Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas Stocking containing the last rubber report of 2007

Dear Rubberdom readers Happy Holidays!!

Sorry I am still indulging in egg nog! Yes not thetype you get at the storeheheheheBut here is a few notes that I will be pursuing afterI recover!Finished a few reviews and will be posting them overat the Google Group after I return from CES and AVN.
Gods, I hated the fact that the rumors are true thatmost of the video game industry has become controlledby the movie makers since the publishers are makingmore than the filmmakers right now.....

Thus in order tocut down on the competition to the consumers' spendingin 2008, the controllers have decided that those of uswho attend E3 Expo reliably will NOW have more angerin our summer time events' selection to keep theconsumers from having to select between the films andnon-movie video games -- you know the GOOD sellerslike "Halo" series, "Half-Life" series, Assassin'sCreed, etc., which are not tie-ins to a popcorn or badmovie.[
Yeah I admit it - I am still lookingforward to "Iron Man" this summer.Yes it is a popcorn movie, but itlooks like GOOD popcorn
That is a major pain for those of us who get to liveand work in multiple areas.But this change is just SUCH A PAIN! As such I do notthink I will be attending 2008 German Fetish Ball/Expocurrently scheduled for MAY 9th-11th 2008

Though the US E3 is still far enough away from theREAL game event -- the TGS -- which unless ismassively changed, will again be held in September2008 in Chiba, Japan
.But I will see how the money flows because even thoughI get reimbursed for work related travel the outlay isa mess and does take time to recoup -- as well asdragging along the family. In the meantime, these arethe films of some fetish noteworthiness that I amreviewing in the current time frame.No this is NOT an indication of restarting my formerfetish film listing. Maybe restarts will start inMarch 2008 -- MAYBE.*
Rubber Eva continues with the focused heavy latexand BDSM treatments with her upcoming fifth Clinicfilm
Yes I STILL hate clip films as clip based films do NOTdevelop enough of the performer's action to thesituation nor truly develop the setting that ispresented.and yes I am already waiting to add this one to mycollection.* "Julie Simone's Audition -Special Edition"basically the sound problems of the first release arere-editted and corrects and the 17 minute mini-filmthat was shown at the 2007 LA Erotic Film Festival isincluded.

THIS is how a RE-release of existing material shouldbe done.
Now someone go hit you-know-who over thehead with this! Yes BOTH of them!! Is it worthbuying if you already have the original release?Sorry have to wait on the review. But I think you canguess what I thought based on what I wrote already!*
Paige Richards "Room Serviced"[ ] let me make it short for ya -- there is a reason why Imention some films and not others.* Dante Posh is supposedly starring in a new BDSMfetish movie for Den of Iniquityhere the cover to Dante's first film
Posh was too targeted in this film in my opinion, butshe and the presentation was definitely a SOLID BDSMINTENSE beatdown of the male nature -- Yes there issolid cbt here -- sue us! I hope the rumor of herdoing a film for Sandra of in asensual role -- if not actually a sub role -- is trueand do NOT tell me that Posh does not do switch andlusty work!
I know better for as a real woman I getnotice to stuff that the men do not get told hehehehe
It was the egg nog -- I swear! I am not wearing myhelmet -- leave me alone!So while I run out the door before the knives getthrown my way for evil most true of my nature (pullsskin underneath left eye down as tongue sticks out!)here is a specific indulgence for the denominationalfetish fans!
Good Grief Charlie Brown -- doesn't this make you wantto hope that the Bensons ARE going to make a newholiday themed movie for release?I asked -- and have been told "maybe".So I can guess what film the Bensons will release forthe 2008 Holiday Season! In the meantime I am lookingforward to the next "Human Doll and Yellowhoreepisodes.
Well enjoy the rest of your holiday season as Idefinitely will as long I avoid any more news releasesand find my egg nog flagon! Yes I did say FLAGON!And NO I did NOT mean "Tankard". I outgrew tankards while I was in the Navy as tankards are for the college kids!
- Reporting by ShiP Rubber III @ Have a Happy Kinky New Year
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