Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Rubber Report for 12.6.07 - Thunder Down Under Thursdays!


Rubberdoll Nicci!

"Such news to report, such wonerful happenings and
kinkiness to reoprt. Lets see, over Thanksgiving I
filmed a movie. Yep, Rubber Slut and Mistress
Nicollette were present for the feature film frollick.
IÂ have stills from the shoot that will make their
way to you sometime very soon. This was HOT, HOT,
HOT!! I am very proud of this feature. I think it is
the best work I ave ever done. Also, Anastasia Pierce
and I had some time to play and work and shoot some
fun sets - my riding crop and her rubber bridle were a
significant part of one set, the ball cage and my hand
SMACK accross her ass the other. Last week I was in
Rhode Island with Mistress Cheyenne for an extended
scene, boots and catsuits, oh my!! Next week she is
flying me to the FLORIDAÂ KEYS for 5 days of filming
and spanking, and kickin' and fun in sun slave
training. She has a few out of line slaves she has
requested my help in straightening out."


And I thought only I would forget to hit the spell
check button before publishing on my reports ;D

Okay there you have it. I asked a few questions
regarding this one and found out a few things that I
am sorry to say can not repeat as there will be a lot
of hoopla and promo for this one in March 2008 as the
projected release of this event for Jean's new venture
as to what the film structure is about and the style
of the film.

I have to admit if Jean is going into that topic, she
has got some really stiff competition from her friend
formerly over in Great Britian that has made a staple
of that topic in her productions. But as this is
Jean's premiere, I am sure it will still be good film
and of course I will review it and post the comments
over at the Google Group as soon as it is released.

And with the prospect of Mistress/LADY Cheyenne of
Rhode Island "Club Dom"
in the second feature, that is a sheer enticement for
the old Gwenmedia fans as she and Jean were VERY good
together in "Painful Pleasures" back in 2003. I
wonder if Jean will allow Cheyenne to top her again as
she did in that film? Again Jean is VERY good in both
attitudes as she IS a VERY SOLID film performer.
[I have no problem in admitting that fact fanboys.
But is she the best? I leave that to you to decide.]

Speaking of which "Bianca Beauchamp's All Access"
review [2 disk unrated version] is now posted.

I will probably post the "Vicious Vixens 4: Ashley
Renee Latex Slave" or "Audition [Julie Simone]" before
the end of the year.

"Submissions 2" will be posted for January 2008
listing after the AVN Awards.

More than likely "Ivy Manor 5: Rubber Dreams" will be
February 2008 but I may push that one back to March.
Yeah I have received my copy and it is

-- well you will have to wait until next time or buy
it for yourself before then ;D

Thank You for supporting Rubberdom!

by Ship Rubber03 aka Agent 69

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