Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Selfish Rubberdom - Fetish Film Review MAY2010 by ShiP Rubber03

I am finally back to a regular balance after 2010 Boundcon and German
Fetish Ball which were in some ways quite impressive. Julie Simone
did a stage show during Boundcon that made me rewrite my original
evaluation of Dita Von Teese's show DVD. No it was not as wild as
Kumi Octopus sex stage show she did with Midori but it was still
impressive for its reach! Hope to have the Dita rewrite done by next
week. So I will be doing another Japanese film evaluation hope to be
getting some new ones soon as well as buying out Taiwa stock again
during my annual trek to Tokyo Game Show in September

I have to finish Anastasia's latest film that I have not completely
watched with close detail and same for Paige Richards' most recent

Speaking on Anastasia Pierce, Gothic Media's latest film for June
release will be entitled "Addicted to Latex" which shows Anastasia
Pierce and Naudia Nice. Good news and bad news -- Good news the main
featured segment featuring Anastasia and her target is not from the
earlier films Anastasia has done for Gothic

AND Anastasia seems to be putting her target into a hood on-screen.

BAD news is the three other segments all seem to be re-releases of
older content hat again IGNORES the latex fetish for lesbian sex.

Again it SEEMS that the NEW content is going back to the focus of
using the latex costuming as an essential part of the new content and
that is a GOOD thing.

HOWEVER again it is ONLY a segment, NOT a full feature and that aspect
is not maintained throughout the entire film segments.

The new Anastasia Pierce segment shows some thinking on Skye Blue's
part in order to get the fetish film consumer interested in SPENDING
THEIR money on Gothic Media products. But how much REAL focused
thought on the fetish film consumer is being made as again it is ONE
segment and NOT the entire film. So is this segment the result of
being desperate to hold onto the extremely tightenend consumer base
and trying to do the least to retain that market (as with only ONE (1)
segment that uses the latex fetish. OR is this specific inclusion
because they UNDERSTAND that they are supposedly making content for
their consumer base?

Again -- for me -- Gothic will have to improve drastically for me to
go back to being a consumer of their products and announcer of their
films as a "buy" product

UNfortunately it seems to be a series of released compilations, but at
least Anastasia seems to be putting her target into a hood on-

The other big note that I have for North American fetish film market
is the much hyped (OVER hyped) parody of the 1960s Fox produced Adam
West TV Batman series by Vivid entitled "Batman XXX - a sex parody".

[ I expect a lawsuit on this one as
20th Century Fox has copyrighted most
of the notable elements of this series
especially the "Biff! "Bam!" "Ooof!"
cards and many of this specific
incarnation of Batman that were not
already in the printed books like the
specific Lincoln Towncar Batmobile
and specific Emma Peel Catsuit on
Catwoman actresses as well as the
specifically created characters who
were either created for this 1960s
series such as King Tut or completely
revamped from their printed page
source such as Dr. Shimmel instead
of Victor Freeze for Dr Freeze.
ALL of these things are STILL
being legally fought by Warner
which to this day STILL prevents
the home video release of this
series legally -- though of course
bootlegs still being dumped. ]

I admit openly that a LOT of GOOD work went into this film as this
film is DEFINITELY a love letter to Adam West's show as it is NOT
badly written or stupidly acted. ESPECIALLY the Riddler! Frank
Gorshin of the 1960s series was being channeled as far as I am
concerned which was a GOOD thing.

In fact minus the sex scenes, this film COULD have been considered a
LEGITIMATE continuation of the actual 1960s series. As stated in the
1980s behind the scenes of this series many KNOW that Catwoman was
revamped specifically to the Emma Peel look FOR a sexual tension
element over the printed page version of the character who wore a
rather bland purple dress and short booties with a half cat ears mask
at that time.

And a LOT of background elements in the series were done with overt
sexual tongue in cheek jokes. For example in more than one episode,
Adam West as Bruce Wayne is shown walking up the stars to the bed area
"C'mon Dick. Let's go and get some shut eye" implying that they sleep
together in the same bed as well as my fav with the two golden cat
statues of the two revealing their secret when placed back to back on
each other i.e., an implied lesbian 69 sexual act of vagina to anus
rub. The show was LITTERED with these types of unsubtle though
disguised sexual jokes and suggestions.

But the PRIMARY fault of this film was that as a COSTUME fetish film,
this film FALLS FLAT on the Catwoman sex scene which was a big hyped
aspect of this film.


The biggest hyped idea is for the Batman parody to have sex with her

True to the VANILLA need for naked sex, Batman and Catwoman take off
ALL their costuming EXCEPT their masks/cowls.

ARGHRGHGHGHGHG!!! Sex with the masks on, but NOTHING else!!

The VERY BASIS for the entire sexual appeal of the Catwoman sex
fantasy is REJECTED!! SEX WHILE SHE IS WEARING THE form fitting
second skin SUIT is completely dropped!!





Seriously if it weren't for the good acting and cohesiveness to
maintain the campy 1960 atmosphere this film would have been nothing
of note for the fetish crowd here. AS is it is nice note for the
sexual fans of the original 1960s show but not for the fetish film

So I'm basically still not seeing the USA production market other than
Jon White's continuation versus Rubber Eva's delayed film and a couple
of other non North American producers minus the HOPE on the yet to be
confirmed independent company - ShiP Rubber 03

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