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Natalia!s Rubberslut Factory - EP 1 - Rubber object gets introduced to its new life role! BDSM FORCEDFEM?

SheGod Rubber!

EP #1  : Kinky #HeavyRubber transformation of  Hapless  Harold the sailor into Rubber Slut  Hamburg Heidi!

Boutique Bizzare

Natalia! Mühlhausen of Hamburg Rubberdom HQ

Natalia!s Gender Re-Adjustment Rubber Institute

* Warning Adults Only XXX NSFW content *

Dear Readers,

It was once again winter festival time in the beautiful city by the sea Hamburg, Germany. Where the blistery weather was oh so cold, so cold in fact that not a creature was stirring except for those #FETISH #BDSM  #RUBBER deviants from and Rubberdom!

After all why waste a good holiday opportunity for some deviant rubber kink. ;)

Beautiful Sunrise by the Rathaus


 ..Fond memories the Christmas market!  
A Winter Wonderland eggnog and delights lay ahead of me that night.
So pretty idyllic, alluring are pretty are these 'touristy' parts of this city by the sea and yet Hamburg oddly has a darker side. 
 It is also known as center for German BDSM Fetisch. 
...Boutique Bizzare on the Reeperbahn seems like a totally harmless fetisch store. 
What could happen here?

Many different European Middle Eastern and North African cultures come together in Hamburg this fact also makes this a perfect place for slightly serious global dinning. 
Though nothing beats London...of course. 
I however was looking for something more adventurous and somewhat kinkier; So eventually I, almost by accident made my way to Hamburgs Red-light district -  The Reeperbahn! 
What a suitable place for a date with Hamburg most famous Rubber #BDSM Duchess - Natalia!

 Well back to the main event. Mistress Natalia! as usual unleashed her famous gun-smoke silver dominatrix catsuit for tonight's training session. ( Meow!)  

Natalia! is captured in the clip below explaining to a curious obviously excited shopper her & Dominque's devious plan to turn plain 'Harold' into  sexy rubber-object 'Gurl'  Heidi the RubberSlut / Gummi-Huren (Google it)  a future Window Girl. 
Unbeknownst to wayward horny Harold, Mistress was considering someday perhsaps having Harold/Heidi become one of her Bordello - Window Gurls!

  More on Herbertsraße Window Girls ;) -

Dominique and Natalia! had planned a outdoor event involving Rubber Doctress Natalia! as a herself the world famous Rubber Domina with her bordello #shemale in training Heidi La Slut in tow!
 After a proper dressing up in latex and heels; it was next up the stairs and out of  Boutique Bizzare and on to the Reeperbahn for Heidi La Slut to be presented in front of for all the tourists to see ...

 It was so humiliating and yet exhilarating for me. 

However Natalia! & Dominique her devious assistant had more in store for our intrepid Rubberslut Heidi that night!....Much more!

....Oh  SheGod Mistress Natalia! squirt your massive shecock! Warning #NSFW!!


You want to make your Mistress proud, don't you future Rubber Slut?
 I may have an opening at my Bordello for a gurl like you. :)

By the way there are many more Mistress Natalia! a Winters *Femdom* adventures to tell :)!

Here is one from last week of 2014 update from Natalia! with Les Rubber Girls  #006  with  Dominque at play described here in detail by Herrin Dominique!!!

Rubberdom 001 -  Domina Natalia! 

#006 Kitty Core

Agent #006


#XXX        #NSFW    Adults #BDSM        #50ShadesOfFemdom
(c) 2014


Begin your journey slut! Hasn't it always bee your dream? a man not only being transformed into a perfect rubber woman but after that also being publicy presented as a rubber hooker?

Your wish will be fulfilled! 



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