Friday, March 31, 2006

For Women Only! - Feminist & Rubberdom Amanda's Auction

Mistress Amanda' F2F D/s Auction!

"Darling, what an exciting concept for a yahoo group " - Allyn s

"Hi everyone announcement that auction opens up at 12pm GMT today and will run till same time friday i have decide dfor this one to do it through message board by you posting your bids then going from there.
There are now four lovely subs/slaves to bid for so four of them will
currency for a special auction in 4 weeks time which ill mention after
next as i said previously its worth putting yourselfs forward as the
subs/slaves benefit from being in auctions.

Well we have four now slave_jean22 decided to go in as weel as amanda,
ashley and laura.
Good luck to everyone who bids and enjoy the two
weeks on both sides"

Amanda xxx Image


Membership is Limited 2 Womyn

"One World, United under her boot heel.." - Rubberdom

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