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[The Rubber Report 8.15.10 ] All BDSM films are FANTASY!


by Ship Rubber 03



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I got a note from someone who stated that non-consensual films and
producers of films should be stopped as such films portray the BDSM
sub-culture in the stereotypical "deviant and amoral" attitude that
reinforces the mindset of the vanillas that most BDSM people are "evil-
doers" who do not observed or subscribe to any code of decency such as
the much lauded SSC (safe sane consensual) and/or RACK (Risk Aware
Consensual Kink) ideal.

My short answer to that is as I already said


These are NOT real world sessions. I hate to break it to people but
ALMOST ALL of the released BDSM fetish films are NON real, pre-
screened and pre-determined scripted actions that everyone agrees to
do before the cameras start rolling INCLUDING the kidnapping and tie-

No one thinks that Jean Bardot has Anastasia Pierce in an underground
vault somewhere despite seeing Bardot doing that to Pierce on-screen
right? In fact Bardot has done that several times come to think on

And no one thinks that Bardot advocates kidnapping Pierce on screen

[Personally I think Bardot is retired from film work altogether
and is not thinking ANYTHING along the lines of fetish film
to be honest. As Bardot does not even announce her appearances at
the large fetish events such as FetishCon or Montreal Fetish Party.
(Sept 3-6 2010) But that is beside the point]

That is the truth for all BDSM films as they are ALMOST ALL scripted
fantasy scenarios.

Yes I admit a FEW Underground records are actual live sessions that
are not completely preplanned such as inversions but those are the
very rare for the simple fact that most legitimate producers who are
interested IN MAKING MONEY do NOT do such real world filming for the
very real fear that such recordings can be used as evidence in court
against them later.

And as far not adhering to the SSC (same sucky crap) or RACK (run away
crying kink) baloney for FANTASY FILM -- one more time as far as the
vanilla mainstream are concerned

--> BDSM advocates and followers are NOT sane to begin with. <--

ALL BDSM advocates are suffering from a "mental disorder" as stated by
the medical determination of BOTH the American Psychiatric Association
and World Health Organization.

So while the enforced life-long slavery presentation on the film may
offend some, it IS still a fantasy and ALL the actresses and actors
shown in these films go home at the end of the filming day to work on
other projects while their characters are left down deep in the
containment vat only to extracted when their controllers decide or
staked down in the desert somewhere." - Reporting by ShiP Rubber #III

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