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EPISODE 3.26.2011 - A Rubberwhore Encased by Jessica Blank stars Mz Natalia!

EPISODE 3.26.2011

Story: Jessica Blank © 2010


Mistress Natalia! Muehlhausen

A Rubberwhore, A Husband and his kinky wife Gee

Dear Readers, Our rubber adventure begins....
.There she was, under the STOP sign. The rubber-dressed prostitute Jay had heard about. She was known simply as "rubberwhore" -- and had become something of an urban legend in this town. She was always under a STOP sign -- but a different one every night.

You could never predict where you might find her. Jay was purely lucky to see her at all.

He slowed his car and turned the wheel a bit, so as to catch her in his headlights.

Even with the added illumination, she was difficult to see. Covered entirely in tight, black latex, head to toe. Well, the toe part was hard to tell, as she was wearing black ballet boots, the leather and crisscrossing laces rising all the way up to her knees. As Jay pulled closer, rubberwhore leaned back against the pole of the STOP sign, dropped down a little, and spread her knees apart. Just like he had heard, the movement caused the rings in her pussy, attached to the rubber suit, to pull her inner labia wide. Her exposed sex glistened, pink and wet, in the glare of the headlights.
Too good to pass up, Jay thought. He pulled the car over to the curb, pressed the button to roll down the passenger side window. He was going to buy her services for the night -- at home with his wife, for a three-way. If his wife had other plans... well, wifey would be the loser in this deal!

Through the open window, he watched rubberwhore stride slowly toward his car, balancing with perfect ease on the tips of her toes. She stopped, and leaned forward in a languid cat stretch that pushed her breasts in through the window. The lights of the car's dashboard controls reflected on her latex-covered tits, highlighting them with little dots and streaks of red, yellow, and green. Jay couldn't believe how huge they were, each one a separate globe. Her nipples protruded through little slits in the rubber, firm and thick, each one pierced with a stainless steel ring.

After giving him a good, long look, rubberwhore pulled back and gracefully bent forward so Jay could see her face. It was a mask of black rubber, with only her eyes and mouth visible. The mouth opened, a tongue licked once around the red lips, and then spoke two words: "Buy me."

Her voice was high, but throaty. Was she panting? Jay wasn't sure. He explained his plans, offered a price. She paused a moment, as if listening to something, then countered with another price -- much higher -- followed by a barely suppressed moan. Jay's cock leaped at that moan, and almost without thought he agreed to her offer. Rubberwhore insisted on being paid up front, in cash. Jay grumbled a bit at the inconvenience -- lucky for him, yesterday had been pay day. He rarely carried that much cash. He pulled out his wallet, counted out the bills. Rubberwhore took them, and slipped them into a kind of pocket in her black latex suit. She then pressed a seam closed, like on a plastic bag, sealing the money safely away. Jay filed that vision away for later... just in case.

In a fluid motion, rubberwhore opened the passenger door, sat down, closed it, and even clicked the seat belt into place. As Jay drove away from the curb, she reached over with one hand, and rested it on his thigh, near his cock. She hardly moved her hand, and yet somehow she stimulated his cock, rhythmically, all the way on the drive to his house.

"Honey, I'm home!" Jay sang out, as he opened the front door. He walked into the entranceway and held the door, inviting rubberwhore in with a sweeping gesture of his other hand. She stepped gracefully over the threshold, and strode into the living room. Amazed she could do this without even looking down, Jay marveled at how much thinner she looked, now he could see her in the lighted room, instead of on the dark street. With her perfect carriage and the long boots, she looked so stretched and elongated -- like a wood sprite, a sylph -- though a very large-breasted one. Something magical. He closed the door and followed.

"Hello-o," his wife Gee called out from the kitchen. She walked into the living room, still drying her hands on a small towel, and caught sight of the tall, black latex figure standing next to Jay. "What is this?" she asked. Her attention was all on rubberwhore, but she glanced at her husband with that sideways look she always gave him when, just maybe, she wasn't going to like the answer.

Jay stepped forward, wrapped his arms around Gee, gave her a gentle hug, and whispered in her ear. "A treat for this evening. You... me... and her." He leaned back a little, so he could see Gee's face, to see if he'd pushed too far -- or just far enough.

"A threesome..." Gee replied, still looking at the shiny black sylph. She reached out one hand, to rubberwhore's shoulder, and slid her fingers slowly down to the elbow, feeling the smooth, cool surface. She paused a moment, taking in the masked face, immense breasts, the firm shiny legs. She looked down and saw thin trails of pussy juice, running down the firm, rubber coated thighs.

Jay hardly dared breathe, for what she might say next.

She turned to face him. "Do you want dinner first?" she asked. "Or shall we reheat it later?" Her hand at Jay's cock made it clear that food was not the first item on HER list.

Rubberwhore continued to stand -- panting, cunt dripping -- while the couple began to inspect their entertainment for the evening. Of course, they had no idea she was constantly being stimulated by the black rubber suit. A miracle of modern technology, it made tiny motions, delivered gentle electric pulses, to every part of rubberwhore's skin it covered. There were even tiny earphones, embedded in the headpiece, that delivered instructions and hypnotic suggestions into her deeply conditioned mind. And it was all controlled remotely by the computer belonging to rubberwhore's hypnotic dominatrix, Mz Natalia .

"That's right... my... rubber... slave..." Mz Natalia 's voice sounded soft... sweet... seductive. "Just drift... right here..." Keeping rubberwhore's mind lightly tranced and fuzzy. "Feel the gentle fingertips of the black rubber suit, stroking everywhere on your skin... except for your dripping, empty pussy... except for your naked nipples, aching to stroked and sucked..." Ready to obey. Ready to do anything she was told. Ready for the special hypnotic trigger words that would force the display of her special talents.

* * * * *

The couple continued to talk, and to remove pieces of their own clothing, one by one, tossing them carelessly aside, while they examined and touched their shiny rubber toy. Gee had also made a quick trip to the bedroom, and brought back a few playthings that she wanted to try out. She dropped them into an easy chair, then returned to inspecting their rubber-clad visitor.

"Amazing, this latex coating," Gee said, as she ran one finger around rubberwhore's full, red lips. She was testing their softness, imagining how they'd feel against her pussy soon. She was looking to see if she could peel back the mask, even for a brief look. "There doesn't seem to be any edge. It doesn't separate from her face!"

Jay was already thinking about how those lips would feel wrapped around his cock. Almost absentmindedly, he answered, "I've heard about this stuff. Bonds to the skin -- doesn't come off for days, even as much as a fortnight." He couldn't believe how tiny the whore's waist was. He'd been sure she must be wearing a corset -- but running his hands over her breasts and belly convinced him that she must be completely naked under the thin layer of rubber.

Rubberwhore was used to being talked about, as if she were an inanimate object. Sometimes, she thought she was one -- if one could say she thought at all. Drifting lightly in an erotic haze, she simply waited for directions, commands.

As Gee moved around behind her toy, something at the base of the whore's neck caught her eye. "What's this?" she asked. Just a small triangle of white material -- apparently also rubber -- but the only thing on the suit that wasn't black. It had a little symbol in red -- the letters "MzD," and a female symbol, a circle with a cross -- and two words.

Jay looked around and read the words aloud. "Freeze and unfreeze." He didn't notice that rubberwhore had suddenly gone rigid, for only a split second. "What's that all about?"

"Oh, my god!" Gee exclaimed. "I recognize her!"

Jay was astounded. "What?"

"I saw her at MzNatalia 's shop!" Gee couldn't believe her good fortune. "She was on a platform. Everybody thought she was a mannequin -- she wasn't moving a muscle. Then we realized she was real, and everybody started playing with her." Gee rapidly pulled off the rest of her clothing and tossed it away.

"Okay," Jay said. "Sounds like we're in for even a better evening than I'd hoped!"

"Oh, Honey, you have NO idea!" Gee was animated, now. "Watch this. Rubberslave, bend forward slowly, and give us a good look at your ass and pussy from behind."

The rubber coated hooker adjusted her stance, spreading her legs even further apart. Then she began to bend forward at the waist, thrusting her hips up and back. Just before her torso was parallel to the floor, Gee almost shouted, "Freeze!" Rubberwhore immediately stopped moving and became rigid.

Gee stepped closer, so she could grab the whore's elbows, and gently tipped her back and forth. "Like a statue! Like a robot! Oh, this slut will do absolutely ANYTHING!" She wobbled rubberwhore a little, then set her back into a balanced position. "Unfreeze!" she commanded. Rubberwhore resumed bending toward the floor, reaching down with her hands until she could wrap them around her ankles, her legs still straight, looking impossibly long with the stiletto heels. The rings in her labia pulled her wet pussy open, ready for immediate and unresisting penetration -- by anything, and anyone. Somehow, her anus was also wetly lubricated. Between her knees, the black mask of her face was visible, with her lips forming a soft, red "O."

"Hello, Jay," Gee teased. "Anybody home?"

Jay realized he'd simply been standing with his jaw hanging open, astounded at the vision of so many delicious places to insert his cock. The shiny rubber mesmerized him, blackly encasing the firm, round globes of the hooker's gorgeous ass.

Gee was enjoying this. She reached out, and ran one finger up and down the cleft of the whore's slit. Jay could see her cunt pulsing, pulsing, pulsing -- a pink tunnel, opening then shutting again. Gee raked the tip of a fingernail against the hooker's clitoris, and they could both hear her moan.

"What are you waiting for, Jay?" Gee asked. "A coin toss?" She reached down to the nearby easy chair, picked up a strap-on dildo, and began attaching it around her hips. "Tell you what -- to start, you take heads... and I'll take tails!"

* * * * *

Gee took special delight in pumping her huge, thick strap-on into rubberwhore, then commanding "Freeze" and pulling out. She was amazed and excited to see that the slut's pussy gaped open, and even the inner walls were rigidly frozen in place. The slave's cunt looked like she was impaled on an invisible dildo, her hips caught midway in a responding thrust backward. "Unfreeze," she commanded -- rubberwhore's rigid hole relaxed, becoming a wet, pink slit. Gee thrust the strap-on into the whore's anus, and repeated the experiment, ordering the slave to "Freeze!"

"Give us a break, huh?" Jay complained. He was sprawled on the couch, the tip of his cock just at the entrance to the whore's mouth, where she'd just finished a delightful upstroke with her lips and tongue. "She's giving me a great blowjob, and you keep interrupting!"

"Wanna trade?" Gee teased. She began unhooking the strap-on, remembering how soft those lips felt. She wanted that tongue on her pussy, too. "You don't even have to move. We'll just have her turn around, and sit. Easing that soft, pink pussy onto your cock."

From the little leap it made, Jay's cock clearly indicated he thought this was a great idea.

"Unfreeze!" he commanded. "Do it, rubberslave! Turn around, sit on my lap. Let's start with your cunt. I'll explore your ass, later!"

The black latex figure turned gracefully around -- almost like doing a dance -- placing her open pussy just at the tip of Jay's cock. From the speed of her movement, Jay expected the whore to impale herself instantly on his aching member. Instead, after just a tiny moment's pause, she slowly slid her pussy onto his cock, gliding onto it, taking a full four seconds, tip to base, with just the gentlest squeeze of her pussy muscles. She then began a rocking of her hips and thighs, that somehow brought his cock almost all the way out again, then slid back in again -- over and over.

Meanwhile, Gee positioned herself in front of rubberwhore's face, and told her to bend forward and lick Gee's pussy. Oh, yes, those lips and tongue were amazingly soft! She grabbed the latex covered head, and pulled it firmly against her mound. When she could feel the whore's tongue against her clit again, Gee commanded, "Freeze!"

"Oh, not again!" Jay lamented.

"Shut up, darling," Gee replied. "You can do some of the fucking for a while." She was enjoying rubbing her clit against the whore's extended, frozen tongue. So stiff -- almost like a warm dildo, with a slightly rough texture.

"Uh-uh," Jay countered. "Unfreeze!" Rubberwhore resumed her gentle gliding, down and up his rigid cock.

They played with the slut this way, all evening. Trading off head versus tail, putting the rubber doll into various awkward positions. At one point, she was on the floor, licking Gee's pussy as she sat on the whore's masked face, while Jay plunged his cock in and out of her latex clad cunt, and the couple fondled each other, kissing, as they both rose closer and closer to orgasm. When they came, they both shouted "Freeze!" as Jay released his sperm and Gee squirted all over rubberwhore's face.

* * * * *

They were both feeling spent. Of course, they had no idea -- or concern -- whether rubberwhore was getting tired. She seemed always ready, with boundless energy, obedient and responsive to every command.

Jay and Gee were resting on the couch, side by side, their arms around each other. Rubberwhore was kneeling in front of Jay, slowly deep-throating his cock. A quick intake of breath. Ease her mouth down the tip of his cock, till it reached the back of her throat. A motion, almost like swallowing, as she continued to take his length, deep inside. Another swallowing motion, to massage his cock, just that tiniest tease. Then slowly back out, all the way to the tip. A gentle lick of her tongue on the glans, teasing the tiny cleft in the tip, while she took another breath. Then gliding down, down, down again, his cock again entering deep into her.

"Freeze!" Jay said. Rubberwhore immediately went rigid, still with the full length of his cock deep in her throat. Seconds ticked by.

Gee was a little woozy from all the exertion, floating on a happy cloud of erotic bliss. Still, Jay seemed to be letting this go on a little more than she expected. "Honey... what are you doing?"

"Just curious. I want to see how long she'll hold it."

Gee felt a little funny about this. "Um, you know she can't breathe like that."

"Sure," Jay replied. "But I figure some safety mechanism will kick in. You know. Her conditioning can't cause her to do herself harm, and all that. I want to see what happens."

More time ticked by.

Of course, just as the couple did not know about the pleasure -- and punishment -- mechanisms in the black rubber suit, they also did not know about the sensors laced all through the rubber coating. Sensors that monitored the whore's temperature, heart rate, breathing -- everything about her physical condition -- and reported them to MzNatalia 's computer. Tiny microphones, that picked up every sound in the room, and transmitted them for Natalia to hear. Even tiny TV cameras -- one over each eye in the front of the head, and one in that tiny white triangle in the back.

Natalia could hear and see everything her rubber hooker heard and saw. That was how rubberwhore had been able to negotiate a price for the evening. Natalia had overheard the offer, and had spoken the counter-offer into rubberwhore's earphones. After all, the bimbo was so deeply conditioned, she couldn't quite count to three -- how could she deal with the numbers in even a simple financial transaction?

More time ticked by.

And Natalia knew, as she could see on her computer display, that her rubberwhore was not breathing. She knew the slut was in "freeze" mode. She'd seen it all before. So many clients eventually wanted to test the limits, of how far they could go with the hypnotic triggers.

And Natalia also knew that rubberwhore was in no physical distress -- yet. Not only had she been trained to hold her breath for a long time, but she had also been trained well to respond to this situation, by lowering her heart rate, relaxing all her inner muscles, while remaining rigidly frozen, so she needed even less oxygen. Like those fakirs you hear about, who can survive for hours, even days, buried alive, needing only a minimum of air, their bodies under complete meditative control.

But the couple did not know these things.

"Good girl, rubber... slave..." Natalia 's voice in the earphones soothed the whore's drifting mind, keeping it calm. "You're doing just fine. Let's give them a little more time, and see what they do."

Gee was getting a little worried. "Come on, Jay."

"No, hold on," he countered. "It hasn't been that long. She's doing okay."

Natalia decided it was time to act, to protect her property. "Okay, rubber... slave... Let's give them a good show. Stay frozen -- mostly -- but let your eyes roll back in your head. And relax your throat muscles -- just a little."

When Gee saw rubberwhore's eyes roll upward, she began to feel a little freaked out. "Enough, Jay. Stop it! Un-"

Jay put his hand over Gee's mouth. He'd gotten worried, too, when the pressure on his cock suddenly released. "You're right. But don't say that word. Let me just pull out of her. I have an idea." He gingerly pulled his cock out, making sure to avoid the even white teeth. It was fairly easy to do, as a twinge of fear had made his penis go a little softer. He pushed on rubberwhore's head, rocking her back a little, until he was fully out of her mouth. Then he shifted his place on the couch, moving away from her, and let her settle back into position, still frozen. But they both could tell, she had resumed breathing.

"An idea...?" Gee asked.

"Yeah," began Jay. He licked his lips, feeling a little nervous. But what the hell. "How about we keep her."

Gee wasn't sure she'd heard right. "What?"

"I mean, who knows she's here, right?" Jay started gesturing, as he warmed up to his own inspiration. "We can keep her frozen until we want to use her. She does exactly as she's told. Hell, we can probably feed her on table scraps, like a dog."

"You're insane!" Gee whispered. But the inside of her mind was replaying an evening of the best sex she'd ever had in her life. "Are you sure nobody would know?"

"How could they find out?" he replied. "It's not like she's able to run away!"

Gee actually thought about this, gazing somewhat out of focus at the shiny black figure, kneeling in front of the couch. The whore's arms were still upraised a little, in the same position they had been when resting on Jay's thighs -- even though, now, he was no longer in front of her. She looked around the living room, eyes drifting from place to place. Suddenly she realized, she'd been mentally rearranging the furniture, to make room for their new addition.

"Okay," Gee said. "Let's do it!"

Jay could hardly believe it. His luck today had definitely taken a turn for the good. The amazingly good. "Okay." He looked down at the rubber slave, then at the front door, down the hall. "Um, we probably ought to move her somewhere. Maybe cover her up, so she won't be seen."

"I know just the place," replied Gee. "Move that recliner over there, then help me carry her over. We'll cover her with a blanket, until we work out a better place to store her."

Rubberwhore knelt on the floor, covered with a blanket.

"That's right... rubber... slave..." Natalia 's voice was like warm honey, melting away all the whore's fears, keeping her deeply tranced and calm. "Just drift here... Everything is nice and safe. You're nice and safe. Taken care of. Natalia always takes care of her obedient rubber hooker... Relax..."

There was a click, and complete darkness. The retreating sound of the couple's voices made it clear they had turned off the lights and gone to bed.

Natalia 's voice continued. "We'll wait for a while. An hour or so...

Then I'll let you move again. While we're waiting, I want you to listen carefully to these instructions... Listen, and obey..."

The house was dark and quiet when Natalia 's voice told rubberwhore to "unfreeze." She stood up slowly, still graceful like a dancer -- though nobody was there to see -- and dropped the blanket to one side. The slave reached down to a place under her right breast, opened a concealed seam, and extracted two button-sized earphones and a tiny tube of lotion.

Following Natalia 's commands, rubberwhore quietly walked down the hallway, until she found the master bedroom. She silently opened the door, just a crack, and peeked through. The couple were clearly asleep, lying next to each other, emitting soft, relaxed breathing sounds too quiet to be called snores. She opened the door further, stepped over to the bed, and deftly placed a button earphone into each person's ear. Then she opened the tube, placed a drop of lotion on one rubber-coated finger, and wiped it -- oh, so gently -- on the man's lower lip. She repeated this on the woman's lower lip.
Then rubberwhore turned, and silently left the bedroom.

"Good girl," Natalia 's voice encouraged. "Now go to the front door. Go outside. I've sent my driver and the limo for you, to bring you home, babi. You've been a very good girl. Go outside, now, and wait."
While rubberwhore walked to the front of the house, MzNatalia activated the receiver mode for the two button earphones. She selected some brain synchronization sounds on her computer, and reviewed the notes she had written -- waiting for the mind-control drug in the lotion to absorb into their lips, into their bloodstreams. She had plans for these two.

"Try to steal my property, will they? I have all night to program them in their sleep. This is going to be fun!"

Natalia indulged in a nice, lazy stretch before beginning. "Who knows?" she thought. "I may soon have two more rubberwhores lurking around town!"


(Our last story before Natalia retires)