Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Web Censorship in the UK - ShiP Rubber

UK plans to block ALL porn in effort to protect children show details Dec 20 (3 days ago)

By Daniel Tencer
Sunday, December 19th, 2010 -- 1:01 pm

Fears over Internet freedom as UK plans to expand web censorship

The UK's coalition government is discussing a plan that would see all pornographic websites automatically blocked in an effort to keep children from accessing them.

Under the proposed plan, which appears to have the backing of Britain's major Internet service providers, the government would  provide ISPs a list of objectionable websites, which the ISPs would  automatically block. An Internet surfer would then have to

>> "opt in" to be allowed to see the content.<<

Meanwhile, Britain's Internet service providers are showing signs they support the effort at creating a porn site block list. Andrew Heaney of wireless carrier TalkTalk said his company's objective was "not to do what the politicians want us but to do what is right for our customers.

 " But, he added, "If other companies aren't going to do it of their own volition,
then maybe they should be leant on." (This called a threat.)

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