Saturday, October 28, 2006

The first step of acceptance is tolerance - report by cub reporter ShiP Rubber reports --

this summer's better large scale fetish gatherings is a gathering of
releatively NORMAL people to meet and enjoy their personal interests
and ideas.

[ ]

According to the report published by the online news service, the idea
of fetishism is NOT a one sided degradation as STILL considered by a
FEW mainstream medical organization including "The World Health
Organization" whose manual classifies "fetishism" as a mental illness
whereby the person afflicted has "a dependency on some external
non-living object or ideal to provide a focus for sexual arousal
and/or sexual gratification." In order words we do not get personal
fulfillment without something else.

Seems awful close to the classification of drug addtiction to me.
FORTUNATELY the report at least takes the time to write out that
NORMAL and average people are engaged in the including -- gasp shock
-- mainstream couples who see it as a personal interest and NOT merely
a sexual enhancement

Anyway the report goes on to list the inspiration of the attendees and
one major performer at Vesta and Lynn's kinky little party (Yeah
little ;D ) the well known performer, Anastasia Pierce.
[On the other hand, many fetishists I talk to here
have been among the most thoughtful people about
their sex lives I have ever encountered.
They have to be.

'What a lot of people in the vanilla world do not
understand is that this entails an extreme amount
of trust," a "lifestyle master" who works as a
real estate agent tells me. Part of his job is to
dish out just the right amount of pain to his
girlfriend. "It is a trust that goes beyond what a
lot of people in everyday vanilla relationships have.
Left and right they are lying to each other, doing
things behind each other's back. A lot of that does
not happen here.' ]

That is not surprising as MSNBC is owned ultimately by NBC Universal,
the same people who are producing many television products for the so
called "adult geek" crowd with their hard-hitting often controversal
social commentary "Battlestar Galactica" and recent "Heroes" among
other so called non-mainstream products.

True while the report portrays the idea of fetishism MOSTLY as sexual act, they at least
listened to the peeople in the lifestyle rather than talked down about
them without input as many reports in the past have done.

The idea that not everyone fits down into an easily stereotypical
pigoen-hole is a welcome BEGINNING for outsiders to understand and
ultimately build tolerance to others who have the attraction and
appreciation for the different things of life than the mediocore.

-- BEGINNING of tolerance!

"Ship Rubber ace reporter forr Rubberdom"

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