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MasterDOMME theater interviews elegant London Dominatrix MistressEve!

Elegant London Dominatrix 
Mistress Eve 
In an Rubberdom HQ interview with a dominatrix!

Warning #NSFW #XXX curves & contents ahead. Adults only!

"From London with #BDSM Love" 

Hello fabulous @MistressEveXXX ! 

=) Well Hello there to you too, I'm just rushing these questions of yours off before I fly to South of France  then onto Germany for some amazing latex and fetish photo shoots with some really top notch photographers. - SheGod Mistress Eve 

1. To get things started off on the right foot. In terms of formal title how should perspective slaves and guests address you? 

MistressEveXXX > I insist on being called by my full title  which is Mistress Eve - not just Mistress. 

The undisciplined male is a major accident waiting to happen - MistressEve!

2. What is the proper way for a prospective sub to approach you at an event or even online?

MistressEveXXX > I am rarely at any event though this may change in future as I am being offered more and more to model at shows and performances etc - So Mistress Eve is always the safest bet . I am not glued to my computer to  answer to slaves , it is more important for me to speak with them over the phone I will never session with a slave without speaking with them first to get a feel of what they are like etc - chemistry is so important to
me and I have heightened instincts about people which always serves me well - An email can be constructed  to sound like music to my ears when the slave is far from how he seems in his letter but a voice over the phone  is very difficult to cover up. 

3. How did you get your start in BDSM?

MistressEveXXX > Organically - through the course of time oh and modelling some seriously sexy out fits which seemed to bring out an alter ego on stage - I also feel I was born to be a Mistress its obvious to me I have been gifted with everything it takes to be one of the best in UK 

Heroic SheGoddess MistressEve wearing

4. Were you nervous at all, getting into BDSM. Or did it come to you naturally?

MistressEveXXX > Totally natural - perfect fit for me 

5. Did anything really gross you out in the beginning  of starting be a Pro-Domme? 

MistressEveXXX > There have been some clients who in hindsight I could tell in the beginning were trying to freak me out or top from the bottom - now though absolutely nothing fazes me at all 

Shock & Awe in Latex. The words don't even come close!

6. What do fetish do you prefer to offer during your London? Dungeon sessions? What's your "thing"?

MistressEveXXX > I get asked a lot for anal play and of course I am a sensual Mistress so I love to combine all things intimate and also painful in my sessions - have a look at my website Mistress Eve!

Accolades : Best Mistress in London | High Class Sensual Mistress Eve in London - Mistress Eve - Best Mistress in London!
High Class Sensual Mistress Eve in London on my Sessions page there is a huge list of "things I enjoy"

Make sure to get the lighting right my photo slave!  - MistressEve

7. What happens during a normal session?

MistressEveXXX > Again check my sessions page and take your pick all things on my list happen -m not all at once time often does not permit - this is why I have raised my minimum session time to 90 mins instead of an hour - we cant have a  serious Mistress rushing herself now can we? 

8. Is there a safe word?

MistressEveXXX > Yes and many more people are now using it = TEXAS its a keeper and I love it - those who know me well understand the reason for the name TEXAS ;)

What am going to do with you Rubberslut Heidi, Sigh! - MistressEve #FemdomProblems ;)

9. So how do prospective local & international clients get in touch with Mistress Eve ?

MistressEveXXX > Via phone - I simply will not waste my time with text and email ping pong EVER !!!

​10. Potentially silly question here, Which fetish play role do you prefer. Are you usually “on top” or the “one on bottom?

MistressEveXXX > ON TOP - I can't be a submissive it goes against the grain!

11. When did you start to get into Latex Fetish, was this always your thing?
I have been into #latex for years and yes its always been my thing 

MistressEveXXX > Your fabulous Mistress is wearing 

12. What is it about heavy rubber and bondage that you find so appealing?

I made Batman my slutty biatch. Will you be next? - MistressEve as Catwoman!

MistressEveXXX > I like everything about it the way it looks on my body the smells the designs the colors the fit! 

13 Describe your most shocking and extreme  "Oh my God" session  ( only the stuff the can be legally reprinted of course)​

MistressEveXXX > I have so many stories to tell - one off the top of my head is the good looking Russian foot guy - Lets just say he cant get his satisfaction unless my entire foot is in a place where the sun does not shine and I am not talking about his mouth - think that one over ... ;)

14. What is you favorite instrument of domination. Is it the flogger, cat-o-nine tails or perhaps even a strap-on dildo?

MistressEve as your strapon She-Daddy!

MistressEveXXX > I love all my instruments equally and to those out there who I may meet in future a good gist is to buy me more. - Your Living SheGoddess @MistressEveXXX !!!!

What ever your preference my website is fully informative up to what is legally permitted. 
Future slaves should go to 

Central London RubberDom! MistressEve Trailer #1 

Atomic CatWoman SheGoddess of London Trailer  #2 

Meow Baby!

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