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MasterDOMME Extreme Interview Episode 4 - OG NSFW Mistress BrittanyAndrews! via #DommeAddiction 2015



Dear Readers, Anyone even remotely familiar with the world of Femdom has no doubt seen, and been overwhelmed by images, or video, of a ravishingly beautiful, busty blonde Dominatrix doing wickedly cruel and erotic things to men who serve as her slaves.  In addition, video and images of the stunningly beautiful Mistress Brittany Andrews are everywhere online and in magazines and DVD’s worldwide.  When she first contacted me to demand that I put together a feature for her my heart raced.  

Mistress Brittany is legendary and here she is contacting me to do an interview!  To say I was nervous in contacting her to proceed would be a huge understatement, but despite how you watch her treat men with her strapon, Mistress Brittany was extremely gentle with me and so accommodating as well.  She is a truly gifted Goddess, talented in so many areas that I could only touch upon in this limited space to work with. 

Miss B for ( #XXX Photo)

 Model, actress, dominatrix, businesswoman, celebrity DJ…the list of Mistress Brittany’s accomplishments and endeavors is incredible.  I cannot express enough what a delight and privilege it is to feature her here today.  Enjoy this glimpse into the life an extraordinary woman who is in every way your Superior as you will no doubt discover. 

slaveboysmith: Joining me today is a woman who truly needs no introduction.  Her Twitter profile describes her as a Playboy model, porn legend and celebrity DJ, though the very lovely Mistress Brittany Andrews is so much more as well.  Miss Brittany, I can’t tell you what an honor it is to feature you.  I’ve been an admiring fan of your work for as long as I can remember. Of all the titles listed above, and all your accomplishments in your career, is there one that you are most proud of, or that you identify with most?

Miss B for FemdomEmpire!

Mistress Brittany: Probably the one that I am the most proud of is getting into Playboy magazine. The audition process lasted almost an entire year. During that time, you had to have your hair perfect your tan perfect be totally skinny etc. I was the only one that was not with a large production house but I was independent. All of the production companies were fighting to get their top models into the issue. 

They were doing negotiations like you can’t have Jenna unless you take this model or another model of ours. At one point I got so frustrated with the whole auditioning process because it was like I was the only one that didn’t have any leverage and I didn’t think there was any way I was going to make it in this issue. It was a rather hectic and grueling year and audition process and at one point I said fuck it I’m not going to get in so I’m taking myself out of the race. I’m dying, I want to eat, I want to go to Taco Bell LOL and the lady on the phone said that she understood my frustration and that before I took myself out she wanted to let me know that they were looking for somebody that had a lot of personality. 

I was like PERSONALITY – WELL I GOTS LOTTSA THAT LOL so I stayed in the race and 

I’m very happy that I did. Most of the time with my DJ career the whole porn star DJ thing is a little too much for a lot of nightclubs so it’s nice to be able to switch it with the Playboy title of Playboy DJ. I did not know then that I’d still be able to utilize that title still to this day – which is nice.

My hero Femdom DJ - BrittanyAndrews!

sbs: How did you get started in the adult industry? Was there a specific point where you realized that your looks and sexuality were a perfect combination and that you could have a career like you have now?

MB: Lol – absolutely not I had no idea the ride that I was jumping on. I was a house dancer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at a club that feature dancers used as their home club. They did not feature there they just worked as house girls there and one of the girls wanted me to travel with her and be her co-feature. The boyfriend I had at that time was jealous of her and said that she was someone that hung out with rock stars and that I was not going to be traveling with her. She was however very nice and gave me the phone number of the feature dance agency.

 I did my first little photo shoot, sent the pictures in and then was sent to feature dance school in northern Wisconsin. I then started realizing the models that made the most money were the pornstars – so I’ve always kind of felt like if you’re going to do something, do it right or do something else. So after a few years of feature dancing, getting some boobs, and doing some magazines, I then moved into doing adult films.

Mistress Brittany!

sbs: You’ve been in scenes with some of the hottest men and women on the planet.  Do you have a favourite you like to perform with? Or perhaps, if it’s easier, a Top 5? What is it that makes them special?

MB: I don’t. To me it’s just work. It can be someone fat or hot. It’s all the same to me = work. Unless it’s a cute boy and I get to rape his ass, but that is few and far between when it comes to work. 

sbs: I’m quite sure I have you to thank/blame for my fascination with strapon dildos lol.  Some of your most memorable work for me involves you breaking a man down by taking his ass with a strapon.  Can you describe how being a Dominatrix on film makes you feel? Is it something that carries over into your everyday life, or more of a roleplay for you?

MB: I have been raping men in the ass since I was 13. It’s just what I do. What I enjoy. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for pleasure or sometimes when I’m angry. If it is the latter you really do not want to be on the receiving end LOL. For me the man fuck hole is just home. 

Kind of like how ET phones home-for me that hole is home and I must go home lol. I truly wish I was a hermaphrodite because half of the time I really don’t want somebody shoving something inside of me, just the whole act of it kind of annoys me. 

I prefer being the one shoving something inside of you. In general I just am a very dominant, independent, don’t give a fuck kind of bitch when it comes to sexuality. I am not a pro Dom, even though I did own a dungeon for 10 years. Even though I play one on TV, I never professionally trained in a dungeon to be a professional dominatrix. I am a lifestyle dominatrix and a pornstar dominatrix. I have a lot of girlfriends that are real Dommes and they just have some skills I do not that they got in training and vice versa for some filming stuff. 

sbs: When you are in a session with a slave, how do you know when you have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them?  Is there a look you see that tells you when you have a slave completely vulnerable?

Mistress Brittany getting some @

MB: Like I said I do not do sessions as I am not a professional dominatrix. As a lifestyle dominatrix I don’t look to break a slave. My slaves are fun, hot boy toys that I just enjoy dressing up in stockings and heels and raping their ass and humiliating them in public etc. I’m lucky because as a professional dominatrix you’re really doing what the client wants (which is not very Domme). As a lifestyle dominatrix I only do what the fuck I want!!

sbs: As research for this interview, yes I’m calling it research 😉 , I have been looking through your amazing blog at  For those who haven’t visited like they should, what can they expect to find as your blog continues to evolve and grow?

Today modern superhero is almost always a Femdom - Miss B @

MB: It’s not a typical “Blog”. I’m a very talented woman in many different areas but being a writer is not one of them. So primarily my blog is to update people on what’s going on professionally in my career and then some picture updates etc. from my Instagram. 

I did take a 10 year break from the adult industry where I only did maybe five adult films during that period of time and only one fetish scene. Since the beginning of this year I’ve done quite a few films and have done a couple of fetish scenes. I am thinking of doing another site for myself that is adult content. However, I am so busy that it’s going to be quite a project to undertake but I’m pretty sure it is a project that I will be doing.

sbs: Your career as a celebrity DJ is sizzling at the moment, and you are in huge demand.  Recently you were up in Canada, and I kept hoping you might make it out my way to Vancouver.  What can you tell your admirers about DJ BritStar that makes you the hottest DJ ever? 

Introducing Femdom DJ Brittany Andrews 

MB: When I was younger I had a 5000 square-foot studio in downtown Los Angeles that I rented out for photo and film. I had a whole DJ set up there and was friends with a lot of DJs and had a lot of DJs spin at my studio. My girlfriend owned a DJ booking agency and I used to travel with a lot of various DJs as the celebrity host and they were the DJs for the events. I learned how to use my own system that I had and other various systems on the road but I was so busy being a pornstar that I did not really think of making a professional career of it. 

About five years ago I thought it would be a great way to transition my brand into doing something else. I went to music school for a couple of years, got a master certification of Abelton and started DJing in New York and then took to the road. I enjoy what I do and it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes I DJ topless at Strip Clubs etc., however, to be honest, there are also a lot of gigs that are a complete nightmare. But as with anything you have to take the good with the bad. I’m always hoping and praying the gig is going to be good LOL 

sbs: It took a while, but I finally pulled myself away from reading the Strapon Queen section of your blog long enough to notice a section entitled Financial Domination.  For slaves wishing to show their admiration and appreciation for everything you do, what type of tribute do you prefer, cash or gifts?

MB: Amazon gift cards I like a lot. I lost my Paypal account which sucks because that used to be my favorite. 

That site is so old I badly need to redo it. 

If there are any slaves out there that actually have any real life skills like programming and design feel free to contact me as I can do my own damn dishes. 

Slaves nowadays really need to step up their damn skills. Nobody wants a housekeeper, we all need people to do Photoshop, social networking skills, HTML etc. The modern-day slave is a proper sissy secretary!

sbs: I’m going to ask this question very carefully, and with the utmost respect.  While there are girls that are in the industry that are younger than you, none are hotter! One look at you and it’s plainly obvious that you take pride in your stunning figure and that you must work hard to maintain the level of fitness you do.  Any secrets to share?

Did Mistress Brittany just rock your world Rubberslut,  Heidi? 

MB: I am 41 – no shame in my game LOL It can be easily found on Wikipedia. There really are no secrets -stay out of the sun, do plastic surgery, have eating disorders, don’t eat very much, eat healthy when you do, exercise etc lol that’s the honest answer :)

sbs: You must have traveled extensively with your modelling and acting in adult films and now as a celebrity DJ, I’m sure.  If you could visit one place right now, where would you choose?

MB: My couch. I’ve been everywhere!

sbs: Your career is certainly huge at the moment, but as with all good things, it will eventually end.  What future plans do you have after you are done with modelling, acting and working as a DJ, Miss Brittany?

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MB: I run a very busy agency – which is my main business right now. I also produce mainstream films – I’ve  had two of my films premier at the Cannes film Festival -I’ve won a ton of awards for the mainstream films that I have produced at various independent film festivals. I did 3 years of film school. I do A LOT of other things that you did not mention in this interview. I’ve been in the adult entertainment industry for over 20 years. I’ve lived alone for 20 years and I’ve paid my own bills for 20 years and my overhead has always been quite high.

 Before all of the glitz and glamour, underneath everything I am a entrepreneur/savvy businesswoman. I’m not exactly sure what I will be doing in the future but I have a feeling it’s going to be something similar to what I have always been doing which is running multiple different companies that are in various aspects of the entertainment field. I’m not too worried about it because I am an intelligent woman that seems to adapt over the years to always be able to reinvent myself and my businesses.

sbs: Thank you, once again, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions.  I’ve been looking forward to this since you first contacted me, as you know. Any final words for your admiring fans, and the men who ache just a little more for you with every picture or video they see?
MB: I just want to say thank you to all of my fans over the years that have supported me whether it be doing adult films and showing my cunt or coming to my film premiers in New York, Los Angeles etc to showing up to my DJ events at various night clubs across the planet. I do very much appreciate all of my fans young and old. Thank you for your support. I am a lucky woman to have so many people appreciate me for whatever the fuck they want to appreciate me for. Lol I am just grateful for the luv ❤

And we are grateful for all that you do, Mistress Brittany.  You have teased, aroused and enticed us, maybe even frightened us a little in a very good way from time to time, for a long time now.  I know that anyone reading this feature already knew they loved your work, but hopefully each one has discovered something new about you to explore. 

 They are now able to explore deeper and take steps towards becoming even more addicted to everything that you do to make men fall to their knees and worship you. 

 Thank you again for this incredible experience.  This is definitely a bucket list moment for this slaveboy!

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