiastically!

I receive many request when the next clip will be published.
Well! This can be soon, but of course, again it should be something

My OFFER for you:

You may apply for being the rubber object of the next clip, within the frame of
a rubber session - again together with me and one of my rubber sluts!


Write me why it should be YOU, and write me your ideas of what should be shown
and be done in the clip!

Boutique Bizarre

Reeperbahn 35
20359 Hamburg, Germany
040 31769690

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