Wednesday, January 11, 2006

[Rubber Adventure Story #4] Mistress Bianca Presents

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP as a dominant Latex Lioness


(Fiction based on story Aunt Katherine & Her Slaves
by JackBro )

Chapter 1: Making of Nikki

"Come along and let me introduce you to one of my slaves," Rubberdom Bianca! spoke to her young niece.

"That sounds…" Nikki started to reply but then stopped in mid- sentence when she grasped her Rubberdom's words. "Um, I mean, that sounds good!"

She could have sworn she heard her Rubberdom use the word "slave," but that couldn't possibly be! No real slaves existed.

A person could not own another person, even someone as rich as her Rubberdom. I thought.

The large, opulent mansion showed Rubberdom Bianca!'s great wealth from her modelling, but no one woman should have that much money! Right?

Nikki shook her head and figured she must have misheard "servant."

"Their bedrooms are on the second floor," Rubberdom Bianca! glanced upward, referring to the slaves – or servants or whatever they were called. "Let us go to the foyer so I can call one of them down."
Nikki didn't know the meaning of the word "foyer," but she followed anyway. Her Rubberdom used many fancy, high-class words. Nikki figured they came from all the private schools she attended as a child, plus all the rich friends that surrounded her as an adult. Rubberdom Bianca! was rich, really rich! Of that there was no doubt. All the relation knew it, even if they seldom talked about it. In fact, they hardly ever talked about Rubberdom Bianca! at all. They treated her like a ghost and only occasionally mentioned the rich Rubberdom with the eccentric tastes. They also said she lived a decadent lifestyle. Nikki never knew quite what this meant, but she was going to do her best over her vacation of the next two weeks to try to figure it out.
Her Rubberdom lead the way through the house, dressed in a full length, flowing, and certainly very expensive evening gown. Nikki noticed it brush up against both sides of the doorways as she passed through. It looked absolutely beautiful and so did the woman who wore it. Nikki knew the sister was born into the world only four years after her own father, but her Rubberdom looked more like 20 years his younger. Ample breasts blessed a slim figure, and her gown performed an exquisite job at showing off both with a tight fit and plunging neckline.
Wearing a full-length evening gown herself, Nikki followed close behind. Her mother firmly instructed she wear the dress upon the first introduction to her Rubberdom. She didn't want to. It sounded so impractical to wear her best dress on a weekday afternoon, but she obediently changed into the dress in the bathroom of the train station. Now Looking at her Rubberdom's gown, she understood why.
Nikki could only hope she would look as beautiful as her Rubberdom when she reached the same age. There already existed many similarities; like the fair complexion, little nose, slim figure, and certainly the long, jet-black hair. Rubberdom Bianca! wore her hair up in a bonnet at the top of her head, but Nikki could tell it was long enough to probably flow down nearly to the waist like her own. The biggest difference, she couldn't help but notice, was in the chest. Rubberdom Bianca! had cleavage while Nikki was still young and nearly flat. She could only hope to develop features just as impressive.
Nikki followed her Rubberdom as she walked down the hallway and then through the formal dining room. Along the way she tried to avoid touching anything. Fancy crystal stood all around. Fine china graced the dining room table. Delicate little figurines seemed to occupy every square inch of spare cabinet and shelf space. She feared brushing up against something expensive and accidentally breaking it. It wouldn't give a good first impression.
"Jonathan," Rubberdom Bianca! stepped through a final doorway and into the glorious main entranceway of the house. "Please come down. I would like to introduce you to my niece. And please do not bother with any formal attire."
Nikki waited, standing just beside her Rubberdom, at the foot of a long, winding staircase. Above, a crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. To one side the stairs seemed to extend forever almost into the clouds. Everything about the house – or it was really more like a mansion – was high class. It stood as the centerpiece of what was once a large southern plantation. It used be one of the largest tobacco plantations in the state of Virginia, but that was before the War of Northern Aggression – as her father still called it. Most everything was destroyed or looted when first the Northern and then the Confederate armies marched through. Rubberdom Bianca! lovingly restored it many decades later when she returned from the Alaskan Klondike with the riches of her dead husband's gold strike.
"You are developing very nicely," Her Rubberdom casually spoke as though to kill the time as they waited. "Did you not recently celebrate a birthday?"
"Two weeks ago," Nikki answered. "I just turned sixteen."
"Ah yes!" Bianca! nodded. "The perfect age to start your experience of life's many pleasures."
Nikki thought her Rubberdom's words curious – also confusing.
"I must say you are very pretty," Bianca! went on. "The boys are going to have to fight against each other to get your attention."
Nikki blushed. She always blushed when someone told her she was pretty, especially when it came from a relation. She just hoped to hear it some day from a boy.
Her attention diverted to the sound of footsteps at the top of the wooden staircase. They sounded soft, not sharp and quick like a pair of shoes, but quiet as if they came from slippers.
Nikki looked up and immediately understood why. She looked up to see a pair of bare feet turn the corner, and then she noticed the legs were also bare, and then she noticed so was his chest. In fact, so was all of him! He wore no shoes or shirt. He also failed to wear any pants or even underwear. He did not wear anything at all!
Nikki gasped in disbelief! For a moment, she thought she imagined the sight. She thought her eyes somehow played a trick on her, but then she blinked and discovered they had not. The man really was bare-assed naked! He had everything on display.
"Walk on down here and meet Nikki," Rubberdom Bianca! spoke as though nothing was out of the ordinary about a naked man walking down the front staircase of her house.
Nikki couldn't speak. She stood too shocked to talk. Instead, she remained frozen and just looked at him.
The man made no attempt to cover himself. His arms remained behind his back as he walked down the stairs. He failed to bring his hands forward and use them for cover – as it would seem natural for a naked man to do in front of two clothed women. He made no attempt to take his manliness away from Bianca! at all, not even when a stranger stood at her side.
He kept himself bare, and Nikki kept herself looking. She looked and saw all the way down the front of his body. And, most important, she saw at his dick.

"Well, what do you think?" Her Rubberdom asked when he reached the bottom of the stairs and then stopped and stood before them.

"I'm…not sure," Nikki tried to speak, not knowing what to say.
She caught herself starring down at his waist. She looked right at it, and realized she had been looking at it the whole time. Even as he walked down the stairs, her eyes lowered and then her head bowed down as she followed it. She liked his dick, and she especially liked the way it bounced up and down as he dropped down each step of the stairs.
Nikki caught herself starring and suddenly felt very embarrassed. She quickly looked away.
"Don't be shy," Her Rubberdom comforted. "You can look as much as you want. Jonathan is used to it. He doesn't mind if you look at him, do you Jonathan?"
He shook his head to indicate a "no," so Nikki meekly looked again. She turned her head slowly and took quick peaks out of the corner of her eyes. She couldn't help but want to look. She liked the way he looked.
Jonathan was a tall, handsome man, standing almost six feet. He looked young, not much older than herself; probably around nineteen or maybe in his early twenties. Not much hair yet grew on his chest, although the blond hair on his head flowed down far enough to touch his shoulders. And then there were his muscles. Muscles seemed to bulge out from all around him, indicating he did a lot of manual labor, probably working in the fields all day. He definitely looked strong, and he certainly looked very handsome.
Nikki didn't get many chances to look at naked, adult men, and this was an excellent specimen. Everything about him looked big, she saw, most especially his dick. She noticed his dick most of all. It seemed to hang down a long distance between his legs, but she could be mistaken. She hadn't seen many adult dicks before. Perhaps this was normal.
Nikki also noticed he did not speak out loud. In fact, he did not speak at all. She had yet to hear his voice. It was as though he was not allowed to speak, and then she remembered her Rubberdom talking about her slaves. A thought entered her mind, but she quickly dismissed it.
"Go ahead and turn for Nikki," Bianca! told him while performing a twirling motion with her finger. "Give Nikki a good look at your ass too."
To her amazement, he turned and showed his behind. He turned all the way around and then he did it again. She liked his ass too. He had smooth, hard buns, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as his dick.
The whole time he refused to use his hands to provide cover. He kept them behind his back when facing forward, and he let them hang to the side when he had his back towards them so they could have a better look at his behind. It was as though he was trained to model his most private features. He was allowing her, a complete stranger, to look at whatever she wanted. Nikki couldn't help but turn further to take advantage of the opportunity.
"What do you think of him?" Rubberdom Bianca! asked a second time.
"Nice," Nikki could manage only one word.
"If you haven't noticed already, he's one of my most well endowed," Bianca! went on. "He's over nine inches."
"What?" Nikki yelped. She thought she knew what her Rubberdom meant, but it was too shocking for her mind to accept.
"His pecker!" Bianca! clarified more directly. "You know, his organ. I am referring to his cock. It will elongate to a full nine inches when hard. He is one of my favorites."
Nikki brought her hands up to her mouth and covered it in amazement. She couldn't believe how openly her Rubberdom talked about his dick, and how openly she talked about it right in front of him. She was shocked, and then remembered again her Rubberdom's use of the word "slave." The thought rushed back into her mind. She thought about a sex slave. More specifically, a male sex slave.
Nikki looked at him again and wondered. Thoughts of a male sex slave sent waves of erotic ecstasy through her body. She had never felt quite this way before. A male sex slave would be like a girl's ultimate fantasy. She immediately knew this was what her parents meant when they talked about the decadent behavior in Rubberdom Bianca!'s home.
Nikki looked at him closer and thought about what Bianca! had said. She liked the many names she had just heard for his dick. She heard them all before, mostly when joking around at school with her girlfriends, but never right in front of a live one.
"Would you like to see for yourself?" Rubberdom Bianca! asked next.
Nikki didn't know what her Rubberdom meant. What more of him was there to see? He was already naked; totally naked. She looked at her Rubberdom in confusion.
Bianca! only smiled back. "Jonathan," She then turned to the naked man standing before them. "Show yourself to Nikki. Make it full."
Nikki gasped. She again thought she knew the meaning of her Rubberdom's words, but they were too unbelievable to accept. But then she looked at Jonathan and understood.
His hands remained clasped behind his back, but the middle of his waist began to get bigger.
"Oh my God!" Nikki couldn't help but say out loud. She had never seen a man in his fullest state before.
"Keep watching," Her Rubberdom said in reply. "He still has quite a show to put on. It is not nearly over."
Nikki thought about turning away and running out of the room, but she didn't. She couldn't. She wanted to watch. It seemed so demeaning to make this poor man get full in her presence, especially when she considered that it was in the presence of a complete stranger, but then Rubberdom Bianca! did nothing to force him. Jonathan just stood there and did it on his own, and he did it fast. First his dick just started to get longer and then it began to rise.
"Oh my God!" Nikki couldn't help but say again.
"Yes, it is rather fun to watch," Bianca! agreed. "Tell me Nikki, have you ever witnessed a man getting hard before?"
She shook her head to indicate "no." She was unable to say it out loud.
As a result, he seemed to rise faster. Her admission seemed to make his dick rise even more quickly. It was soon sticking straight out of his body, and then it began to rise even more.
"They probably don't grow them this big down in Florida," Her Rubberdom kidded her. "Have you ever seen such a big one before?"
"No," Nikki quietly spoke.
"Have you ever seen one at all?" Her Rubberdom went on to ask. "I forget, you are rather young Nikki. I suppose it is possible that you have never seen a live man in the fully inflated condition?"
She said it in the form of a question, but Nikki was to embarrass to speak. She simply shook her head.
"Well then," Bianca! spoke. "We will just have to make up for it then! I will instruct each of my slaves to make himself full in your presence. I have nine of them, you know, and they are all very well endowed. All cocks are rather similar when you get right down to it, but each has its peculiar characteristics."
"Oh my God!" Nikki looked her Rubberdom in the eye to check if the nine slaves were an exaggeration or a joke. But then she quickly looked back down at his dick. There was no indication of a joke, and his dick now looked as though it was at a full erection. In fact, his dick no longer looked like a measly dick. It looked more like a full-fledged cock!
"How do you like it now?" Her Rubberdom asked.
"Wow!" Nikki spoke in amazement. "He's very impressive."
"Yes," Bianca! agreed. "Nine long inches of cock-meat. And notice it is not just long, as you can see for yourself, but it is plenty wide too. Jonathan has a rather big unit!"
Nikki gasped. She never heard a cock being called "meat" or a "unit" before. It sounded so demeaning, although also very erotic. She found herself becoming increasingly aroused, or at least more aroused than ever before. Images formed in her mind. She imagined this man in bed with her. She looked down at his long piece of cock-meat and couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like inside her.
"I think Jonathan is impressed by you too," Rubberdom Bianca! told her. "That was one of the fastest erections I have ever seen him give up. I think you make him excited. I mean, you are very cute and he probably assumes you are a virgin. I bet he is fantasizing right now about what it would be like to fuck you."
Nikki covered her mouth and looked at her Rubberdom God.

"Well, why not?" Rubberdom Bianca! spoke. "You are a very good looking young girl. You have a very pretty face and a nice, slim figure. I bet Jonathan is picturing himself on top of you right now, or perhaps he is even imagining you straddling his waist."

Nikki couldn't believe it. Never, even in her wildest imagination, did she ever think that her Rubberdom's house was like this. A naked man stood in front of her, and they were talking about sexual intercourse right in front of him. No wonder her parents never allowed her to visit.
"This is all very strange," She had to admit to her Rubberdom. "I just never realized . . ." She couldn't finish.
"Never realized what?" Her Rubberdom asked.
Nikki didn't know quite how to put it. "Is Jonathan, like," She said shyly. "I mean, is he like your slave?"
"You could say that," Bianca! answered without hesitating. "But he's not just an ordinary slave, he's my sex slave."

Nikki gasped again. She couldn't believe it. The answer was what she expected, but she still couldn't believe it. She heard stories about male sex slaves before but always figured they were fiction. She never expected to meet one in real life, and certainly never expected her very own Rubberdom to have one! Much less nine of them, if she was to be believed.

"You don't look as though you believe my words," Her Rubberdom questioned, seeming to read her mind.
"I'm not quite sure what to believe," Nikki admitted truthfully. "I guess I'm a little overwhelmed right now."

"Well, if you don't believe me," She offered. "Why don't you ask Jonathan? As him if he is a sex slave."
She glanced at her Rubberdom, and then back to the supposed sex slave named Jonathan. Up until now, he hadn't spoken. She wasn't sure if he could speak.

"Are you?" She started to say, but then suddenly became very bashful when she realized she was talking to a naked man with an erection. Nikki suddenly felt very intimidated.
"Does he talk?" She whispered to her Rubberdom instead.

"Of course he talks!" Her Rubberdom answered. "But only when I give him permission. Otherwise he will remain silent."
"Will he talk for me?" Nikki asked. "Will he answer me?"
Rubberdom Bianca! turned to him. "Jonathan, I give you permission to answer the questions Nikki is about to pose to you, but you may not talk. Let's give Nikki a little treat. Answer with your prick instead. Do you understand?"

He seemed to almost jump at her words. Nikki noticed him step back as soon as Rubberdom Bianca! finished the order, but she did not understand why. In fact, she did not understand at all. How could he answer if he could not speak? And how could he possibly answer with his prick.
But then Jonathan provided the answer. Slowly, he began to gyrate his hips. And as a result, his cock began to bob up and down.

Nikki gasped yet again, realizing that he indeed answered with his prick. It was just like someone nodding his or her head, but Jonathan was using his long cock instead. She never saw an erection move before. She watched it bob up and down. It made her feel very erotic.

"Jonathan understands," Rubberdom Bianca! spoke as though nothing was out of the ordinary. "Now go ahead and ask him whatever you want, just make sure they are yes or no questions."
Nikki started to speak, but then didn't know what to ask. She felt embarrassed, and her mind went blank. She forgot the original question.

"Go ahead," Rubberdom Bianca! prompted her. "Start out by asking if he thinks you are pretty."
Nikki looked at her Rubberdom, and then she looked at Jonathan. It was an embarrassing question to ask, but she decided to ask anyway.
He nodded his big cock up and down in response.
Thrilled by his answer, she remembered her original question. "Are you really a slave?"
He answered again in the affirmative.
"Are you really a sex slave?"

He continued answering, this time even harder, moving his "unit" up and down with increased vigor. She heard it slap against his tummy, and she liked watching the bouncing cock, but then wondered what a negative answer would produce.
"Would you ever disobey Rubberdom Bianca?"

And she got her answer. His dick looked even better when it moved from side to side.
"What did you say?" Bianca! giggled. "I am not sure if Nikki quite heard you."
He swayed his cock back and forth with increased vigor. Nikki liked the sound it made when it slapped against his thighs.

She asked a few more questions, sometimes questions with "yes" answers and sometimes with "no." She liked the "no" answers the best because his cock seemed to move around a lot more when it went from side-to-side, but the "yes" answers looked good too.

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