Monday, December 21, 2009

[ R'dom News Reloaded] A little Coal 4 Fetish XXX-Mas...GwenMedia too bite big one in 2010


Dec. 3 2009

Well it is finally public that Gwen Media is basically now over. John
Fitzgerald has finally come back out to the public and basically said
that while he will only occasionally produce and release new content.
Fitzgerald stated quite clearly on his (former ?) website that he is
NOT working on any fetish stories or film products reliably anymore by
his statement of "I've struggled to find the time to keep it updated,
much less write new stories. I felt perhaps it was time to take my
site down for good, but I still hesitated to do so." ( -
Nov 9, 2009)

And as far as his films are concerned -- "Also note that any new John
Fitzgerald films will be announced on Mz Berln's
blog" ( - Nov 9, 2009) indicating that any new films
will be produced by Berlin's company, effectively ending any former
partnerships that existed.

True, this announcement is NOT a definite statement of "I am no longer
working with any company other than Mz Berlin from this point
forward". But if Fitzgerald was still effectively producing with
others and doing such production on any regular basis, he would NOT be
making a point of announcing such an exclusive arrangement nor his
statement of .time limitations.

I admit I was looking forward to the rumors that "Ivy Manor" and
"Sisters" would be continued in 2010. But realistically I knew that
was a VERY, VERY rare chance at best as Sinclaire has been and
currently is seeking mainstream acting opportunities as evident by her
recent national commercial for "Wonderful Pistachios", because most
entertainment contracts contain what are generally referred to "Public
conduct" and "Morals" clause. These so-called Public Conduct" /
clause are usually a restrictive provision in a contract that
prohibits certain behavior (typically that deemed to be actual
criminal (but usually BEYOND minor criminal acts such as traffic
violations but also "unethical" or "reprehensible" acts that the
company may be against that are not illegal such as making political
statements against the company's position) in that person’s private
life. These "Public Conduct" clauses allows a contracting party to
terminate the agreement if the other contracting party’s conduct is
detrimental to the hiring party’s interests, or otherwise diminishes
the value of the performance due under the contract.

And BDSM actions, when these acts are paid for, are listed in many
states TODAY are STILL listed as prostitution EVEN WHEN THE GENETALIA
ARE NOT TOUCHED AT ALL. And in several states when BDSM actions are
NOT paid for such BDSM acts are STILL listed as a CRIMINAL ACT usually
under the statutes of assault (3rd or 4th degree) as one can NOT
consent to allowing another person to directly hurt or engage in
actions that may result in damage to another person. It is the same
law/legal restraint that prevents "backyard wrestling" in most states.

Thus, I do NOT believe that Sinclaire would risk her still active
contract with "Wonderful Pistachios" versus the money she MAY get for
any films that she would release from her still yet to be released
stock at this time.

So while the company is not formally ended at this time, it seems very
unlikely that Gwen Media will be reactivating in 2010 with new product
given this recent announcement.

But as most of the fetish film consumers have long since abandoned
Gwen Media in favor of active producers who have had more focused
latex fetish product such as Bianca Beauchamp and Sandra of fetish-
for photo work and abroad producers for film work including
Rubber Eva, I do not think this is a major loss at this point.

-Reporting By ShiP Rubber @ Google's "selfish fetish film review "

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