Wednesday, June 29, 2016

MasterDOMME theater extreme interview with Herrin-Lisa! (NSFW) Episode 3

Interview with Dominatrix Herrin-Lisa!

( Episode 3)

Rubberdom is off to the Netherlands this week to interview #SheGod Herrin Lisa

1. To get things started off on the right foot. In terms of formal title how should perspective slaves and guests address you? 

Answer: Dominatrix Lisa, Mistress Lisa or Goddess! It depends on where in the world the slave is serving me. A good slave always knows how to address his mistress! 

2. How did you get your start in #BDSM, were you always kinky inclined? 

Answer: Yes it started all with my latex fetish and from there I went step by step! 

​3. Potentially silly question here, which fetish play role do you prefer. Are you usually “on top” or the “on bottom"? { Don't hit ; me had to ask ;) } 

Answer: Of Course I'll punish and spank you later for that but make no mistake..... I'm always the top! 

4. If you were always dominant in your life when did you start your enjoying dominating submissive (usually males I guess)? 

Answer: I do enjoy session with girls but it may take some more time to get them out of the closet and choose the females mistresses! 

5. What was your first kinky dominant experience? 

Answer: A guy asked me to spit on him :) 

6. What is your favorite instrument of domination. Is it the flogger, cat-o-nine tails, strap on dildo  or other BDSM tool?

Answer: Ugh you can't ask me that! There are so many things in bdsm to enjoy! I recently got shibari training, I love strapons, I enjoy watersport, latex and so on, You shouldn't ask specific about a toy, Sometimes you only need their eyes and you can tell, the slave is already yours.... no toys needed!

6. Who are your favorite latex designers and shoe designers? 

Answer: Long list! Shoes, Louboutin obviously. Latex by demask, bondinage Atsuko Kudo dead latex couture 

7. You seem to be touring quite a bit when is your next BIG tour? Will there be another domme with you?? 

Ride Mistress Monster Strapon...

Answer: Yes I love traveling with other Dommes because you can learn from them and it's just much more fun to have a "sister in crime" with you! 

8. The BDSM Fetish industry has changed a lot over the past few years. Models were used to get paid a 'kings ransom' for photo shoots. But thanks to the internet this has all  changed. 

Answer: I would say I  use my  pictures to attract new slaves and enjoying get taken pics at the same time 

How has Lisa adapted to our changing industry?

Answer: Selling personal clips to w very little group of fans of mine! 

9. Who are your favorite dominatrices, if anyone?

Answer:  I really enjoying watching with my slaves and they have some super amazing ladies! 

11. What has been your most memorable  ( notorious) dominatrix experience? 

Answer: Each day that I enjoying my work, is more or less a memorable experiences! But I really enjoy a good slave who knows how to make me enjoy the time we spend together. 

12.  Finally what is the best way for someone who wants to book Dominatrix Lisa to make contact?  

Answer: My email contact of course!  I Hate to get s Direct Messages in the different Social Networks to Book! 

13. Do you have a  YouTube channel? Do you want one ;) 

Answer: No i don't have one and currently,  I don't have the urge to make one :) 

14.  Is there site of than, snapchat or twitter where should slaves go to keep abreast of your adventures!

Answer: Hmmmm let them search a little and do some effort ! 


Kinky ❌ BDSM Mrs Lisa 
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