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Rubberdom Episode Reloaded : Rubberdominas Unite near the Black Forest

Rubberdominas Unite near the Black Forest

Starring Uber Dominas:

Dear Readers,
Our little story begin in a non descript mansion. New employee Rolf is at the door....

"Just a second darling. Your are Heir Rolf?" - Natalia

Rubberdom Natalia was a wealthy german heiress and Mansion Mistress, who was both gorgeous & spoiled and GERMANY's UBER RUBBERDOM..
She had arranged a secret meeting at her ranch between her and fierce competitor Stella Cruella. They were close to consumating a perfect gynarchist union...

Ad now without more to do....

Sexy , standoffish , volatile and flamboyant though she was , "Nat!" was also sexually deviant . She loved to " boot rape " young ranch hands. Most of her targets were "drifters " who came looking for temporary work.

Little would they know that once hired , these young stud cowboys would become the targets of her sadistic delight ! Nor that they would soon be turned from stallions into geldings ! !
Along with an accomplice, Stella Cruella an exotics importer and renowned dominatrix competitor of Natalias.

Natalia and Stella were meeting to closes on the potential merger of their 2 femdom estates. Also at this meeting were 3 eager rubberized accoylates in training ( The Rubberdom Nurses) ,our Natalia!s had the means and opportunity to consumate her newest business success by torturing with her ultra high heeled riding boots!
Natalia!s and Stella were indeed a masters of dominionation and soon the world would know of her gynarchist exploits and sexual prowess.!

Unsuspecting young Rolf Van Husen was about to become the Natalia!s's latest exploit! He was a young buck drifter who was hired by the Natalia!s Ranch Inc. and had been working on her Black Forest spread for several months.

He was so ruggedly handsome, that the Natalia!s swooned in her high heeled boots with depraved passion, when ever she laid eyes on him. She was simply going to have to sacrifice him to her dangerous boots !

Thus, every thing had been prearranged with Buckingham and the Bozer brothers . Rolf Van Husen was about to be sent to work at an old barn near the mountains slopes (like so many before him). But little did he know that his assignment was actually a setup ,contrived by the Natalia!s to have him at her boot heels for the ranch heiress's own personal pleasure !
Later that evening , Rolf Van Husen would be tempted to lower his guard by alcohol and Natalia's attractive nurses , then stripped down to his underpants and tightly bound on his belly to the floor with aluminum alloy rope !

All for the Natalia!s's carnivorous high heeled platform boots which would later strip-tear away those briefs . . . leaving his male hood exposed to her "naked spur" .
Later the next day , the Natalia arrived on horseback to the furthest reaches of her ranch estate , a dozen miles from civilization in the forest.

She would pretend to play along with her hapless victim as part of the game . After all , she would need him to accept her apparent sincerity for tonite BDSM play party to perfectly consumate her deal. with Stella Cruella Inc..

If the heiress was later to TRAP him with her boot and spur ! ! Indeed , he would have to help her unwittingly seal his own fate by obliging her with a way to cut him loose from those bindings ! !

The Rubber Nurses . were instructed to tie up the weakened from alcohol Rolf Van Husen , they were told to use baling twine to tie the 2 ends of the metallic rope together . . . then to wrap & cross thatch the twine all around his genitals BENEATH his underpants.

"My name is Natalia!s. Her name is Stella Cruella. Your name now is ...." - Natalia!s

This was done in order to set up the opportunity for the Natalia to utilize her boots in a way that would get at the baling twine , allegedly to cut the rope.

But the sinister plan she and Stela had in mind for Rolf Van Husen had little to do with rope or wire cutting. or immediate his freedom

In Mistress Natalias Secret Barn

The rubberized heiress would next feel underneath Rolf Van Husen , in an effort to determine if there was a binding device ( which she already knew) that could tie 2 metal strands ends together.
Lo and behold , the Natalia!s " discovered " ordinary baling twine !

This was a device which could clamp something sharp and metal . . . and our black leather attired vixen had just the tool at her bidding ! !

After several pretend attempts by the Stella Cruella and the nurses to try and free the now paniced and excited Rolf Van Husen,failed . . . his options became scarce .

Her only answer left , so she made it appear , was to turn her spurs around and use THEM as cutting tools !

Then to slide a boot & spur between his legs and underneath his male hood .,protected solely by the thin cloth of his underpants ! !

This is when the FUN for her REALLY began for supreme Mistress. . . . and the nightmare became reality for Rolf Van Husen ! ! !

She was trying to act serious; but was just toying him, which only drove her to a more sexually sadistic excitement !

And when the horsewoman stood up with her "toe spurs" now mounted in front, she strutted around to him so that he could get a GOOD look at how RAZOR sharp, BIG and treacherous ther "bull riding' " spurs really were!

Rolf Van Husen was about to go for a "rubberized femdom ride" he would NEVER forget !
Rolf Van Husen's kept hard-on growing larger and larger.

When Rolf Van Husen got to too excited his swollen member would bruise up against Natalia's meatallic twine CBT cage. Rolf Van Husen winced.

Mistress Natalia just smiled!

"Oh my god Rolf! Your into some Funky Sh*t" - Natalia


The Real Natalia & Stella create fetish art in Germany.
Learn More about the Rubberdom BDSM Here:



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