Friday, August 04, 2017

Rubberdom Ezada Sinns Blog RE-POST - 13 motivations for being a submissive

Pet Metador 
#FemdomRevolution is here! 
Warning #XXX  & #NSFW Adult Imagery
10 – Fetish
You are attracted by certain objects, up to adoration of these objects.

Examples: latex,  women’s underwear, dirty panties,  strapons, smell and feel of leather.
11 – Narcissism

You want to be the center of attention. Each of your fears and wishes are listened to carefully by your partner, if not met. 
During sexual activity, you are often shown to other slaves and Mistresses, by a prestigious Dominatrix. She publishes “your” clips, your writing. In reality you are treated with care like a precious treasure !
12 – Spirituality
Some people consider pain and SM as a spiritual exercise, a way to grow spiritually
Example : stoicism, flagellants in the Middle Ages
13 – Intimacy and Love
Mistresses Ezada Sinn & Domina Snow intimately destroying their slave!

This goes much further than the “emotional security” mentioned above. Many people yearn intimacy but not particularly security. Intimacy is sharing ideas and experiences, giving to a woman (someone) a substantial place in his head, confide her all your thoughts and innermost desires, good or bad.
Example : in the course of permanent SM relationship, special but very deep intimacy develops gradually. You love your partner, and you love the love your partner
 💖 I too might feel gradually for you. - Mistress Ezada Sinn 💖

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