Friday, February 15, 2008

Rubberdom NewsFlash.....this just in from the Oz home office.

From the edge of rubberdom with Jean & Bianca!

.....Since you all sat though my latest crazy postings, I
have to make a directly on-topic note regarding Jean.
Sorry no speaking from me on unreleased info about her
film works -- you will have to wait on her to speak
about what she chooses to release on her schedule.

But as this came from other sources who said I could
talk about it, here is a little heads up for your
enjoyment and prepare for your wallet drainage as you
know it will be worth it,... hehehe

Anastasia Pierce Productions will be releasing a film
starring Jewell Marceau, Madison Young and Jean which
will be using strap on dildos, tentively titled "Strap
on Seduction". This film should be released around
summer 2008 and followed by the previously announced
"Submission 3" which features Mistress Nicolette.
Submission 2 starred Jean in the domme role - and as
stated in my review is a solid film.


ShiP Rubber 03 @

Carmen Rivera Fetish Televison

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