Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rubber Celeb's Part Deux : Dark Rubber Rabbit TV Channel #013

Dear Readers,

This week at

Dark Rubber Rabbit TV Channel #013

we celebrate a slightly disturbing trend - more celebrities in kinky rubber.
No we are not talking the "Dark Knights" functional and not sexy bat suit.
We are talking high fashion models in rubber, perhaps even a white rubber wedding for Scarlett Johansen. This disturbing change in the global zeitgeist happens to have occured just as rubber fetish catches on planet wide.
You can find kinksters today in every corner of the world. So it is with this mind the naughty decadent minds at 'Dark Rubber Rabbit. TV' presents 'Celebrities 'n Rubber 2008'. So put on the Oakenfold from your iPod and enjoy our bizarre rubber circus...peace

Rubberdom 0f thew Week - Tightly corseted Thierry Mugler

..till next week kinky peeps from Dark Rubber Rabbit.TV a division of Roni Raye Enterprises(c)2008

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