Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And now a few words from supreme ruler and goddess of kink - Jean Bardot

In these uncertain and dangerous times the kink world yearns for a visionary new leader...

Our ever more perverse world that demands a supreme goddess of darkness and light....

A world that yearns for and needs....



Jean Bardot

"..take the red pill already, you silly bitch " - Mistress Jean


Hello Rubberists,

Ha! The time has come! Never did I think it possible . Here Ye Here Ye!!! The best of Fetish, Rubber-Domme, Slippery Latex Kink, can now be found only here! More later as to why I am addressing you as Jean Bardot and not the name you have come to know me as.

Unforeseen developments in the Fetish World, wait I should clarify - certain individuals feel obligated to titles undo their own effort or due diligence, leaving you without the leader and confidant that who you have put your Fine Fetish Faith.

I say again! It is here at WWW.JEANBARDOT.COM where you will find the VERY best in Fetish, Domination, Latex ---- Rubber. Ella come lately's ought fear the wrath of you the true Fetishists that create the community.

For it is you that determine who wins in such unfortunate debacles and foibles that make little sense to anyone. So for now,

Enjoy the best . only here . until next time.


Jean Bardot

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