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LOS ANGELES SISSY DIARY 2009 : Becoming Femdoms Brittany & Evolins Strapon Biatch!

Diary of a Sissy Becoming Mistress Brittany's and Evolin's
Strapon Slave! 

Original Written By
A Humble Slave 


Mistress Evolin Pierce,  Hollywood

Mistress DJ  Brittany Andrews, Las Vegas


Gerald/Gina LaSlut

Dear Readers, 

My name is Gerald a part time  merchant marine sailor based out on the West Coast. I was back in town as it were; visiting my estranged wife. However secretly my mind & desire belonged elsewhere, a very kinky elsewhere.... 

It all started innocently enough. Okay, maybe not. I had heard the one and only DJ Femdom -Mistress Brittany Andrews- was back in LA for one show only before heading on the road for a few months, so I lied to the estranged wife and took off for the club. 

Of course, by the time Mistress Brittany got on stage, I had had a lot to drink, and had also gotten up close to the stage, so I could see the whole show. During her dominatrix DJ  routine, she grabbed me and said, "Is this as close as you've ever been to a real dominant woman, you loser boy?" 

I responded, "Actually, I'm  happily married, you... you... harlot ."  It was totally the wring answer. " That is an impressive word from someone with such a tiny cock attached to a feckless pea brain" she  quickly retorted 

"So then why the fuck are you here,  really?" she replied. 

" Ahhh...Ahhh...I cheat on her all the time, actually, I was gonna get with you after the show, besides what she doesn't know won't hurt her." 

"We'll just see about that, bitch boy, I  know just how to handle bad boys like you!" she responded.  Mistress Brittany then grinned at me devastating evil goddess like; then and just strutted away.

What do I do know..I thought?

After what seemed like hours later, one of the bouncers at the club approached me, and told me that my presence was requested in the back. Now, I was pretty drunk, but I hadn't caused any trouble, so I was puzzled, but the guy was much bigger than me, so I figured it was best to listen to him. When I got to the back room, there was Mistress Brittany, dressed to the nines in a short red dress and 6 inch red stripper heels. 

Mistress Brittany Andrews DJ & Femdom has her own studio & sound cloud:

"No one talks to me like that," she said. "It really turned me on. Would you like to come back to my place and party?" 

Obviously I did, so we hopped in her limo and took off to her apartment. "Now I can't have people knowing where my private session studio resides,  I have many famous rappers recording there. And secracy is everything. " she said, as she slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I was slightly uncomfortable, but I was drunk, and I was going back to have sex with Mistress Brittany Andrews, so I let it slide. 

I felt the car pull to a stop, and I felt a collar being snapped around my neck, and simultaneously my hands were immobilized in front of me by steel handcuffs. I tried to yell out, but a ball gag was shoved into my mouth and secured. A leash was snapped onto the collar and I was lead from the car into the apartment. My blindfold was removed, and there was Mistress Brittany standing naked in front of me, with a mini tape recorder.

 She took my phone and started to dial my house, when I heard my voice on the tape player saying, "I cheat on her all the time, actually I was gonna get with you after the show, besides, what she doesn't know won't hurt her." 

"I'm sure your wife will love this," she sneered. "Mistress Brittany nooooooooo" I shouted from behind the gag. "What was that, bitch boy?" She laughed and loosened the gag. "No, don't. I'll do whatever you want." "Given your current predicament, I'd say you were pretty much at my mercy anyway, but I'm glad we have some agreement," she said, as she hung up the phone. She tightened the gag, slipped the blindfold back over my eyes and it sounded like she left the room.

I heard keys rattle in the door. "Mistress Brittany, I'm home," a woman's English accented voice shouted. I had heard that voice before, but I wasn't sure where. "Well, looks like we have a new bitch to play with. Where'd you find this one?" "Some loser at the club that likes to cheat on his wife. He thought we were coming back here to fuck. Guess he got part of it right." She took the blindfold off, and I saw her standing in front of me naked, except for a large wet ribbed black strapon and black 6 inch platform heels. The unidentified woman was none other than Mistress Evolin Pierce Fortune, of Strapon Squealers of Hollywood infamy. She was wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit, that had an unnatural bulge underneath, which I could only assume was a strapon. "How was the video shoot today," Mistress Brittany asked. "It was great, I just love ass fucking little bitches," Evolin Pierce said. "I'm pretty tired, so this bitch is gonna have to do all the work." 

"That's fine," added Mistress Brittany. "I'll settle for a blow job tonight." Evolin Pierce lay down on the floor, and pulled up her skirt, her six inch black cock staring menacingly upward at me. "Down, bitch," Mistress Brittany commanded. I shouted through the gag, and tried to fight, but I was going nowhere. Mistress Brittany grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down on the cock. I screamed as my virgin ass was invaded by the monster. 

Femdom heroine  of

Finally, I was able to take all of it without too much pain, at which point, Mistress Brittany grabbed the chain of the handcuffs and pulled me up a few inches, then pushed me back down on the cock. "Yeah, just like that, bitch. Bounce on my cock," yelled EvolinPierce, as she took my shoulders and began forcing me up and down, as Mistress Brittany loosened the gag and let it rest around my neck. "Hey, you're hogging the bitch," said Mistress Brittany. "I need a BJ," as she unceremoniously grabbed my head and forced it on her cock. "Yeah, gag on it bitch," she screamed. I was being forced up and down and my head was being forced front to back and I was beginning to drool. 

After about 10 minutes, Mistress Brittany removed her cock from my mouth, grabbed my leash and pulled me off EvolinPierce's cock and took me into the bedroom. "That's just the beginning bitch boy," she said as she tethered me to the bedpost. "We have a whole lot more where that came from." I could hear her and EvolinPierce kissing and caressing each other in the bed as I drifted off to sleep naked on the floor. 

"Wake up bitch! it's my turn!" Mistress Brittany shouted. I was pulled, still groggy, onto the bed, and tethered to the headboard this time, but hands had been secured behind me, and my feet had been attached to the headboard as well. Mistress Brittany loomed over me, with her large black strapon. "I want a piece of that ass princess," she said, as she drove her dick into me. "Take it bitch." "This will be great video for later," I heard EvolinPierce say. "What the fuck! you bitches!" "Big mistake" said Mistress Brittany, as she jammed the cock in further. "Yeah, I think this will make sure he complies with our wishes," she said casually, as she continued to fuck me. 

         Ride my slut gurls  sideways cow girl style Mistress Brittany gets her groove on for Femdom Empire!

"Here's the plan, my future cum slave, she said, as she slid a pair of black thong panties up my leg and pulled out of my ass. We're gonna let you go back to work now. Keep the panties on. We will pick you after work. Don't try anything funny, or you will be sorry." I was released, cleaned up, and dropped off at work. The day went normally, until I got a call from my secretary at around noon, right as I was about to take lunch. "Mr. Smith, there are two ladies here to see you about the new shopping mall proposal." "Let them in," I replied. Five minutes later, EvolinPierce and Mistress Brittany strut into my office, dressed very professionally. "Let's see how well our little bitch listens," said EvolinPierce, as she pulled down my pants, to see my normal underwear. 

"Big mistake, loser," said Mistress Brittany. Before I knew it, they had overwhelmed me, ripped off my clothes, collared, leashed, and cuffed me. They stripped out of their professional clothes to reveal matching black strapons. EvolinPierce bent me over the desk, took the leash and began fucking me in the ass. Mistress Brittany stood in front of my desk and began raping my mouth. She leaned over to hit the intercom button, which would broadcast us to the entire office. "Noooo," I screamed. "I'll do whatever you want." She laughed and kept fucking my mouth, but my request was honored. After 10 minutes I couldn't take it anymore and I shot a load all over my important papers. "I think she's coming around," said Mistress Brittany. "She came without us even touching her cock." They both cleaned up and left. 

Take all of man or should I say siisy biatch - Evolin Pierce (Image : )

I figured that was enough of that. As soon as I was sure they were gone, I cleaned up, and got back to work as best I could. At about 3 pm, I snuck out the side door, and looked around. I was gonna make my break. All of a sudden, everything went black. I woke up what I thought was a short while later groggy, bound, and in pain. I looked up and saw Mistress Brittany and EvolinPierce in matching latex nurse's outfits. "Yay, looks like our little bitch is finally coming to," said EvolinPierce. "You know, this would have been much easier had you just listened to us, but you were too fucking stupid. I think you look better now anyway, and I don't think you'll be going anywhere fast looking like THAT, she said, as she held up a mirror. 

It took a minute to register, but looking back at me was a gorgeous woman's face, with long blond hair, big lips, and blue eyes. Further inspection revealed enormous breasts and long shapely legs. I gasped. "Don't worry, we left your pathetic little dick," said Mistress Brittany. We didn't want anyone thinking you were a real woman. From now on, you are gonna live with us and be our full time bitch. Whatever we require, you will do. In your current state, I don't think you have much of a choice. Now, I am a bit miffed that I was unable to be in EvolinPierce's planned epic "Strapon Squealers of Hollywood" 

I have always wanted to fuck a little cheerleader, and you will fill that role." EvolinPierce left and returned with a slutty cheerleader outfit, complete with pompons and high heels, as Mistress Brittany stripped off the nurse's outfit to reveal a long white cock. They slipped the skirt on first, and then pulled the tight, half sweater over my huge tits. Next came the 6 inch heels. I stood up, took a few steps and fell over the couch. "HAHAHA, perfect baby," laughed Mistress Brittany as she got on the couch and grabbed my legs and thrust into me, as I was bent over the back of it. EvolinPierce attached some nipple clamps to my tits, then grabbed my hands from off the floor so that I was parallel to it and forced me onto her cock. As I held onto her hips for support and Mistress Brittany continued to ram into me from behind, I felt Mistress Brittany grabs my hands and cuff them behind my back. She then stood up a bit and pulled me back on her cock by the chain, while I continued to suck Evolin Pierce's cock. 

"If only your wife could see you now," Evolin Pierce laughed. Then I heard a knock at the door. "Come in" "Hello? Oh my God! what's going on?" I heard a woman scream. It was my wife! "Hello, baby, do come in," said Mistress Brittany nonchalantly as she continued to hammer my ass. "I thought you had information about the whereabouts of my husband," she inquired. Mistress Brittany leaned over and hit play on the tape recorder. "I'm sorry to have to break it to this way." "That son of a bitch," my wife yelled. "Well, we got him back, or are getting him back," piped in EvolinPierce. My wife looked with a mixture of confusion and horror at the site in front of her. With that, Mistress Brittany withdrew from my ass and lifted me up so that my little cock showed. "Gerald?" "Hi honey," I said in a high pitched voice. 

"It may seem extreme, but it's really the only way these bitches ever learn" offered Evolin Pierce, as she pulled her cock out of my mouth and stood me up in front of my wife. "You really should take a crack at her ass, after all, she was cheating on you," said Mistress Brittany. "You'll find her much more attentive to your needs and much more faithful as well. Now we did pay for a lot of surgery, so she is ours until she pays off her debt, but you are welcome to come over and use her or borrow her as you see fit." 

"I was thinking I could use a maid around the house anyway," said my wife. "Someone is catching on very quickly," EvolinPierce said as she left the room, only to return a moment later with a short French maid outfit, complete with cap, feather duster, fishnets thigh highs, and black, 6 inch platforms. The three women forced me into the short outfit, which barely covered my tits and ass, and jammed the shoes onto my feet. My hands were of course, cuffed behind me, and I was lead by a leash, in broad daylight to my wife's car. "Have him back in two days, and don't forget to use this," said Mistress Brittany, as she tossed my wife a large black strapon. 

"Thanks ladies," she replied as we sped off. There was silence the whole way home, and as we pulled up yelled "This is what you get for cheating on me, Gerald! She yanked on the strapon and bent me over so that I was dangling out of the window. This caused my dress to be pulled down in the front, baring my tits. She pulled up my dress in the back, and used my cuffed arms to bounce me back and forth on her cock. After a few minutes, we had gathered quite a crowd of neighbors. "What's going on?" they asked. "Some nice ladies caught my husband cheating on me, so they taught him a lesson, just as I am now," she commented. 

"Is that Gerald?" "Check it out, she said, as she lifted the front of my maid's outfit. Not satisfied with my humiliation, she pulled out of my ass, and took me up to the roof of the car, where she continued to pound me doggy style, only she had recuffed my hands in front of me, so I was on my hands and knees and everyone could see my huge tits sway as I was getting fucked. "Okay everyone, show's over," she said, as she pulled out of my ass and slapped me in the face with her cock. She lead me by the leash into the house which was not an easy task considering the heels and the abuse my ass had taken. She gagged me with the strapon, and tied me to the end of the bed. 

The next morning I awoke to find myself in a short black skirt, black platform heels, a low cut blouse with no bra, and my hair done up in a bun, and wearing glasses. My legs were cuffed to a chair and my hands were also cuffed, this time in front of me. I was at the computer. My wife ran her own business out of the house, and I could see where this was going. She strode into the room, wearing one of my old t shirts and jeans, with a noticeable bulge in the front. 

"Honey, I need you to take some Dick-tation," she grinned at her own bad pun. Suck me! She unzipped her jeans, and out popped the big black cock. She forced my head down on it. "You wanna cheat on me? Not anymore. Take it all you little cock sucking bitch," she yelled. You liked my toes tapping my ears, see how you like this! She threw me on the floor, bunched my skirt around my waist, ripped open my blouse, and threw my legs up near my head. "I wanna see your tits flop as I fuck you," she growled!

What!, I squealed

 What is this called in porn? The jackhammer?" as she next fed the her massive shecock straight into my ass. 

Brittany rams it home as Gina La Slut, squeals! ( #XXX FemdomEmpire CliP)

As she continued to fuck me, her phone rang. "Yes? Oh hi Mistress Brittany. Yes, she's taking some dick-tation as we speak. She's quite the little secretary. You really should give her a try. Shit, that's right. Ok, we'll be right over." She continued to talk as she pounded me. "Yeah, that's her in the background making all that noise. I like it that way. She wouldn't shut up last night, so I fucked her on the car in front of the neighbors!" With that, I sprayed a load all over my own face, into my hair and on my glasses. "Well, I guess you're going out like that now, you filthy slut," my wife laughed. She pulled me up by the leash, my blouse ripped, my skirt barely covering anything, and my body, weak from the fucking, barely holding itself up. 

"Wait, I've always wanted to do this," she said, as she shoved me back down to all fours. She took both hands and slowly flipped my skirt up over my ass. Then, all in one stroke, she jammed the dick back into me, and grabbed a hold of my hair and began ramming me again, as she pulled my hair and slapped my ass. "Man this is great," she laughed. After what seemed like eternity, she pulled me up by my collar, took the leash and led me to the car, making sure the skirt had not flipped back down. The neighbors laughed as they saw me wobble to the car, by big tits, red ass, and hard little dick leaking cum. 

"Well, I see someone had a good time," said Evolin Pierce, as she took my leash. "This is where you leave her. Like I said, feel free to visit anytime. 
She will be working in our studio, mostly as a secretary, and doing odd jobs, like taking big plastic dicks up her ass on camera for  Lexi Sindels  I groaned behind my gag, and looked down  and began to faint; 

I knew there was no end in sight to the humiliation  my life had become..maybe the merchant marine wasn't so bad after all.


and her WeHo house maid Gina!

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Want more ? 

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This story is complete fiction of course, pets. ;)

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