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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

[RDOM 2018] Big boobs in HeavyRubber last Natalia article 2018

Topic of the Month

December 2018

The Magic of BIG tits in Rubber

According to surveys, which the media spread again and again in dead season times, the German average man stands

                 only on breasts which are "not too big", "rather normal" and so on and so forth.                 

              Of course, there are many men who actually prefer small or "normal" breasts                
- the thoroughly depraved #9 with her cute little tits cup A-B
has as big a fan-community as well as the surgical nurse #26 with cup C-D -

- but isn't it odd that in the pornography and prostitution business women with big, even giant tits are disproportionately represented ?
There must be a reason for this.

Who's not telling the truth? The yellow press? Or the male interviewee who doesn't dare to admit that he's into monster tits?
Probably the latter, because also the press is made up of men who usually prefer not to lean too far out of the window
to avoid trouble with women, and of course also of women,
                 who often don't necessarily have sympathies for women with massive breasts…

It's admiration, even worshipping that fans of big breasts often give us!
Of course we are very happy about that, and we appreciate that by having our breasts every now and then enlarged again even more…
And especially in rubber fetish big firm tits come to the fore in a very special way -
rubber is fortunately a material that emphasizes the body shapes in an almost indecent way !  :-)

Mistress  Natalia unleashes her strapon shepower!

But when are tits really BIG? Here are a few answers.              
- from bra cup G, H, I, K,... everyone sees it differently, and also the actual size of a "cup" also depends on the chest circumference.
             This answer is therefore quite useless.
- if each one is bigger than the head. This answer is already better.
 - if you can see them FROM BEHIND! Perfect!

These Latest News are therefore most of all dedicated to my rubber slut #203.               
And, well, there are some photos 
of me, too, though I can't keep up with her either.               
My two advantages have already cup H, but #203 carries incredible cup M, with an equally incredible weight of 14 kg...

Smothered into oblivion by #203

             Oh, by the way... every now and then I'm actually asked if my breasts are "real" or just "stuffed" under my rubber outfits.               
Yeah, they're "real," as real as a good surgeon can get them with silicone implants!
Therefore here's a very rare photo of me - with un-rubberized breasts…

Do you want to be pampered and dominated, aroused and satisfied by huge rubberized breasts?
Write me.

All Images Property of  Natalio.Pro (c) 2018  Incorporated
Image created in Germany under local laws.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sunday, July 01, 2018

[R'DOM] #HeavyRubber Mistress Natalia! answers your many questions on going out in public dressed in Latex in #Hamburg

Rubberdom 001 Dominatrix Natalia! 

Answers your questions on going out in public dressed in Latex





TS  RubberDoll Heidi the 1st on the Reeperbahn 2000's

Brief News July 2018

Questions and answers on "Going out in rubber":

Is it not forbidden, or is there not at least trouble, if we take to the streets in full rubber outfit,
even perhaps tubed, in bondage and in chains, led by the rubber lady on a leash, etc.?
No, going out in rubber is by no means forbidden. As long as no primary genitals (vagina, penis) or the naked buttocks are shown,
and as long as no sexual acts are committed, i.e. we are not a public nuisance, that is fine.
 And whether there is "trouble" with conservative passers-by also depends on where we do it. My outdoor activities with my guests
therefore take place in the district of St. Pauli, the large red light district in Hamburg, with the world-famous Reeperbahn, cafΓ©s and bars,
with a big park, with the harbour quays...
Even when we walk by the famous police station in St. Pauli, the Davidwache, and take pictures of ourselves,
the officers even don't look at us. They are very relaxed there and have completely different problems.
 And if we are not in a rubber sex outfit, but "street-compatible", i.e. elegantly rubberized, we can go anywhere.
After all, it doesn't matter if my costume or your suit is made of fabric or latex!
People may look, but isn't that what we want?  :-)


Can you even go out in rubber in summer, isn't it much too hot?
There are certainly days in summer when it is simply too warm to go rubberized on the streets. It makes you sweat a lot...
But it is not every day in summer really hot. When my guest and I have a rubber date, including going out,
and it really should be too warm, let's just move it into the evening hours.
In any case it is better in summer than in winter - when it is really cold, a walk in full rubber is only for the very hardened!

Can I also go as a rubber doll in public, so with a female rubber mask, with huge breasts, on high heels, with corset,
garters and stockings on the street?
Yeah, sure ! As long as the outfit isn't very obscene, so - see above - it's not a public nuisance, that's okay.

I would love to roam the streets with you in rubber, but everybody has a smartphone with camera today,
and I can't afford to be published and recognized on facebook etc.
That is a correct and important point. If anonymity is important, I always recommend to my guests that they wear a rubber mask!

Can an "outdoors" walk in full rubber wear also be combined with a subsequent rubber session -
so first whet your appetite in rubber exhibitionism, and then a treatment by the Rubber Mistress?

Of course ! That's how we usually do it - first outside, then inside at the hotel or at a bizarre location.

I am a (rubber) exhibitionist through and through. Is it possible that we make our outdoor rubber adventure in an area and at a time
where as many people as possible see us?
:-)  That's the whole point! The district of St. Pauli is ideal for this, where there are always many people on the move.
When we do it on the right day of the week and at the right time of day, the streets of this entertainment district are sometimes so crowded,
that you can't fall over anymore...
Locals and tourists (Japanese and Chinese travel groups, Dutch bus tours, Southern Germany bowling clubs...) they all
want to see us, take pictures of us, ask us questions about how and why... We are the centre of public interest!
And - just believe me ! - especially women are extremely interested in us!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

RDOM Presents @DJBritStar - In walk like a slut for me! /w Mistress beast mode BrittanyAndrews


Americas Orginal Strapon Femdom Barbie Doll!


MistressMommy just loves her tinder bitch boyz & slutty ! What would really be nice right now , if one of you; could kindly suck my , for my onlyfans web page!



Warning!  #NSFW #XXX

Images from her  #LasVegas #Femdom Sessions

Open wide and say ahhhh....slutty gurl!

Teaser Trailer!