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[Ship Rubber] 2010 AEBN VOD Awards -- Best BDSM movie nominees

For best overall structure (story, character, execution of story and
on-screen action) I easily see Julie Simone winning this category
though I admit Maxine X productions have been doing very well and
"Desperate Housewives In Bondage" is a solid film from the Canadian

Madison Young's "Perversions of Lesbian Lust" is a solid lesbian story
of female on female desire and the longing for fulfillment of that
desire with a good on-screen execution of that base desire in a BDSM
focus. But is lesbian sexual interaction really a fetish today
despite the BDSM action? Or should it be considered a niche in the
same way that Asians and Blacks are now considered a niche rather than
a fetish as there are more than white male consumers in the USA
audiences. I cannot deny there is a definite attempt to intergrate
the depth of the relationship commitment though the proving of the
BDSM aspects. But again the BDSM action is NOT the focus of the story
in and of itself. The BDSM action is only a means for proving the
professions of love and devotion which of course many state should
never have to be done in a real relationship. The water torture is
the best example of BDSM action in the film as the film tries to
remain more realistic than indulgent. That will drive off a lot of
heavy BDSM consumers but again overall the core idea is the lesbian
lust than the BDSM desire which is a means of testing the depth of
loyalty and support of the other in the relationship. It is this type
of solid BDSM film that Madison seems to be focused on and whitesel so
as she is very good at it. The second entry in this series is far
more about mental surrender with public lesbian sex than this film but
a good execution of the core idea of the REAL BDSM relationship
commitment which most do not understand.

But does a good love story with BDSM action make it the best BDSM
film? Possibily, as many consumers are waiting the third entry of
this series and Madison has stated she IS planning on making a third

"Punished for a Price 2" from Bondage Barrix is the opposite of
Madison's film where the BDSM action and storyline is completely
indulgent. But the character and storyline of the film is poorly
executed. NO offense to bondage film star Dia Zerva but this is Sci-
Fi Channel monster movie of the week with BDSM action here. Don't get
me wrong if you want to turn off your brain and watch the power edge
as Sgt Major is known for -- and there is some good BDSM action to be
sure -- be my guest. But I expect higher quality and intensity than
shown in this SOLID BDSM executed film for the BEST BDSM film of the

Which brings us to the so called "Finest in Fetish Entertainment".
Seriously? Portal 3 is thought to be the best BDSM for 2009 from every
producer? Portal 3 is supposed to be the best film just from Gwen
Media for 2009


Be honest. Portal 3 is better than Captive? Portal 3 is thought to
be more powerful and has a more interesting story than Captive?
Portal 3 is suppose to have better execution than Mz Berlin's
sufferage? Look I understand if you are a fan of January Sereph but
was she the BEST BDSM performer of 2009? If so then why wasn't one of
HER company's (Smutty Films) films considered for this award? The two
reasons that this film got as high a vod amount was due to 1) Steffy's
formal film appearance with some hoping he would basically redo that
hot and heavy stage performance he did with Jean Bardot which he did
NOT do here and 2) this was rumored to be the last release from Gwen

As far as I am concerned this nomination was a sympathy vote for the
now retired Sinclaire in the idea that this IS the last of Gwen
Media. Even if that is true and despite the public note of Sinclaire
handing day to day operations over to JT Stockroom (sorry old habit as
I know JT left) there will be no NEW creations but only existing long
enough to get rid of existing stock of already recorded film product,
giving this film acknowledgement as the best film of the year for the
sympathy vote and hopes that she will return to active production in
the future if her mainstream pursuits fall through is the WORST reason
to give this film an award. NO award should be given an award that it
does NOT deserve, And this film does NOT deserve any award. Not for
any of the performer's on-screen action which were all good == yes I
already stated that I think Isabella was good in her ACTIVE indulgent
performance in this film but she was NOT best performer of the year by
any means -- nor for a storyline which is almost non existent, nor for
the abandonment of the latex fetish which is treated as ignorable
element throughout and the all too obvious ending.

Sinclaire left the industry by choice. So let her go. If she wants
to come back and actively produce she will. Don't think to insult her
and US -- the consumer base -- with this false enticement.

Yeah I could make a quick comment on the AVN Award announcement for
Gwen Media v3 as well right now beyond the obvious -- sympathy vote
for Isabella's retirement -- but I am thinking through the President's
speech as it has more impact for me right now. Maybe in a day or two.

-- By Ship Rubber

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