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LOS ANGELES SISSY DIARY 2011 : Harlot of the DomCon Los Angeles




( Das Smoking Strapon Nutcracker!)



Images Courtesy of the FemdomEmpire  a Mistress #LexiSindel joint

WARNING :  Adult #XXX  #FEMDOM Fiction

Dear Readers this is my story, 

My name is Gerald , I mean Gina La Slut now of these days. You see I  have very weak self control and when I saw that Mistress Alexia Jordon was doing Domcon LA ( I had run of to meet her on the show floor.  

Let I know that I would end only 48 hours in a incredible Dungeon scene in Alexia's Dungeon on Broadway and Denver.  When Mistress Brittany found that one of her groomed sissy gurl has cheated on her with another Domme, sparks flew

In something called Femdom court ( I never even knew there was such a thing )t was rulled that I had to be returned to my original Mistress.  I shortly found my self back in East Los Angeles at the Studio s of BRITCO Industries bound before my original Mistress. I hoped things couldn't get much worse, but things did.... 


As a result of my indiscretion I had  been promised to Mistresses Skye Blue and Summer Cummings for further disciplinary action, and I had no idea what was in store for me. I knew Summer could be submissive, so I thought I would have an easier day. Boy was I wrong.

But I was so horny Mistress,  I couldn't restrain myself... Gina

"Rise and shine, bitch!" Mistress Brittany yelled, as she slapped me awake. I slowly rose my prone, worn out self to my hands and knees (subconsciously?) putting my face down, and my ass up. "Face down, ass up, like a good little bitch!" Mistress laughed, as she worked my tiny pink skirt down over my hips, and tossed it on the floor. She snapped a white leather collar and leash around my neck and jerked me to my feet. I was blindfolded and led to the car as I was; cum crusted on my big bare tits, my spent little dick covered only by the tiny pink thong with "Bitch" on the back, white knee socks, and tottering on pink six inch platform heels. I was tossed into the trunk, and we sped off down the road.

About ten minutes later, my blindfold was removed, and I was dragged by my collar up the driveway to a nice suburban two story house, with a low white picket fence enclosing the front yard. As we approached the fence, I was jerked down so that I was on all fours. Mistress Brittany walked through the gate and let it shut behind her, leaving me in the driveway. She took a few steps to her right, and tugged on the leash, and I crawled into the yard via a dog door in the fence, which was promptly locked behind me.

The front door to the house opened, and Mistresses Skye Blue and Summer Cummings emerged. Mistress Skye was dressed in a black corset and black leather pants, with black boots, and a leash, which contained Mistress Summer on all fours. Mistress Summer wore a black leather bikini top, which barely contained her sizable breasts, a black leather mini skirt, thigh high fishnets, and black platform heels. Skye and Brittany exchanged greetings, but I noticed Summer did not address either of them. "Prepare the slave," Skye directed Summer. Summer stood up and approached me with a contraption of chains and cuffs, which, once applied, made it impossible to stand up. I was staying on all fours until the contraption was removed.

I heard Skye snap her fingers, and Summer immediately joined me on the ground. I turned to look at Mistress Skye and Mistress Brittany, and saw that they had changed into sexy bikinis and were lying out on lounge chairs, drinking, chatting, and soaking up the sun. They each snapped their fingers, and Summer and I crawled over to them as fast as we could. "Very good, slaves," Mistress Skye cooed. "I'll give you a few bones to play with," she laughed, as she tossed us a few large, cock-shaped dildos. "Run along now," she said. Summer and I took a cock in each hand, as well as one in each of our mouths, and scurried around the yard.

"I just love these little slave play dates," commented Mistress Brittany. "It wears them out, which makes them much more servile and submissive, without wearing me out."

"It really does let them know where they stand in the pecking order, doesn't it?" stated Mistress Skye. "Of course your slave, soon to be our slave for the day, is at the bottom." Now, Summer had been getting more aggressive, and had been using her extra mobility (as she was not chained), to roll me over a few times. She had also held my head down a few times and forced me to deep throat a few of the cocks. I heard fingers snap twice and before I knew it, Summer had mounted me.

I like my sissy gurls mounted ... Mistress Summer

I felt my thong being pulled to the side, and briefly the cool leather of her skirt, before I felt the familiar sensation of plastic cock in my ass. Apparently she had been wearing a strapon harness under the skirt the whole time, and had attached one of the cocks to it when I wasn't paying attention. It was of little matter now, as she jerked my head back with the leash and plowed into my well-used ass. "Bark like a dog, slave," she growled, as she continued to ram me.

"Arf, arf. Arf, arf ar-oooOOO," I yelped.

"YOU bark like a dog, slave Gerald/Gina," Mistress Skye commanded from across the yard. "And don't YOU stop," she growled at me. I could faintly hear the laughter of Brittany and Skye over the raucous panting, barking and yelping of Summer and myself. At that moment, I realized I had yet again sunk to a new low: I was a slave that was being mounted and fucked by another slave. For a fleeting moment, I noticed the crowd that had gathered around the fence to witness the bizarre spectacle: men and women of all ages looking on with a mixture of horror, wonder and awe, as two bikini clad goddesses cheered on a barking, leather clad woman fucking the shit out of barking, bound, big titted whore.

That quickly vanished, as I knew it made no difference who was watching or what they thought. It's not like any of them would be interviewing me for a job. It's not like I would be running for public office. My life was with my mistress, and providing her with pleasure was all that mattered to me. Suddenly, I felt no weight on my back, but Summer was still clearly in my ass, though she was resting there, as she knelt behind me. I looked forward, and saw that Mistress Brittany had slid under me, and was lying on the ground with a cock of her own jutting up toward my mouth. Immediately, I began giving her one of my signature blow jobs. Just as I took her into my mouth, I was violently slammed forward, forcing me to take her all the way to the balls. All the cocksucking I had done had left me very adept at deep throating.

Behind me, Mistress Skye had strapped one on and slammed into Summer's waiting ass, which is what had caused me to lurch forward. Mistress Brittany began flexing her hips upward, as Skye continued to pound away at Summer.

Hungry Gina? -  Courtesy

Now, I had taken on two cocks many times, and was normally very good at getting into rhythm, but I had never done anything like this before. My gagging and clumsiness was getting on my Mistress's nerves. "You're embarrassing me, you worthless slut," Mistress Brittany screamed.

"Brittany, can you get your slave in line please, she's making me work back here," exclaimed Skye.

"So sorry, Mistress Skye, sometimes these little bitches just don't take to their training like they should. She'll pay for it later."

That was all the motivation I needed to bear down and start rocking back and forth on those cocks like a pro. I lost track of how long I was impaled, and how much my ass hurt. My attention was focused on providing pleasure for my Mistresses, and I thought of how nice my big titties looked bouncing around as I was getting it in the ass. I wondered if my legs and ass would look better in higher heels. Perhaps Mistress would fuck me more if I wore shorter skirts.

Then I felt the cock being removed from my mouth. "Slave, I am leaving you to the charge of Mistress Skye and Mistress Summer. I expect you to be on your best behavior little girl," she said as she walked away.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.


As Skye showed Brittany to the gate, Summer took the opportunity to start fucking me again.

"HAHAHAHA, look at those two horny mutts," Brittany laughed. "We turn our backs for a second, and they're back at it. Good luck slave," she said as she drove off.

Mistress Skye wasted no time, and strode over two Summer and I. She grabbed Summer's leash, and yanked her backwards, dislodging her from my asshole. Then she grabbed my leash, and dragged us both into the house. Once inside, she wasted no time tying my leash to the coffee table, which left me completely helpless. I watched as Skye quickly bent Summer over the side of the couch and tied her there using some built in restraints.

Skye left the room, and I looked at Summer, bent over, head turned sideways and resting on the couch cushion, arms tied in front of her, and her legs spread to offer either hole to her Mistress. I wondered how this would affect me. Before I had time to decide, Mistress Skye strode back in to the room sporting a 12 inch purple cock and a riding crop. She swatted Summer's ass with the crop and asked, "Which hole do you want it in, slave?"

"In my pussy, Mistress," she replied.

Mistress Skye goes to work!

"YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING SLAVE," Skye yelled as she began whaling on Summer's ass with the crop. "YOU WILL TAKE IN WHATEVER HOLE I WISH TO PUT IT IN. THE CORRECT ANSWER IS, 'Whatever you desire, Mistress,'" she said, as she buried all 12 inches in her poor red ass.

Summer screamed out in pain, but was helpless to stop the assault on her ass. "And let that be a lesson to YOU," Skye admonished me. "Don't think you're getting off light here, missy. You'll have your turn." I did not doubt that. The phone rang, and Skye answered it. "I'm sorry; you can't talk to her right now, Mrs. Cummings. She is bent over the couch right now and I'm fucking her in the ass, I'll have her call you back later. Yes, she was being a bad girl again. I'll beat and fuck it out of her one of these days. Sure she can say, "Hello."

"Hii muh muh mommy," Summer sobbed.

Skye held the phone to her cock as she withdrew all 12 inches and then rapidly put all 12 back in, making a loud "Squisshhh," as Summer screamed again. "Yeah, that was her ass; your daughter is such a whore. Ok, I'll talk to you later," Skye said, and she hung up.

"Ok slaves, I better things to do than wear myself out fucking your worthless asses all day. I'm going out for a bit. Summer, you are in charge," she said as she released the sobbing Summer from her bonds and walked out the door.

"You are in deep shit now, slave," Summer growled as we heard Mistress Skye's car peel out of the driveway. She adjusted her bikini top, strapped on a cock, and smoothed out her skirt as best she could, explaining to me that she was in charge, and I was unworthy of seeing her naked. My restraints were undone, and Mistress Summer lay on her back on the floor. I immediately took her cock in my mouth and starting bobbing shamelessly on the shaft. "Nice try, whore," Mistress Summer laughed, as she swatted me away. She wiped her cock dry on her skirt and said, "Take a seat on my dick, now, bitch!"

Instinctively, I squatted down and took the whole ten inches reverse cowgirl style. "That's right, I don't want to look at your face, you pathetic sissy. Now start bouncing!" With that, I took off on her cock, bouncing up and down like my life depended on it, which is not easy to do with DD tits flopping around on your chest and balanced on six inch platform heels, but I knew the consequences would be much worse if I failed to please my Mistress. "OOOO, I take so much abuse, I just love fucking little sissies when I get the chance," Mistress Summer said. "I love the feeling of introducing slaves to the working end of my cock and making them the slave of a slave. How does that feel, slut, watching me get abused by my Mistress, and then getting abused by me?"

"It reminds me of my place Mistress," I panted, as my thighs started to burn. "I am the lowliest slave of all, the slave of a slave," I said as my legs gave out and I collapsed on top of her, burying her cock in my ass.

"Oh are you tired?" she laughed. "Well, too bad, because I'm not done yet," she said, as she pushed me forward onto all fours, while keeping the dildo firmly embedded in my ass. With one swift motion, she withdrew from my ass, and just as quickly, she buried it to the balls. I jerked forward, but Mistress Summer grabbed me by the nipples and pulled me back onto her dick. I screamed and began to cry. "That's it little sissy, let's hear it," she growled, as she skewered me on her cock. She grabbed my hips, and drilled me with short quick strokes. She alternated between slapping my ass and pinching my nipples. I knew I would just have to take it until she felt like stopping. I was powerless to do anything else. Just as I was about to collapse, she stopped, and I felt an emptiness in my ass, and I looked over my shoulder to see Mistress Skye watching us.

Despite my fatigue, I rolled over on my back, spread my legs, and grabbed my ankles, pulling my knees to the floor on either side of me. I knew I still had something left to give, and it was my duty to please my Mistress. "Looks like someone is a fast learner," laughed Skye, as Summer wasted no time plowing back into me.

"Don't you dare cum until I say," demanded Summer. She rode me for another twenty minutes before she yelled, "Cum right now slave!" That's all I needed, and I oozed a small puddle of cum onto my belly. "Awww, look at that, she even comes like a little girl," Summer laughed as she dipped her dick into my cum. I was too exhausted to sit up, so Summer mounted my face and fed me her cock.

As I lay there exhausted, Mistress Brittany walked into the room. I tried to get to kneeling position, but fell over. The second try was more successful and I knelt at her feet. Mistress Summer walked over and stood next to Mistress Brittany, and I took her cock in my mouth. "Very good slave," she said.


Summer as Skye Blues Petgirl -

"What do you think today's lesson was, slave?" Mistress Brittany asked.

"Submission," I mumbled with my mouth full of monster shecock.


"That is correct slave, and I believe you learned that lesson very well, look at you, you little cocksucker!" she laughed. "Very nice work ladies," she told Skye and Summer. "We shall see you ladies later," she said as she led my wobbling on my heels, to the door.

I turned around one last time, and saw Mistress Summer bent over in the hallway and taking it in the ass, as Mistress Skye waved goodbye to us. I had lost track of what day it was, or how many mistresses I had left to serve, but I was hoping it would be over soon, and I could return to home to my cage in Mistress Brittany and Mistress GiGi Allen's house in Los Angeles.



Preview of Mistress GiGi and Brittany Andrews Punishing Gerald




DISCLAIMER : All models over 18 years , Adults only #XXX .
 Adult only #Fetish #BDSM #NSFW content. 

Any resemblance to real events or persons coincidental.


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