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RDOM Presents @DJBritStar - In walk like a slut for me! /w Mistress beast mode BrittanyAndrews


Americas Orginal Strapon Femdom Barbie Doll!


MistressMommy just loves her tinder bitch boyz & slutty ! What would really be nice right now , if one of you; could kindly suck my , for my onlyfans web page!



Warning!  #NSFW #XXX

Images from her  #LasVegas #Femdom Sessions

Open wide and say ahhhh....slutty gurl!

Teaser Trailer!

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OCT 2016 : MasterDomme Theater presents an Interview with Latex Lucy - REPOSTED.

MasterDomme Theater presents an Interview with Latex Lucy - REPOSTED

This post contains all orginal DMCA compliant & Commons Use images content shot in person at public Events in London and Germany

Before I forget, Why so jealous "little rabbit" ;)

Dateline London, England just this past summer 2016 of kinky love!

LL = Latex Lucy
RDM = Rubberdom HQ London Reporter

* Warning  of the Century curves & words ahead *


Dear Kinky Readers,


After an intense UBER cab ride through London our "reporter" arrives at a secret locatiion minute; he is then whisked into another vehicle with darkly tinted windows that he cannot see thru!

Finally arriving at a "Medical Faclity".

Security guards escort our "Inrepeid Reporter" upstairs to a private secured floor.  Where he is left bound, gagged and placed in a sturdy wooden chair.

A door slams shut! After a long silence he hears a soft voice whisper in his ear

"I do like my men tied up" - Latex Lucy aka LL

And so the ball gag and blindfold are removed revealing our splendid favourite  Latex Rubberdoll Kinktress!


RDOM: Ah yes finally. Thank you for removing the ball gag.  How should we address you?
LL. For now, addressing me as Latex Lucy is just fine ;)

RDOM: What has been your most intense fetish latex film scene? We've seen "LadyInAFootLocker" and boy that was intense! (Warning XXX: Fans check this out over here >
LL. Ooh yes, that one was certainly an intense scene... And an incredibly fun one all the same! Although I do have to say that the 'Cum Slut' scene on is a very memorable and intense one.  It involves some heavy bondage, a fucking machine and loads of cum (and of course lots of shiny black rubber!)
It was all pretty wild and is something I'd love to revisit soon!! :D

RDOM:  Potentially silly question here. Which fetish play role do you prefer? Are you usually “on top” or the “one on bottom”. Our perhaps Latex Lucy is a natural born switch?
LL. I seem to go through phases. I'm naturally submissive so can always fall into that role easily, although I do also have a dominant side so enjoy dominating from time to time... Especially naughty guys ;) I love to have my latex body worshipped: P

RDOM:  What drew you towards latex and fetish role play. Or were you kinky since birth. After all that would be a very British ?)
LL. I've always loved tight clothing stretched over my body... And the shine and extreme stretchiness of latex really enhances contours! I love that tight restrictive feeling and the smell is just SO good too!
I've worn tight clothing for as long as I can remember, especially from my early teens... But I didn't discover latex until years later and have been addicted ever since! :)

RDOM:  So what is your most favorite fetish? Is it Latex, Strap-on, Bondage,ubmission, Spanking, Docks, Whips or perhaps Dominating misbehaving males ?) or other?
LL5. I would say that latex and fucking combined is my fetish!  Although I also really do love being strapped up tightly by rope, buckles, cling film etc.  I also enjoy tormenting and teasing rubber guys ;). I LOVE latex that is soft and silky to touch as I glide my hands over ;) Another addiction I have is my Hitachi Magic's my favorite toy and I believe something a girl should never have to go without!

RDOM: Recently you had your self turned into real life blow up doll for How excited are you about this? And what was the experience like of being turned into plastic doll?
LL. Ooh I absolutely loved doing the scenes for!! Being a fuck doll is a big fantasy of mine so this was incredibly exciting! I loved being each and every one of those dolls...
And loved being played with for the scenes: D I really want to do another 'Rubber' doll scene next. I have the perfect outfit waiting for that scene ;)

RDOM: Do you have anything to say that can clear up 'vanilla' people's misconceptions about people who are into Latex BDSM?
LL : I think that most people these days are familiar with latex (with some pop stars and models wearing it etc. over the past few years), so I think it's mostly acceptable in pics etc.  Although many of those people aren't really 'into' latex as a fetish. I think that the main issue I have come across is with the acceptance of hoods/masks... Although more and more girls have recently been modelling them, so it isn't so 'bizarre' to people any more :) To be honest, I really don't care about what others think about my fetishes... I like to enjoy it and that's all that matters to me!  If they don't like it, they should find their own Fetish, if they have one! Hehe.

RDOM: if you saw the movie 50 Shades of Grey, did you find it realistic depiction of the subbie life style or completely off base?
LL. I did watch the movie so far, but preferred to read the books as then you can use your imagination more and make it more exciting. Before I watched the film, I knew it would be very tame...mainly as the filmmakers have clearly had to make it more acceptable to the general public. It was pretty much as I'd expected really! Either way, the film will always be criticised anyway. The film wasn't realistic in my view, but it looks as though a lot had to be missed out/toned down for it to be accepted...which is a shame. Some latex would have been nice!! ;)

RDOM> You have your official web site @,  Do have you a message would like to fans to tell about the impact that piracy on you personally?
LL >

My members at mean a lot to me. Without paying members I couldn't afford to carry on producing vids and pics for the site!!

They also keep me in latex ;) I want to say another special thank you for those who have donated outfits by purchasing from my Wish List...
You're keeping me in latex, so that will always make me happy!! As for piracy... It's a huge problem for me! It has reached the point a few times now, where I have considered not producing any more material.

Creating kinky rubber movies & pics all costs a lot of money ... And if people are just watching it for free I can no longer afford to produce it.
Often, I think I may as well just be enjoying my fetish alone, without all of the costs involved in filming and editing it...
Not forgetting the costs of venue hire, outfits, travelling and all the rest.

Piracy remains a big problem for me and so many others.  If people want to see my content, then please consider supporting me by joining my site :)

A massive THANK YOU for those of you who are already supporting me!!!

RDOM> Do you ever play a "Dominatrix"? What would Femdom beast mode Latex Lucy look like?
LL> As you know, I'm no real Mistress. But I do like to take on a more dominant role and tease/torment from time to time.  { i.e  With Mary Jale ;) }
I also assist the legendary Mistress Annabel in her rubber dungeon on the occasional day ;)

RDOM> If our fans want to tribute or donate to #LatexLucy enterprises what URL should they go to?
LL> If fans are feeling very generous and would like to treat me (it is my Birthday soon! Hehe),they can find my

Wishlist here:

I also have recently created an Amazon wish list, for more day-to-day things (I can't always get away with wearing full rubber in public unfortunately! Hehe).

This list is also a bit more affordable ;) My Amazon Wishlist can be found here:

RDOM> Finally, are there any events / tour dates and/or other web sites that fan should know about that you would like to promote here?

LL> In May 2017, I'll be attending Boundcon in Munich and may be exhibiting with my own stand at the fair. I visited in 2015 and was a part of the SubRosaDictum stand where I met some fans :) I also performed at the main event (being bound and suspended by the awesome Dragon Rope!),
which was a fantastic experience.

Maybe I'll also be part of a performance at the party this time around too ;) It would be great to meet some of my fans there, so if you're visiting do say hi!!

-- Back in the day #SubRosaDictum : Kesselhaus 2015 with LatexLucy ---

--- Filed London ---


An interview with (c) 2016, 2017
Uber Frau reich! 
#SheGodRevolution #FemdomRevolution
#Interview #LatexLucy 

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(AdultBiz) Writing on the Wall - FOSTA SESTA Cloud Act

While most of the attention of the adult industries (escorting, pornography and camming) have been focused on FOSTA, little attention has been paid to a hastily passed bill known as the the CLOUD Act – Clarifying Overseas Use of Data. This bill was tacked on the spending bill that was passed by Congress and signed by Trump on March 23, 2018. It was never debated by members of Congress, and there were no public hearings held in regards to this law. In all actuality, this law should have been named “How Do We Get Around the Constitution” Act. That is exactly what it enables the US (and foreign governments) to do.
Usually when the US government wants to secure online information about a US citizen stored on servers overseas, they have to follow a treaty, more specifically a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, to secure that information. In short, if the FBI wants communications from your profile stored on a server outside the US, they must send a request to the US State Department, who in turn sends a request to the State Department of the country where your communications is stored, who then sends it to a local law enforcement agency so they can go to the court and secure a subpoena signed by a judge for the information the US government wants.
The reason for the CLOUD Act has to do with the DOJ fighting Microsoft for information they wanted on a particular alleged criminal stored on Microsoft servers in Ireland. Except the DOJ was too either lazy to go through the MLAT procedure or they wanted to test the law that says a US subpoena on a US company for data held overseas is not sufficient due process under the Constitution.
Either way, Microsoft fought, and the case was going to be heard by the US Supreme Court shortly.
But now the Microsoft case is moot since the CLOUD Act has become law. And the way the CLOUD Act was passed is a story within itself, which you can read here;
So how does this relate to FOSTA ? Very simple, moving escort ads and escort listing websites overseas does not protect you, either as an advertiser or as a business. With the CLOUD Act, now all the US government has to do is to request that the foreign government provide them with the requested information about a US citizen and they will serve the subpoena on the local company, never providing you notice that your information is being subpoenaed and that information will be handed over to the US government.
So in reality, moving everything offshore may actually lessen your Constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment to privacy and unreasonable searches and seizures. For example the CLOUD Act;
  • Includes a weak standard for review that does not rise to the protections of the warrant requirement under the 4th Amendment.
  • Fails to require foreign law enforcement to seek individualized and prior judicial review.
  • Grants real-time access and interception to foreign law enforcement without requiring the heightened warrant standards that U.S. police have to adhere to under the Wiretap Act.
  • Fails to place adequate limits on the category and severity of crimes for this type of agreement.
  • Fails to require notice on any level – to the person targeted, to the country where the person resides, and to the country where the data is stored. (Under a separate provision regarding U.S. law enforcement extraterritorial orders, the bill allows companies to give notice to the foreign countries where data is stored, but there is no parallel provision for company-to-country notice when foreign police seek data stored in the United States.)

Written by W
  Apr 17
I made a list on the changes that will come with and feel free to repost and retweet the above

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[RDOM] Kisses for my Strapon with Mistress Alexia Jordon & little friends!

Welcome to the SheGod Femdom Femocracy!



Kisses for my strapon rubber slave!


Denver's most infamous big #strapon Dominatrix Alexia Jordon!

#NSFW #XXX #BDSM  #Fetish
All models over 18 years

(c) 2012, 2018 Rubberdom S8

Monday, January 01, 2018

[TheRubberWhores ] Orange is the new fetish - Penitentiary in the Rubber Gulag


Medical Report 1.1.2018
Doctress Natalia!

You can not resist my whims slutty rubber gurl - #203

Your offense:
You want to be a rubber woman with huge tits.
Such a sexual abberation cannot be accepted by the Mother Superior,
the head of the Gulag.

Your punishment:

Forced rubberized as a rubber woman in prison orange
for making you permanently aware of your misconduct,
you are sentenced by the strict Mother Superior to long-term imprisonment
in the rock dungeon.

Chained and with a heavy iron ball on the leg.

Heroine Fembot of the Femocracy #203

Your sentencing escalation:

Female prisoner #203 will be locked in the cell together with you.
#203 is punished for being pathologically horny and nymphomaniac.

She can't help it, she has to have sex all the time.
You're the only person within reach,
chained up and without escape from #203.

Her hot body which is as a punishment rubberized according to the regulations of Gulag,
her oversized, heavy boobs and her most severely as a punishment pierced pussy
come close to you threateningly.

 All your pleading does not help - #203 must give in to her urges!
And if #203 needs to urinate again - in this hard rock dungeon there is no latrine...other than your mouth ;)

Mistress  & Switch #203 TRD and her transformed object Hamburg Heidi

Want more German #HeavyRubber ???

[R'DOM ] Happy New Year 2018 and Strapon Rubberdom of Year winner


London NYE


(drum roll please )

Goddess Tangent Strikes A Pose!

In her @FantasticRubber catsuit of ShePower 

@GoddessTangent hero of the new Femocracy  ( #1st)

#BrittanyAndrews for  Lexi Sindels

@DJBritStar OG Strapon BarbieDoll  ( #2nd)

Founder Mistress of Rubberdom HQ Hamburg the  Natalia Muehlhausen ( #3rd) 

Natalia & Fembot at one of  her new dark sadistic german #bdsm dungeons for 2018 


Many thanks to the models & performers this year. And many thanks to our kinky @Rubberdom fans world wide...

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[R'DOM ] Mistress Carmen Rivera Monster Strapons made in Italy!


Germany's Monster Strap-on Queen



New Collection on sale soon to Rubberdoms' Army of  Fembot Womyn 

Arming the  new #Femocracy ;)

Movement open to #femdoms  & their sub everywhere!


Das  HeavyRubber BDSM Queen @CarmenRiveraCOM of Berlin!

Monster Strapon  Series #1 Ball-Slappers

Monster Strapon Series #2  : Black Mamba

Monster Strapon Series #3  : Wet Kisses

Head Mistress Carmen Rivers in Strap-On of Justice movie Trailer



Made In Germany

#Dominatrix,  #HeavyRubber,  #Strapon