Friday, January 26, 2007

Minnesota Rubberdom Office - Rubber News with Jean Bardot



Hello Rubberists,


We are in the thick of winter now. And busy busy shooting have I been to take the bite out of old man winter. There is this weeks set of images of me in the Absolute Danny Meidcal Nurses outfit, stretched tightly over my Torpedo Tit Catsuit from Demask. Me all tied up in the Birthing Chair while secured snuggly in the inflatable straightjacket. I have just finished putting the final edits on a wonderful little clip I know you will enjoy. Me lubing up and pulling and stretching a brand new pair of black latex Stockings over my long legs. Slowing only to linger on the snapping of the garters to the stocking tops. And don't forget the shine, and the shoes!! This clip will be ready for you next week. Are you ready for it? What does the near future hold for me? Exotic trips and parties of course. Many tales for sure from those travels, but did I tell you about the little minx I met at the club last week? I haven't ... well we'll just call her Little Latex Slutty, because petite this gilry has in spades. She thought that meeting me would bring her accolades from her fellow clubers that night! Well if by accolades she meant her brains fucked out ... pleased to meet me! Racing up to me she interupted my conversation to tell me how she was dying to meet me, and how beautiful I was. Demanding my attention, I exused myself from the current exchange I was involved in and took her by the hand to a corner out of sight. Reprimanding her forcefully proved not quite enough for this little piece to grasp. She implored, "...but Rubberella you should shoot with me sometime! You will not be disappointed!" Returning my wicked tongue to my mouth from her tightness I spun her around, put my knee in her back forcing her head to the sky, and drawing from my handbag my favorite ball gag secured it firmly in her red lipped mouth! With her finally quiet, I with smile wide, led her to the dressing (and undressing) room of the club! Once inside with curious rouge cheecked maidens ready-ing themselves for their times onstage, to the far corner I pushed her into the awaiting, latex couch. Towering above Little Latex Slutty, I withdrew my slicker and brushed it across her cheek. Letting her know who was in charge of this situation and what I thought of being interupted. Her eyes nearly popped out of her little head as I informed her what I was going to do with this in front of all these giggling showgirls. Crowding around in a circle the catcalls and croons reaching a deafening din as I pushed back her legs and was soon all the way in. Muffled, her groans almost whimpers increased as I told her what I though of her and demands to work with me. So small was this Little thing that picking her up and rolling her face down into the slippery couch was nothing at all but a brushing away of a fly. Slapping my black latex glove on the curve of her snow-white ass responded with a crack that made all around retract. You see everyone in view needed to know by example that I can be wicked to the ample. Finishing off the Little One to a powerfull release, I left her for the showgirls to clean up feast on. Good news for you, I think it was all caught on camera and will be soon available for you to enjoy, like the powdered up dancers in the back room. I think she might forever re-think interupting the Rubber One, because after all, Rubberella does who Rubberella wants, when she so desires, not a moment before. I hope you enjoy this weeks set and look forward to more Little Latex Slutty ... as I think I might give her an official audition. What do you think? As always ... Stay Rubbered!!



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