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HeavyRubber Adventures! : Taming of a Rubberslut with Rubber Mistress Natalia

BDSM in Germany


Dear  Readers, 

Here is a little backstory on how Harold became Rubberslut Heidi of the Reeperbahn. 
Any resemblance to anyone living is strictly coincidental. 
This story is complete fiction of course. ;)
- 6/6/2006

These are Mistress Natalia!s rules (better read them over again sissy, they might have changed).

  • Rule #1: You are my sissy and when you read anything I have written you must be wearing at least one article of explicitly feminine attire, the more the better.
  • Rule #2: You may only have an orgasm three times in any calendar week and you must never have an orgasm on consecutive days. For those of you who think that this somehow allows you to cum more than once on a particular day, do notplay games with me. You must of course stroke that sissy clit to maximum excitement at every available moment (in the rest room, in bed at night, in the car, etc.), you must be constantly planning your next opportunity to masturbate while you remind yourself what a sissy you really are. ejaculation, except on schedule!
  • Rule #3: If you cum while reading a chapter, the next time you turn to that chapter you must start again from the beginning.
  • Rule #4: Each chapter will be introduced with a specific task for you to perform before you are allowed to start reading the chapter. Any time you re-read the chapter, the task must be performed again. - Natalia! 

The Task

Anxious to get on with it my little slut? This is simple. Just get about 5 - 6 feet of string and put some wraps around your scrotum, isolating each testicle so those nasty little balls of yours are separated and tight, tight, tight. All secure? Now, stroke yourself my dear and read Part 2.

I had been working with 'Heidi Charms' for about seven or eight weeks when I decided I needed a little vacation. My latest sissy had been coming along well but I wasn't completely pleased with his progress as a domestic servant. All my sissies undergo a process of intense feminization and the humiliation that goes with it, but they are also required to act as my personal maid on frequent occasions and Heidi, though quite attractive as sissies go, had not developed his maid skills to my satisfaction. Therefor, I talked it over with his wife and sponsor Lydia, then made some alternative arrangements that would give me a week off and teach the little bitch exactly what he needed to know about serving a woman.

Arrangements made, I called the sissy into my office. The slut was in the midst of training his sissy pussy and he minced in naked, except for his six inch heels, with one hand holding onto a medium size dildo that was stuffed up his ass. His assignment for the day was to continuously fuck himself while moaning little love phrases like, Oh, Katherine I just want to be the best sissy slut for you, etc. etc. Heidi  had come to dread being called into the office and he looked appropriately apprehensive as he knelt before me, while plunging the rubber black she-cock dildo into his? backside. I took a moment to enjoy this piece of degrading behavior, smoking a cigarette as he tongued my stiletto heels.

Well, whore, I said finally, you have been accepted for a week of training at Rubberdom Natalia's School for Wayward Sissy Maids. The day after tomorrow youâ take a flight out and be met at the Hamburg airport by Rubberdom Natalia! or one of her colleagues. You will obey her as you would me. When you return I expect that you will be adept at the various domestic tasks which a sissy maid must perform.

You'll be delighted to learn that the upcoming week at the School is Tranny Showgirl Week. That means that Rubberdom Natalia! has seen a picture of you and has decided that you qualify to attend a session of the School reserved for extra pretty sissies. Being a Showgirl Maid is an honor but you should remember that while your good looks are being acknowledged, you are not entitled to any more license than would be granted to the ugliest male. After you return to my care, Rubberdom Natalia! will be sending me a report about your progress in your studies. Lydia and I will read it with great interest. Don't disappoint us.

Twelve days later,

 I received some fascinating photos and this report:

Dear Sister Katherine,

Thank you so much for directing your sweet sissy Heidi Charms  to my attention. We had an entertaining week here at the school and Heidi provided us with a great deal of amusement. His training as a domestic sissy proceeded well and I hope you are pleased with his improved performance.

Let me begin by complimenting you on the manner in which Heidi arrived. I thought it was perfect that you sent him off dressed completely in male clothing with that short haircut while requiring him to wear full make-up in a very trampy style. His acrylic nails added to the effect making it clear to all who saw him that he was a sissy through and through. His shame at his predicament was obvious and the crowning touch occurred as we were walking down the main concourse of the airport and saw two flight attendants from his plane.

The women actually ran to catch up with us as one of them, giggling, called out, Heidi, it was so nice to meet you. We both thought that you were sweet to tell us about your training program and we think that you're going to do just wonderfully this week. With that, neither of them could control themselves any longer and they just broke into laughter. The women then introduced themselves to me and confessed that they had forced the poor dear to reveal the extent of his submission on pain of being accused of some impropriety. Naturally, made-up as he was, the authorities would have hustled him off in a hot minute if they had made good on their threat. I was pleased to see Heidi blushing furiously during this conversation, considering it a good sign for the week to come.

By that evening all of the six sissies who were to attend the School that week had arrived and Mistress Renee and I rounded them up for their inspection. Of course, for our initial viewing, the little cheerleaders were au naturale and we noted with approval that each had arrived in the hairless state which is a prerequisite at the School. In addition, we were tantalized to see the two sissies, Debbie and Felicia who had already received large FF sized breast implants. The other four girls were quite taken with these she-male tits and it was obvious that Heidi in particular was very envious and very turned on, though he tried to hide it.

At first inspections, Renee and I like to see our sissies qualifications so we demanded that they show us their sissy clits at full extension, even allowing a little massage (no ejaculation, of course) to get them to maximum size and hardness. You'll be happy to know that Heidi was very hard and big throughout the inspection with no need for any vulgar touching. Renee and I were both impressed at his level of excitement (and frustration) as he stood there with his protrusion waving and dripping. We then required each girl to give every other girl a little kiss touching the head of his penis to the penises of the other five.

Embarrassing Photos were taken. :0

Next, we issued them their regulation locking pumps with five inch heels and directed them to parade around the room with their best sissy posture. Since speaking to you a while ago, I have come to agree that sissies should be required to wear their high heels as much as possible. On that first night, all the girls slept in theirs.

Finally, that evening, since our prissy squad would be rooming together and since Renee and I had no notion of monitoring them throughout the night, we buckled them into locking plastic chastity devices. Of course in their highly excited state we were only able to do this after we calmedthem with ice packs, which we had at the ready.

Sissy Maid Training

Since you had made a special request, on Day One we arranged for Heidiâ to attend beauty school to learn some of the finer points of dressing hair. For this episode, we reversed the dress requirements which you had imposed on Heidi for his flight and made him wear a clingy sweater, mini skirt, hose and heels, without any make-up. Again he looked an unlikely creature, only this time he appeared to be male from the neck up. At the last minute, inspired by Debbie and Feliciaâ surgical enhancements we fitted Heidi with some extra large silicon breast forms that jiggled gayly as he walked into the beauty parlor.

The other students in the teaching salon had been expecting us and they laughed openly as your pet slut stepped into the main hairdressing area. "Heidi" was charmingly abashed as he stood waiting for instructions when one young woman went so far as to play at pinching Heidis bull-eye nipples. I laughed along with the others as the shy girl flinched when the womans hand moved toward his newbreasts.

The stir caused by our arrival finally quieted and the sissy got down to the serious business of hair and beauty care, although he continued to be peppered with teasing comments throughout the day. I looked in from time to time and it was a treat to see him trying to do his assigned tasks with his huge tits  always seeming to be in the way. I hope you're considering giving him some of breasts of his own at some point. I'm sure you would be delighted with the overall effect and so would he, once he got used to them. At the end of the day, the three sissies who had not arrived with fingernails in place were marched into the salon and each of them had deluxe acrylic nails applied to their fingertips, with Heidi giving some competent assistance to the nail tech.

The next two days we dressed Heidi and the other ladiesup in formal french maid attire (again without the benefit of make-up or headdress) and proceeded to give them intensive training in basic domestic skills. I won't bore you with all the details but we did take some interesting steps with your sissy. Heidi has an aptitude for maid service and he is certainly very submissive and demoralized which speaks to the quality of training he has received from you. He wants nothing more than to do what he is told. His shortcomings derive from a lack of concentration which I attribute to this submissive nature. In short, he dwells so deeply on his subjugation that he loses track of the work at hand causing him to be flustered and fumble fingered.

To correct this, Renee and I developed a multitasking routine which was designed to help him learn to be productive even in the midst of extreme distraction. Once it became clear that he understood his responsibilities we freed his swollen clit from its prison and required him to do his chores with the thing totally exposed while we teased him about his helplessness.

At first the humiliation and the excitement derived made him quite drunk (he even forgot himself so far as to actually beg to be allowed to ejaculate) but after consistent, forceful correction with the crop he became more and more capable of good work. On the second day we made him work with his right hand only while he gave steady strokes to his penis with his left. Again, for a while, he had great difficulty but eventually he was able to complete his assigned labor while keeping up a regular pumping action on that clitty.

His final test came when I pushed a large plug up his sissy cunt. This device had a four foot handle on a swivel joint that allowed me manipulate it from a short distance. While he continued to work (and work himself over), I sat in comfort and gave him sharp little jabs with a twist of my wrist. You should have seen him doing a little sissy dance in his uniform as he tried to follow my commands. Renee and I both laughed as we reminded him that he was a slave to his sissy clitty and that his sissy clitty had made him a slave to us.

Tranny Showgirl Training

Evenings at the School and the final two days were devoted to showgirl training. This is the special aspect of  FROCK Magazines Showgirl Week  which takes advantage of the extra pretty qualities of these specially selected sissies. The culmination, as you know, is a performance on the final day which is designed to display not only the girls good looks but also any special talents or skills they might have.

Each afternoon, after domestic training was done for the day. The six sissies would gather in the dressing room and work on beautification techniques. Sometimes they would give attention to their own appearance and sometimes they would be required to see to their sisters good looks.

The prissy-boys first responsibility after chores was to take proper steps for good skin care. To that end, the girlies would take turns shaving each other during the course of their baths. Naturally, every slut got very excited as one or two of his sisters would shave him and then rub him down with soothing cream or lotion. Most of the time we kept the babes in their plastic chastities but sometime we would let them go Free.

It was always a marvelous sight to see the transvestite whores with their sissy-clits waving in the air as they undertook their intimate grooming chores. The presence of the two she-males, Debbie and Felicia with their large breasts on display made the entire scene even more wonderfully bizarre. We did not let these exhibitions go one for too long however since the risk of a forbidden orgasm ran very high in that over-charged environment.

Once done with body care, each sissy began to work on his face. While all the girls have nice bodies, naked they are still with the exception of Debbie and Felicia  (breasts) obviously male. Their faces, though, were all lovely and any one of them could easily have passed for a woman on that basis, thus the Showgirl designation.

I'll cure them of this maleness thing said domina Alexia .

Cream, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, shadow, blush and lipstick was lavished on every face and the results were spectacular. Some nights the make-up would go on with a natural, understated look. Some nights we demanded a totally slutty appearance with lots of black eyeliner and blood red lipstick. Whatever the style, the sissies always looked great. Furthermore, with each passing evening, it became clear that the each of the six members of our kinky sorority were increasingly (if thats possible) turned on by his sisters.

Heidi, in particular sought out every opportunity to have physical contact with the other sissies and his ongoing sexual frustration (no ejaculations had been allowed for any of them) put him in something of a trance by the end of the week. The state of excitement for your slave was so profound that his response to our orders, while unhesitating, was almost robotic in his apparent total lack of volition. Renee and I began to have great hopes for our grand finale.

The Stage Show:

On the last day, the sissies were allowed to sleep in til 11:00 AM to help nurture their good looks and give them extra energy for the evening to come. Once they arose and had breakfasted we began to prepare them for the evening to come. Baths were taken and bodies prepared. At this stage, we dared not release their clitties from their cages lest some last minute loss of control spoil our plans.

By 4:00 PM our amped up students had completed all their basic preparations and we gathered them together for a little talk. We wanted them relaxed, so we allowed them to sit as we explained the evening activities. They were quite a sight, all those girly-boys sitting around in their ever present high heeled pumps, silky robes and sexy fingernails.

To that point they had been under the impression that the final show would have just Renee and myself in attendance. Now, we revealed to them that a small club had been rented out and that they were to provide the main service and entertainment for an audience of seventeen dominant women. I could tell immediately that this news made a strong impression .

 His eyes gave every appearance of glazing over and he blushed as he considered the humiliation he knew he was to endure that evening.

Once we arrived at the club, the sissies immediately set about their final preparations. Sexy lingerie went on first and then we worked with each of them to bring out their most beautiful and slutty qualities as their make-up was applied. Your sissy in particular was trembling at the thought of his upcoming exhibition and he had to be assisted by me in getting his make-up on properly.

For the early part of the evening the whores would show off their maid skills and provide dinner service to the guests. Their first costume then, was their formal french maid dress and accessories. Just as they were about to hit the floor we presented each of them with a wig calculated to make the most of their natural beauty. Heidiâ was long and blond and set off her pretty face perfectly. I'm sure you know how vain he is but you should have seen him prancing back and forth in front of the mirror admiring himself.

On impulse, I went and found a large dildo and handed it to your sissy with instructions that he show us all how to suck cock The little slut quickly took the dildo in hand and licked and sucked it so enthusiastically that we had to stop him and re-do his lipstick.

Dinner went very well except for the sissies initial jitters. All six of them are quite tame and they buckled down when it became obvious that the women they were serving would not hesitate to issue a rebuke when a mistake was made. There were few mishaps however and our guests were really very impressed with both the quality of the service and the demure attitude and attractiveness of the sissies.

Your girl excelled himself as a waitress and he added to his natural allure by his very sexy walk and body language. Again, I could see the effect of your teachings as he posed femininely with serving dishes or exposed his lace covered sissy ass as he bent to clear a table. More than once an expert hand reached out to grasp him in a vulnerable spot but his training told and after a small shudder he would proceed with his assigned duties.

With dinner completed, the formal entertainment began. Renee and I had not choreographed the six transvestites routine instead, we presented them with their parts as they came up. This allowed for a certain audience participation and it provide the women with the extra satisfaction of knowing that the sissies were not expecting the manner in which they were to be manipulated.

To begin, we had the sissies model evening wear. Gowns and party dresses went on (with the welcome assistance of a sister and the main dance floor of the club became a runway with elegant models swirling back and forth occasionally being ordered over to a table and asked to make a private presentation. Heidiâwas certainly a hit and you will be pleased to know that he compared well to the two she-males in spite of their surgical advantages (which were very much on display). Soon however came the time for a racier display.

Oh oh Heidi been bad!

The sluts were all called back into the dressing area, gowns were removed leaving only bras, garter belts, stockings and high heels  (no panties) and they were freed from their chastities. You would have laughed and clapped your hands with Renee and me as those deprived pricks quickly engorged and came to attention. Now the real show began and the humiliated sissies were marched out again to the cheers of our guests.

At this point, Renee and I wheeled out a desert tray that held not cakes or other sweets but a variety of implements including floggers, crops, clamping and bondage devices, and devices for penetration. Dance music was put on and the sissies were ordered to perform their sexiest, dirtiest dances with strict instructions that ejaculations were still forbidden. As this lewd dance played out, various women would take up one or another of the implements and go to work on a selected sissy.

Nipples were clamped, testicles were bound and. asses whipped and penetrated in a flurry of activity. From time to time a sissy was selected to provide oral sex to one of the women. This went on for song after song until every party goer was quite excited but also quite worn out. At this point we paused, the sissies stepped backstage to repair their appearance and, briefly resuming their serving duties, brought cool drinks to the guests.

The final entertainment of the evening was a sissy orgasm contest. In short, the sissies were to compete in an elimination tournament with each sissy working to produce an ejaculation from a sister while not ejaculating himself. Lots were drawn and sissies were pared up. Each sissy would have three minutes to get the other contestant to cum doing whatever came into his slutty head to excite the other girl.

If no ejaculation occurred then the positions were reversed for three minutes. The sissies would go back and forth like this until one of them came. The winning sissy would move onto the next round.

I can report Katherine, that this game was an unqualified success. The floor was cleared, a large bed was wheeled into the center and the first two sissies came out, still in their fem underwear, heels, wigs and refreshed make-up. A coin was flipped and it was decided who was to be manipulated first. The clock started and three minutes of frantic action ensued in which the victim sissy was rubbed, sucked, stimulated and fucked.

As you might expect, ejaculations for our overcharged (and deprived) sluts happened very fast making it evident that winning the coin toss was a major advantage. No sympathy for the losers however and each was bound to an frame facing the audience, testicles tied back between his legs withclitty pointing straight forward (they all got hard again, very fast) and a penis gag stuffed in his mouth.

Hallo, Ich Bin Rubberslut Heidi Charms!

You'll be pleased to know that Heidi  made it into the final round, strengthened perhaps by his slutty maid training earlier in the week. At any rate, for the championship, Heidi found himself in competition with Felicia, he of the extra large tits. It was a marvelous display of sissy sex. Heidiâ eventually prevailed, after much sucking of Felicia tiny hormone reduced cock, swallowing the she-male's load with great gusto to the applause of all the women in the room. For his reward, we bound him up in his chastity once more, as I'm sure you know by now, sending him home to you the next day. The key is enclosed with this letter.

Sincerely Yours, Natalia!

Femdoms R' Forever 


The Birth of Modern #HeavyRubber Fetish 

The modern fetish scene" began.. around the mid-1980s. Was there rubber fetishism previously only in small,  little known circles, latex designers now made their way into the public. Rubber became hip, found its way into music videos and haute couture. 

At the same time there was an increasing offer for well-made fetish videos and small 
underground photo magazines [ Atomage in UK ] , lead by Jo Hammar and his unforgotten model Natalia who dominated a whole epoch.

Legendary until recently.  There is the Gummi-Klinik" trilogy where the infamous Frau Dr. Monteuil was at work, celebrating bizarre watersport orgies. Also the "perverse" transparent rubber here became for the first time... popular.

At that time Natalia frequently appeared in television and frankly admitted her fetishes."

#FemdomRevolution #Dominatrix

Uber Frau reich!

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