Friday, November 04, 2011

Underworld: Awakening Teaser Trailer [2012] - Latex fetish mainstreams


Humans just make everything worse, don’t they? The trailer for the fourth installment of the supernatural Underworld series, Awakening, promises much of the same dark, stylistic action, tight leather attire and inter-species ass-kicking that came with the first three. Only this time, the time-honored rules have changed: Instead of just lycans vs. vampires.

Kate Beckinsale’s Selene now has humans to deal with, too. Humans who happen to be hell-bent on eradicating both immortal species from their planet. It’s a whole new war! In 3-D! The vampires’ only hope for survival lies in a hybrid teen girl, but the humans and giant lycans seem to be making it pretty difficult for Selene to keep her alive. Watch the action-packed and exposition-heavy trailer below:

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