Monday, December 23, 2013

RBBRDM 2.0 - Mistress Brittany famous Pay Site Revived 2013

The whole point of 
 is to please your Mistress
 buy her things and pay her money so that she can have the luxurious and extravagant
 lifestyle as your Supreme Mistress!

On Moving to New Jack City

"While it's true I do offer you, my slave, some compensation in terms of eye candy, words and a recognition, you, as my slave, should realize that this website has nothing to do with you. While I allow you to cum in and look around you should know that it is on the understanding that you pay me my taxes, pay my bills, join my forthcoming members area and buy me presents from my wishlist. 
Is that clear?


Furthermore, when you send money or gifts you should also realize that you are not buying my time or affection. You pay me money, I give you nothing. Got it yet?

Welcome to the Pay Miss Brittany Experience!

Your Heroine DJ Mistress
Live at the SKYROOM in 2011


I hope so. "- DJ / Mistress B

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