Saturday, July 01, 2017

HeavyRubber Man Destroyer - Mistress TRD a Preview

Coming Soon... 
MISTRESS  TRD (Total Rubber Domination)


Head Mistress Natalia!s Fembot  #203

returns to  RubberSlut Factory!


Scenes of Mistress TRD  ( #203) and her trainee Rubberdoll Hamburg Heidi

Head Mistress Natalia!  Femdom Army had big plans for making mankind better!

By turning naughty Alphas into properly useful Beta Rubber Objects she would single handily make the world a better safe place!


Strict discipline of a Rubber Object by Mistress Natalia! 
 Rubberdom 001

Shocking! Mistress Natalia plants her seed & impregnates her new Rubber Object ensuring the continuation of her line  of SheGod Rubberdoms!

Mistress Natalia! will give your life meaning!

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Natalia's Bizzare Heavy Rubber World

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