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[R'DOM NEWS ] Selfish Fetish Film Review - Episode 07.21.10


By Agent Ship Rubber03

Ed 07.21.10


Authoress ship to selfish


The family and me are headed out to geekfest for the weekend and I am
changing my review on Rubber's Finest and said why it is NOT a ten out
of ten as so many people kept saying I have finally gone and become a
fan girl -- there are several permanently missing people from San Fran
now -- from the so-called "constant praise" from me about this
admiddetly wonderful heavy latex fetish costuming PROMO film.

(Orginal one in Germany!)

I still say Sandra and Karezza COULD have done the same for their
products as well. But she is completely unwilling to do so and will
only release photos of their products which fits their plans and cost
range. Their company, their decision.

But I do not accept their decision and spend my money on OTHER
producers who give me what I want.

But the real note was that someone -- who shall remain nameless --
sent me a FEW emails

[ why do people not post in the group?
I do not censor

except for really bad flame-wars
as back on the old Gwen Media yahoo group
and even then I let more than a few
get through on the race bit that I
think most others would not have
really allowed on other forums.

Guess the few like hearing me rant ]

The bulk of their arguments was that several studios including Ian
Rath of Fetish Nation are producing film length showing of their
performers in mid to hard range BDSM events,

[ http://theater.aebn.net/dispatcher/movieDetail?movieId=128668&theaterId=38201
same as my mentioning on "Twisted Clinic" getting into active studio
film length productions.

Well after three contacts in which I CLEARLY REPEATED my earlier
objection by underlining the key opposition to such products by paying
consumers like me
said person fell back on the standard LIE that so many distributors do
and said "electronic only distribution is how most REAL people get
their films today".

Sure. Sure. No one goes to movie theatres either and everyone buys
download on their songs as we can see no CDs in Bestbuy and Target
[ eyes rolls in head in disbelief ]

I ended the conversation with the statement "Sure, you can buy content
that way


* you are SO INTERESTED in the content that you must have it instantly
ONLY and want to


* for POOR to BELOW AVERAGE standard DVD video quality

* on content that you are more than likley watch ONLY ONCE

then that is your decision to spend your money that way.

For me, if I am going to watch content more than one time and pay full
price for that content then I DEMAND that the content be at the SAME
QUALITY level of DVD products as that IS the standard today versus
those who still use VHS tape and DVD quality is 4 MB at equivalent 38
frames per second playback rate. NOT BLU RAY DVD but STANDARD DVD and
NO online distributor even the mainstream such as COMCAST for their
live streaming and on-demand movies is at such level.

[ sounds of sputtering mouth noise in prep for fake defense were
heard ]

I buy from producers who make good quality DVD releases for their

And no my interest will not turn to the next shiny thing that merely
happens to pop into view.

I guess we woman have more intellect to be able to wait a couple of
days for stuff we really want.

For those who are only interested in a one time only watching of
content, you continue on as you are....

So again let me know when Karezza returns to DVD releases, and
producers including kink and Ian Rath finaly come into our area and
stop thinking we want to pay full price for .wmv, .rm and
compressed .avi films. I want full native DVD 4 MB and 38 Frame pers
second BARE MINIMUM content with stereo sound format if you want my

And with that I'll post up the other review and get out of here to go
and indulge. Best to you all ! -Self
Fetish Films(c) 2010

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