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[Interview] Interview with Rubber Goddess Isobel Marion


EZ : Eros Zone

IM: Isobel Marion

We were able to steal a few moments with the sexy Isobel Marion as she worked through a photo shoot in New York City. She revealed to us details about her life, fetish couture, and …shoes.

Eros Zine (EZ): Your site ( is pretty intricate - do you handle all that work yourself, or do you farm it out for someone else to keep updated for you?

Isobel Marion (IM) : I have someone who is very close to me and is involved in internet and web development. I have tried to learn everything that I can from him because it was very important to me to have control over what the site looks like. I still need a bit of help from time to time, but I do the majority of it on my own. There are a lot of different ideas that I have for the site that I am still developing the skills to be able to implement them. I think that the more creative control a girl has over what her website looks like the more the site will reflect the girl. It is more personal.

EZ: Your site hosts a lovely set of galleries - are those all professionally shot, or are some just for fun?

IM: The galleries are fun for me to do. Until recently all of the images on the site have been done by one photographer, Ganesha. I am branching out into working with other photographers lately, and I am enjoying the variety of experiences. Every shoot is different, and I like the way that various photographers can bring out different things in me.

EZ: Those galleries offer some partial nudity. How do you feel about nudity in your work? Is it something you're comfortable with or something you have strict rules about?

IM: I wouldn't do anything that I am uncomfortable with. I do draw the limit of the nudity that I am will to do at partial (just topless) or implied nudity (transparent latex). I don't think that there is anything at all wrong with full nudity; in fact some models do it so classily that it reminds me of old paintings, but for me...I like the idea of the clothes themselves.

To me "fetish" does not necessitate pure sex; it is like an amazing dress-up game. Yes, it is very sexual in nature but there is a real art form to it. Fashion is art no matter how you look at it. In the same way, it makes what the model does art as well.
I know I have an over-blown fantasy of what I want my website to be, but I do not want people coming to my website to see the new images of my tits. I want people coming to see what new insane outfit I am wearing. Wearing latex takes a bit of skill... to find it, to find the right size, putting it on, shining it...these elements all play a part of the images you see. Therefore, when you see images of Dita, Masuimi Max, Bianca and Emily Marilyn wearing latex, corsets etc, you are seeing a set of cultivated skills. It is an exposition of their art as well thought out archetype. This is to me why I do what I do.

EZ: What's your favorite set of fetish couture? Corsets? Latex? What makes you feel the sexiest?

IM: I have to say that I love it all. I know that isn't much of an answer to the question, but I think that any piece of clothing that alters the form of someone's body is amazing. I adore latex. It feels like nothing else. I also enjoy corsets because there is a sense of freedom in being a modern girl in something so classic. I do have a particular weakness for shoes. My God... I have so many pairs. I feel sexiest in a combination of all of the above.

EZ: Your site also offers video clips. Are these interview type videos, or is there something more intense, sexual and fetish-oriented in what you've chosen to offer? Will you be adding more?

IM: What I have posted so far are interview segments and a montage of "behind the scenes" footage of a couple of recent shoots. I will be posting new videos soon. I've gotten a lot of great suggestions for questions in my forum.

EZ: Ahhh - the obligatory forum for fans to let you know what they think and how they worship you. Do you monitor and answer all posts yourself, or do you leave it to your adoring minions to self-police? How involved are you in your forums?

IM: I answer as many posts as I can. I like the feedback and opinions. I moderate the forum and check it daily when I can. I think it is fun to have access to people's opinions like that. I think the only way to grow is to have feedback. I appreciate all the folks who post.

EZ: In your girlfriends section, you have quite a collection of some of the best and hottest fetish models out there today - are these friends of yours, or is it a reciprocal agreement? Masuimi Max, Rubber Doll, and more - they're all quite fantastic!

IM: I have been blessed with meeting so many nice girls through the magic of email. I have developed what I would like to consider friendships with them. Masuimi Max in particular is so fucking nice that it floors me. She is one of my personal faves.The girlfriends section is there because I want to promote as many people as I can as often as I can. I do not feel that having your own website has anything to do with competition. For me it is not about trying to get more hits than someone else, it is about exposing this thing to as many people as I can. The more people promote each other, the more people see and the more people that are exposed, the larger that sub-collective becomes.

EZ: In your opinion, who do you think it the hottest model out there doing her thing today - aside from yourself, of course!

IM: I was just taking about Masuimi... I admire her open and honest approach to sexuality. She has fun with what she does and that comes across in her images. Emily Marilyn is so classy and sweet. And Bianca is obviously super talented. Sorry I more than answered that question I guess. See what happens when you get me talking about beautiful women?! Thanks so much for the compliment but I would never have answered that question by saying, "Oh, me of course." I still have a ton of things to learn and a long way to go.

EZ: You subtly downplay the artwork available on the site even though it's quite charming and shows a lot of talent and promise. Is this an area where you feel your talents are ever expanding, and might we see your work show up elsewhere?

IM: Oh thanks so much! It is a hobby that I like to explore in my downtime. I had never shown anyone my drawings before posting them on the site. I guess that is weird, but I am a little shy about it. I never had any training and I just kind of go with what inspires me. I have to have a lot more practice before I would think about showing them anywhere else.Rion Vernon just did an INSANE drawing of me. I was so thrilled about that because he is the man. His talent is enough to make me hid all my sketchbooks under my bed!!!

EZ: You have a page of links for people to download graphics and add them to their own sites - and I have to tell you, they're all fantastic! Is it something you were hands-on developing, or again, was it something you left to a web-guru to develop?

IM: I developed those. I love designing things like that. There are no rules, and it is entertaining to find out if I have the skill to be able to get it to do what I want it to do. Animating one of those banners took me forever to figure out. Thank goodness for my friend.

EZ: You have a fantastic body figure. Do you wear corsets as a matter of training your body, or are they more for fashion?

IM: I do a bit of waist training, but not as much as I would like. I love the look of corsets, but that just isn't the total point of them. I like the way they feel and how they make my figure stronger. I would like to spend more time training.

EZ: What do you find the sexiest aspect of being a fetish model?

IM: It is very freeing. Since I was quite young I have had an obsession with "fetish wear," but in many towns and cities it isn't something that you can go to the grocery store in. The website gives me an opportunity to pay more attention to my clothes. I love the way they feel, so I suppose that is the sexiest aspect of it for me...playing dress up all day.

EZ: So, dish some dirt with us. What's the strangest thing that's happened to you in the course of being a fetish diva?

IM: Good lord...I don't know. I have been really lucky with the photographers that I have had the pleasure to work with. None of them have been creepy or weird, but some of the emails I get from "photographers" are strange as hell. Things like..."I have a friend who will loan me his camera and I don't have a studio but no one minds if you come over to my house to shoot." I don't answer those.Also I get a lot of what I call "Elf Poetry ", which is not as strange as it is just down-right funny. Things are said like "Velvety Flesh," "
In the heat of the Moon Wolf," and my favorite phrase "White man-bullets." I think you get the idea.The other stuff is just strange e-mails from crazy people talking about how they hate their wife or girlfriend, and people talking about their crazy fetishes that make me gag. However, what takes the cake for me are the e-mails I get from guys saying things like, "Hey babe, I am hot and I know you want me." What goes on the in minds of guys that think they can somehow make a connection with me sounding like a construction worker? It is just beyond me.

EZ: Yeah, that sounds pretty bizarre. One of the downfalls of being so hot and in the public eye, I suppose. But tell us, what's on the horizon for you next?

IM: More galleries and new clothes. I have a lot of really great ideas of new things to do on a website like this, but I will wait and let people see it when they are there. I am planning on making one hell of a pay site soon to help cover the cost of new outfits, improving the website, etc. After the pay site is up is when my ideas are really going to come into effect.

EZ: How about your future dreams? Film, more photography, shows…

IM: I have no desire to act. The idea of playing someone else holds no interest for me. I would like to do shows sometime in the future, but the ideas that I have for that are so outlandish that it will be awhile. To get down to it, I want to be the best fetish model I can be. I am nowhere close to my ideals right now. I have a lot of work to do but being a fetish model is my dream.
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