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HeavyRubber Mistress Natalia! of TheRubberWhores.com explains common American #BDSM terms

Intro to American BDSM Terms 


HeavyRubber Mistress Natalia!



Rubberdom 001 Head Mistress Natalia creating a Bimbo Rubberdoll!

 From Newsletter of January 2017

This month:  
Explanation of fetish terms from the (mostly US-)English language, which have become commonplace,
but whose meaning is still unknown to

Some of the terms listed have several quite different meanings. Here are just the sex-related ones listed

*   24/7, 24/30, 24/7/365, etc

.The figures are for:

24: the 24 hours of a day

7: the seven days of a week

30: the thirty days of a month

365: the threedundredandsixtyfive days of a year
These abbreviations express how long a dom-sub relationship, regardless of how it is practiced, continues uninterruptedly.

The "uninterrupted" is important because the combination of numbers expresses
the period of permanent submission and surrender of sub to dom.

*  Bimbo, Bimbofication

Bimbo:  A supposedly *)  stupid woman who is perfectly happy with and who also stands to
being dressed and outfitted as a seductive horny bitch, and to being used sexually. 

As a cliché usually a blonde with a pretty face, good figure and very big breasts.

Bimbofication:  the process of transforming a woman into a Bimbo.

See also > “Gimp“.

*) Also as a roll play or as a fetish of the woman - which means a Bimob is not in any case actually dumb!

*Bottom and Top

Bottom:  the passive, submissive part in fetish or BDSM. So slave / slave,
devote or masochistic person in fetish-sexual practices.
Top:  The other, the upper end, the active part, the Mistress the Master.


Abbreviation for „Cock and Ball Torture“

The physical torment or torture of penis and testicles. Through bondage, clamps, needles, electricity, trampling (> see this)
and much more.

Cocooning, Mummification

Complete strict enveloping of the entire body of a sub, if possible until complete immobility and helplessness is reached.
With cling film, rubber sheetings, rubber strips, adhesive strips, etc.
In extreme cases also including the head, only a breathing tube sticks out, which also allows breath control and reduction.
Often with an opening for treatments in the genital area - otherwise the thing becomes boring soon ...


As far as possible the total withdrawal of sensory perceptions of the slave object, especially seeing and hearing.
By blindfolding the eyes or - especially effective - black opaque contact lenses, ear plugs or ear protectors,
or even by enclosing the head in a thickly padded rubber or leather mask, which does not allow any stimuli and just allows breathing.
The usually bondaged object is thereby also disorientated.
*GimpVery derogatory, degrading term for "servant".

A usually male devoted sex slave and masochist, who has no longer his own will
and who completely submits to the will and whims of his mistress.
See also > Bimbo“.

Strapon Lezzdom in Hamburg!

See > “Watersports


Compounded word from "hog" = pig and "tie" = tie, knot
A certain kind of bondage. Hands and feet are backwards, so tightly bound behind the body, the body lies on the belly.
Very painful when the slave is raised free-hanging in this bondage.

Lezdom  / Lezzdom
Slang for “lesbian domination“

Expression for a lesbian dom/sub relationship, comparable to "Femdom“.


Moneymistress and Paypig 



A special form of a dom / sub relationship in which the slave is completely subjected to his Mistress 
and gives her money and / or gifts without receiving sexual or other counter-payments.

As a rule, the mistress does not think about taking care of the slave, but treats him like dirt, humiliates him or simply ignores him.
This, on the other hand, makes him so horny that he does everything for the Mistress.

Public Play

Sexual acts, role plays, fetishisms, frivolous going out, etc. performed in the public - mostly "outdoors", especially in front of other people.

The sexual kick for the participants is the exhibitionism, the display in front of third parties.

Legal prohibitions and social conventions should be taken into account.

Queening and Rimming

Two terms that merge into one another. 
At the Queening, the Mistress sits on the face of the slave, while Rimming is the penetration of her anus with the tongue.

So, on the one hand breath control and teasing of the object through the dominant rear part of the Mistress,

and on the other hand licking and cleaning her bowel exit by the (toilet-) slave.


The division into "dom, top" or "sub, bottom" is for many by no means established.
Many feel sometimes comfortable in the active, dominant, sometimes in the passive, devote role.

This also has the great advantage that top is able to fully understand what is going on in bottom, what is reasonable, where are the limits.

TPE,  Total Power Exchange

What is meant, however, is the total surrender of power over oneself, the truly complete submission to the Mistress.

The opinion or the will of the object becomes absolutely irrelevant, solely the Mistress determines everything in the life of the object.
There are no taboos.
 This often applies not only to the sexual relationship, but also generally to a longer term living together.

A code word for cancelling the TPE is, of course, not provided.

See also > "24/7" ...


- with the feet of the mistress on the body of the sub.
 The harmless variant is with bare or stockinged feet,
or, for real masochists,
 the more brutal version with high heels, which of course can lead to significant injuries.
In extreme torture of penis and testicles by high heels trampling.
See also > "CBT".

Tunnel Play

Treatments and practices which cannot be broken off in any way but must be passed through by the sub until its ending sometime.
For example applying bee poison or rheumatic ointment or similar to mucous membranes of vagina or anus; same stinging nettles;
fetters or dungeon with a time lock, or keys for shackles / dungeon in a safe with a time lock; and much more.
There are certainly barely limits to the imagination.
The term comes from the long dark tunnel (of endurance) until a light (of the hope for an end) appears at the end of the tunnel ...

Violet Wand

Device for electro-treatment of the sub. Rod with an electrode in a glass flask.
Alternating current with very high voltage but low current produces a visible, coloured arc to the body of the sub
which may be stimulative or painful, depending on the strength. Only devices with moderate strength are allowed in the EU.
Optically appealing effect, also for video recordings. The color of the arc can be violet or different, hence "violet wand".

Watersports  / Golden Showers

(e.g Golden Showers at the Ritz in Moscow ;) )

Doesn‘t have much to do with sports.
Rather, it includes all sexual practices and treatments with pissing, with urine.

Also called "Golden Shower".
Typical euphemisms in the US American language, which is largely characterized by jammed circumscriptions on sexual issues.

P.S. There are many more terms like these in the English language. 

For questions: write me - or ask Auntie Google!

P.P.S.  Just thinking of, while we are talking about Americanisms:
Have you ever noticed - perhaps in an electronics market - that these small plugs, called jack plugs,
are distinguished by "male" and "female"?
How so ?? Well, think about it!

P.P.P.S. It has also become fashionable at parties etc.pp. to speak around with particularly fancy sex-expert words,
which, however, usually come from the Latin language - and which normally no one uses!

As only e.g. amelotatism, extremophilia (also excrementophilia), hemotigolagny, mysophilia, objectophilia, retifism, saliromania, urology, urticaria, etc.

According to the saying "Experts" know a thousand positions, but not a single woman: "Experts" know a thousand sex-technical terms, but have never practiced one of them ...




I want to be a rubber woman

Lady Natalia, my (secret) desire has always been to be a rubber woman.
I (36 years, married, 2 children) have only NEVER dared to live that out.
When I see the pictures on your website 
- please do not consider me sentimental now - 
a great longing for this, for a different life is taking me.
What shall I do ?

I understand you very very well. And my answer is: do not suppress it, instead, live it out! I know this sounds easier than it's done.
So, either you talk to your wife about it. You must be careful about this, but it is worth trying. Perhaps this idea also makes her horny!
Or, if you do not want to take the risk, you have to do it for yourself, alone, or together with another woman.
Many professionals love to give you the opportunity - just like us rubber women.


Is it abnormal that I am on urine sex?

Sex, without my female partner urinating, pissing at me, pissing me into the mouth, is no sex for me.
And when she is also catheterized and is wearing latex (e.g. a piss pants with a connection for my mask), it is perfect for me.
My present girlfriend does not like that at all, and she says with contempt that this is a morbid disposition. Is that correct ?


Abnormal? Morbid? No, certainly not. That she does not want to practice that does not give her the right to call you "sick" or to despise you.
I think she is intolerant and self-righteous.
There are countless sexual inclinations, and urine fetish is one of them. There is nothing "abnormal" about this.

My recommendation: look for another girlfriend.

Rubberdom  - Jean Bardot  America's HeavyRubber Queen!

 Mistress TRD #203 getting freaky with Natalia!  ST Andrews style in Munich


Mistress, what's wrong with me?


Its is a contradiction, which I can not explain:
Professionally, I have a leading position in a large international corporation. I have thousands of employees under me, I make decisions in millions,

I must make serious and, of course, unpopular decisions. I am very successful in this hard job.

With you, however, I find my fulfillment as a rubber object, as a worthless rubber slave, as a rubberized object that only likes one thing:
being suppressed, rubberized, abused, tormented. What's wrong with me?Answer:
Do not worry, nothing is wrong with you. The one thing, your profession, the ability to assert yourself, and the other thing, your sexual inclination,

Completely submitting to perverse, cruel rubber women are quite strange things.

The usual opinion is that you need this balance to your professional life.
However, I do not know if it can be explained so simply with layman's psychology only.
I am more of the opinion that the rubberized slave existence simply makes you horny - without we having to try psychology.
In any case, please do not worry about it, but be glad that you know your true inclination and can live it out!

Two Horney Rubber Women?

Also my rubber sluts and I like to wear female rubber masks - it is a very special fetish 
that you cannot see any emotional excitement while having rubber sex -not even when having an orgasm...

 A woman and a she-male ? 

Would be possible, right? Both have tits, both have a female figure, but that doesn't mean anything...

 Two she-males ? Do you think that could be possible? 

Your opinion interests Mistress Natalie!

Are you Dom or Sub ?

When it comes to "top" or "bottom", everyone has his or her inclinations...
 I myself am exclusively "Top", I am the Rubber Domina, the strict Rubber Mistress,
the perverse Frau Rubber Doctress, the ritually rubberized Mother Superior.

That's my inclination, I think that's awesome.

For my mostly male guests, the tendency to surrender the dominance of the rubber women clearly prevails,
So, bottom.
These guests are taken care of by my rubber sluts and me with lovingly strict devotion!

But I also have a not so small portion of "Masters", partly even sadists.
As far as my rubber sluts have a corresponding deep submissive or masochistic inclination,

I subject them to strict education together  with him.

And then there are a lot of guests who are "bottom" and who love it
when I train them together with a female sub - shared suffering is half suffering...

(the female guests which I occasionally have are almost all "sub"!

Into MakeUp and Rubber Masks?

I have many rubber sessions with guests who want to be a rubber doll, a rubber drag queen, a rubber sissy. 

And the requests are often like this one:
 “Wish to be a bimbo slut... with full makeup (eye lashes, very big lips, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation with contouring, wigs,
wish to have this draggy sexy seductive stunning professional look, as you mentioned that you are a professional makeup artist)... 

 And I want to wear rubberslut masks...“

 Love to fulfill your wishes! And yes, I have worked as a professional MakeUp Artist in Hollywood, in Germany and in many other places.

Also I have beautiful rubber masks with women's faces, and of course also many different perverse rubber and heavy rubber masks.

But, think about it: makeup and rubber masks - this is not possible at the same time!
If you pull a rubber mask over the carefully and elaborately applied makeup, it is immediately smeared and destroyed!
Makeup is not a tattoo.

Therefore, if we do not have a long-term appointment in which we can first make the one and then the other,
you have to decide what you want - makeup or masks
*Again - on my own behalf. "  -- Mistress Natalia! Rubberdom 001

 Again and again Mistress Natalia is asked or the web address ofher photo and video paysite.

I do not sell pictures or videos! There are only the - free - pictures on my website.
There is only this page, my "official" site "www.therubberwhores.com".
In order to enjoy me and my rubber sluts, you have to meet us in person ..." - Natalia! Rubberdom 001



#HeavyRubber #BDSM

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